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My move has been delayed by a tenant-renter domino effect. I'm not sure what my feelings on this are. I'm uncertain of a lot of my feelings right now. I got a book about cognitive behavioral therapy and have been reading it in careful increments, but I think that might have been optimistic.

Just a bit ago I felt like I had a lot to say.

I've been picking at the first world SF anthology. Short stories are hard for me to engage with, but I enjoyed several of the ones I read. I think I'll try to dedicate a post to the book, later on. I've also been replaying Cinders now that it's on Steam and getting a sceond wind, and playing the hell out of Heroine's Quest.

Dumbing of Age has been ratcheting up the drama something fierce. Two of my favorite female characters are coming into crisis over their angsty backstories at the same time, and somehow they've come into a collision course, too.

The [community profile] trope_bingo deadline is coming up fast, and I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'll likely fail this one as well. I'm not distressed as such over work taking time away from my hobbies, because duh, reality. I think I was just clinging a little to the idea of making a checkbox-shaped space in my brain and labeling it "trope bingo", mostly because of my own issues with procrastination and completing projects.

There was conflict at the office this week that distressed me. It wasn't aimed at me, or even between employees, but it was just very uncomfortable for a while.

Oh! As part of not having the energy to do anything fun, I've spent most of the week with pizza and Person of Interest season three. Yes, I'm up to that part. Super impressed by the fact that it's not only a fridging, but a conduit fridging. Like, the whole thing is set up not only for the edification and suffering of the male characters, but to tear them apart and consequently bring them back together, closer than ever. At least, that's my take on it.

Anyway, I'd best wrap up this patchwork quilt of an entry before I think of something else, and then another after that.


Friday, 2 November 2012 12:37
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I've been reading the Sinfest archives in reverse. This is a thing I do with webcomics to make them more entertaining. Picking out the details of ongoing storylines and piecing together when they started and how they developed becomes like a scavenger hunt. The most recent strips of Sinfest were very interesting, going about a year back. Before that, things start getting depressing.

For example: A girl apologizes to her guy friend because she used to be a cock-tease but now she's reformed. The saddest part? This takes place during an otherwise quite interesting discussion of the "friend zone" construct. Prior to this, the same girl "causes" a million men to be damned to hell by turning around and letting them see her ass. Later she gets a royalties check from the devil. Then this.

IDEK, maybe I should stop reading and spare myself. Stick to the newer, less regurgitated strips.
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First, three videos:

Three Hannukah-appropriate YouTube videos behind the cut )

Next, [community profile] fannish5's question for the week: "5 characters that don't (or wouldn't if it existed in their universe) celebrate Christmas."

This is a question after my own heart. )
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I am more of an antishipper than a shipper, it's sort of a thing with me. And yet, here I am, managing to collect a series of 20 13 combinations of characters I like together, romantically.

1. Think of up to 20 ships you support.
2. List them using descriptions of the characters involved rather than their names.
3. Have your audience guess as many of the ships as they can.
4. Fandom hints will be given if asked in the comments.

Not all of them are Homestuck ships.

Not 20 ships, a few less. )

Since I hardly ever talk about shipping on DW, ask for as many hints as you like. Fandoms are live action TV, animation, comics, webcomics and books.


Thursday, 27 October 2011 20:07
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Going to the central bus station to try and secure a bus pass for the coming school year has become associated in my mind with an inevitable micro-breakdown.

My feet hurt, and family stuff, and other stuff, too. I used the last of my flagging energy to stop by the supermarket and see if a bag of gummy worms and a glass of red wine will make the outlook more optimistic.

eta: also this.

Oh Yes, Oh No

Friday, 1 July 2011 10:34
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Let's play a round of 'Oh yes! Oh no!' shall we?

Oh no! Where in the hell did June go? How is it July? Why does time always run away from me?

Oh yes! How am I so lucky that I got not one but two awesome [community profile] junetide gift stories, one of them based on (frankly) my favorite original prompt, and the other on a last minute treat prompt? So lucky!

Oh no! My final grade in experimental psychology is 71, and it's mainly because I didn't have a test booklet to draft my answers, and I got lazy. I am afraid that retaking the test in July might involve a lot of work and actually lower my grade.

Oh yes! The epic Homestuck fic I'm writing on the kink meme is gaining a readership of more than the original prompter!

Oh no! My allergies are delicately and persistently chipping away at my sleep and I don't know why. :(

Oh yes! Yesterday I dedicated the whole day to doing nothing even remotely related to exams. \o/

A bonus question: Has anyone done an edit of PHD comics with Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia, and if not, why not? PHD comics should be to MLP:FIM what Kate Beaton is to Homestuck.

Fannish Fathers

Saturday, 18 June 2011 17:30
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So, apparently it is Father's Day or something because [community profile] fannish5 is asking about fathers, good and bad. This list could basically go on forever because the pop culture I'm immersed in is obsessed with the father-son relationship, and to a lesser extent the father-daughter relationship as encapsulated by daddy's girls. Me, I pay more attention to mother-daughter relationships, for various complex reasons. So this list could also be very short.

