Jukebox Letter!

Wednesday, 3 April 2019 20:19
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I haven't done [community profile] jukebox_fest since 2015, so this is pretty exciting.

Rambling thoughts below the cut.

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Thanks for reading!
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Edited 12/1/19 11PM IST

General pros: gen, strong but complex family relationships, female mentors, nonbinary or gender variant characters, femslash, poly shipping, snark, banter, did I mention gen?

General cons: more than canon-typical violence or gore, large amounts of casual background sexual violence, romanticizing dysfunctional relationships, pairing off every single background character, aro-negativity.

A note about cartoon fandoms and violence )

3Below )

Cinders )

7KPP )

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power )

Steven Universe )

The Dragon Prince )

Crossovers and A/Us )

Most importantly: have fun with it.
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Hello yuletide gifter,

If you've arrived at this post and it's still not quite finished... I'm sorry. I am aiming to complete it before the end of the sign-up period, but sometimes life happens.

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Updated 2/11/2018.
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No longer a placeholder! \o/

Generalities: Generalities )

Specifics: Specifics )
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An annotated guide to my Purimgifts 2017 request:

Part 1 - Fandoms

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Part 2 - Additional Tags

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Part 3 - Rating

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Part 4 - Archive Warnings

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Part 5 - Additional Details

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I'm always happy with what I get, but sometimes I respond to the fics late because of anxiety issues. If it's been a day or two and I haven't commented yet, that definitely doesn't mean I didn't read and love the story, just that I'm anxious that day.
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First, you are awesome for doing this and I'm guaranteed to love anything you make for me. Because I love presents and this is my favorite holiday.

Some general notes: General notes on gifts. )

These fandoms are tiny and I would adore literally anything you make for them: Read more... )

The Traitor/Baru Cormorant )

Game fandoms )

Killjoys/The 100 )

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens )
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Wow it's Yuletide time again! This is super exciting.

Some general notes on squicks: squicks )

Fandom specific things: fandoms )

Please have lots of fun, and I can't wait to read what you write. :D


Sunday, 25 October 2015 12:16
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Logic homework: check.

Now all I need to do is... everything else.

It's rainy today and I neglected to pick my raincoat up from cleaning last week. An anthology I want to submit to has a deadline at the end of the week. I'm not very comfortable with the timeline. I have to ought to really want to read my [community profile] femslashex gift. And I need to sweep the floor. Especially in the entrance and the corners of the bedroom.

Things are going pretty much okay. And I got an extra hour of sleep for free this morning, because of the clock change.