Read more... )

Why am I writing this instead of studying?


Thursday, 28 April 2011 13:29
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Top five married couples is a theme that moved a lot of people to respond. Because I always want to respond to FF and always forget, here's a lightning post before I go back to transgenic fruit flies:
  1. Wash and Zoe - Firefly. This is cheating because everyone picks them. Truth is, I shipped Wash and Zoe and I still pretty much ship Wash and Zoe. Established relationship dynamic is one awesome way to get me to shake off my shipping malaise, just because it's so much more interesting than yet another tedious, predictable will-they/won't-they junior high style melodrama. Truth is, one of my big Firefly regrets was that this dynamic wasn't explored more. I really think established relationships are just much more interesting.
  2. Kara and Anders - BSG new style. Nobody said I had to pick functional relationships, right? I went back and forth (and back... and forth...) on this while watching the show and since, and ultimately I love them. I love them because Anders had a devotion to Kara that was both true and dysfunctional, it made their lives (even though he was like 5K years old!) and it also ruined them, both of them. Which is just BSG in a nutshell, to me. Every relationship in that show encapsulated its themes in some way, and to me, Kara and Anders did this even more than Starbuck and Apollo, even though they were the fandom OTP.
  3. Molly and Arthur - Harry Potter. I am the biggest fucking sap, okay? I lie when I say otherwise. The truth is, I'm a huge fucking romantic sap, and the only reason I resent romances is because they're not up to my standards. James and Lily? Not up to my standards. Ron and Hermione? Meh. Harry and Ginny? Don't get me started. Molly and Arthur? Hell yes. Hell. Fucking. Yes.
  4. Ysandre and Drustan - Kushiel's Legacy. You know how fantasy novels make overtures towards the idea of political marriages but never really commit to the idea? The Kushiel books do exactly this with Ysandre's love life, and I just don't give a fuck, because it's worth it. They are both monarchs in their own right, their marriage is complicated by the need to travel back and forth all the time, not to mention managing two kingdoms in an uneasy alliance, over all the cultural gaps that never seem to run out. Their daughters give them the runaround in every conceivable way. And yet, Ysandre went to war in order to secure her marriage, in the most dumbfuck romantic fantasy way imaginable. And because love is sacred, she actually would have gotten in trouble if she'd done otherwise.
  5. Mortimer and Dina - The Sims 2. I know, right. The story setup is that Dina is a young, hot gold-digger and Mortimer is a rich old widower whose adult daughter is the same age as her. Most people played her that way, too. But I figured, hey, the game engine doesn't lie. If there's a red heart over them, then they're in love, and the fact that Dina also gains aspiration from the fact that she married a rich Sim doesn't bother me. TL;DR Dina married Mort for his money but I played them as though they were really in love. Dina also got along great with Alexander, although Cassandra never warmed to her.
Feels like there should be more than five, but I can't think of many honorable mentions other than Donald and Anja from Gunnerkrigg Court. I might be forgetting something, but honestly, I've always been notoriously picky about canonical romance. As opposed to fanon shipping, where I'll take any two (or more) characters I like and just call it a day. I really do think the beginning of the relationship is when things start to get interesting, as opposed to where the interest ends.
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My hair is really, really red. It is super exciting. Also I have stained everything, OMG it is unbelievable. It's actually hard to believe my hair is this red, considering how much dye I washed out this morning. Maybe it's because I left it in all night? Anyway, it's awesome and I get foolishly giddy whenever I see a strand of my super red and not at all purple hair. \o/

Also yesterday, I wrote a whole bunch of fanfic. [community profile] purimgifts top secret treats, for one, and some Homestuck femslash. One of them still needs to be finished, though. Although I think the person who requested it fell off the face of the internet? Sad. Anyway, I am sort of insecure about my PG treats because they came out weird and self-indulgent, in a "I'm not sure anyone but me gives a fuck" sort of way. I was going to do a cracky crossover, but something weird happened. IDEK.

Extra Ordinary is my new favorite gag-a-day webcomic. I need a new favorite plotty webcomic, too, or will soon, since Digger is coming to an end. Oh noes!

I swear I will do some serious writing soon, but I am only slightly less swamped than before. I had one good, relaxing weekend, and I let myself off the hook yesterday. Otherwise, I still have tests OH GOD THEY WILL NEVER END plus papers and labs and a presentation, WTF? How can five courses generate this much of a work load? It's like a perpetual motion machine, but for overdue lab reports. D:
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Hello author! *Waves* First of all, per the rules of the treatathon, this post is just a suggestion, and of course I will be happy with anything you write or create. I am actually pretty easy to please!

Things I always like )

Regarding rating )

Other fandoms I like )

My favorite characters )

Okay, I rambled too much. Bottom line: Just go with what feels right where your heart's up in.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011 10:55
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Correlation does not imply causation question in my statistics exercise this week. Temptation to copy/paste webcomic into exercise: narrowly averted.

Yes, I also still have class. I don't spend all day reading Homestuck in class.

First exam Thursday. Which reminds me, better check the second date since the prognosis is not awesome. /o\ How do I SPSS?
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I am tired of school and I have a headache, so let us have some awesome stuff.

For National Coming Out Day, FYLGBT had a post entitled Growing Up Gay in 666: Fred Phelps in Retrospect, which is fascinating and sort of terrifying, and well worth a read.

[personal profile] nextian made an awesome post called the female character Yenta meme where people recommend awesome stuff with awesome ladies to each other. Sharing the love is always cool, and it's interesting to see what people are into. I posted here even though I already have a reading list a mile long, because I am greedy.

As a sort of down payment, I'd like to throw out some names of stuff I like with awesome ladies in it, and say something about why they're awesome: Cut for list of epic rambling )

Hey, it turns out I have less stamina for this than I thought. Maybe I'll do more tomorrow, or on the weekend. On the upside? My headache is mostly gone.
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Why I love geologists, crystallized (hee!) into one sentence. Digger: Pretty much the best webcomic in the world.

ETA: Is it TMI to lament the loss of my midstream? I was supposed to take a urine test this morning and as I was getting ready to leave, I inventoried everything I'd need in my mind, and realized my dad still has my HMO card.
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"Yet peace was kept for more than a millennia..."

Augh, the pain! Will I ever finish the prologue of Drowtales at this rate? The art is super sexy, and the premise seems amusing, and yet....

Princess Evil

Saturday, 7 August 2010 19:12
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[community profile] fannish5 of the week: Name your five favorite evil characters.

  1. X-Men: Magneto. There's something ludicrous and yet elegant about a villain who's simultaneously tragic and sympathetic, as well as a cackling, finger-steepling, gaudy-helmet-wearing overlord. FCOL, he founded a society called the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. But he's brilliant and filled with righteous rage, and underneath the trappings of comic book villainy there's a kind of disastrous misdirected fear that strikes true.

  2. BtVS: The Mayor. Villains are so often weighted down with all sorts of pointless shorthand characteristics, it's still hilarious to see an ultra-wholesome teetotaler plot doom and destruction. Seeing him become a father figure to his sword-arm is downright touching. And still, sufficiently easy to hate.

  3. Order of the Stick: Redcloak. I haven't even read the prequel (yet!) but Redcloak is a perfect counterpoint to the joke-cracking pile-o-bones he reluctantly calls boss. He's evil, but he's doing it for a cause, but he's definitely not just "technically" evil, and he's definitely dangerous. The idea that he might change alignment and find himself on the side of the heroes (for the right reward) is simultaneously impossible and highly appealing. If I were a different sort of fan, I'd probably be fighting tooth and claw to say he's not really evil, and he must be redeemed.

  4. AtLA: Azula. Many people two many terrible things throughout the series. Azula is the scariest, I think, even though Ozai is technically more dangerous. She's validated by being considered a success by her father, and by her obvious talent, intelligence and skill. It's the idea that she's a winner, that she's the hero of the story, that makes her so dangerous. Depite being terrifying (to me) and not at all sympathetic (again, YMMV), redeeming her is tempting just because it's such a waste.

  5. Probably most animated Disney villains could go here, but let's go with Ursula the sea witch. Sea witches are cool, dammit. Maleficent could work also, she's equally hammy and she's a freaking dragon.

I have weird definitions of things like "villain" and "evil" and so my list is a little weird, and actually neglects a lot of my favorite villains. I mean, the original post said "evil" and most of my favorite villains (or antagonists) are not really evil. Actually, I don't really believe in evil, I think. I definitely don't think I could ever write a really evil character. I used to have a bunch back when I role played a lot. I quite liked a lot of them, but nowadays, I don't think I'm up to it.

Maybe evil TS3 Sims count. I have a family of four that's evil, so maybe they count.
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Current on my list of webcomics I periodically plow through: Wonderella. It was probably SO SWEET.

In other news, there has been a very sudden drop in temperatures, and also rain. I was ill-prepared, given that it is April.
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The Boiling Point: Your Yucky Body.

Don't miss: Lucy Loser! The inspirational tough love show about a perky plus-size gal whose hubby humiliates her into dramatic mouth removal surgery! From the producers of the big fat reality hit "Puke Your A** Off!"


Friday, 12 March 2010 13:26
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WTF, weather, WTF?

Cut for screenshot )

For those who forgot or never knew, here is a handy reference guide. Note: a caption does not weigh 100 grams, so take this with a grain of salt.

Also, Karin Lowachee MARRY ME PLEASE a.k.a. "interrogating masculinity in science fiction" (I would add "in military science fiction"), is putting out a new book called The Gaslight Dogs. Her previous three books have put Lowachee firmly on my "read first, ask questions later" list. Apparently Scalzi has flagged her, so maybe this series will fare better. I am still holding hope for the Warchild books to continue someday.


Saturday, 6 March 2010 11:42
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Manbat, the winged avenger. No Hebrew necessary to understand (I think). Also not this Man-Bat.


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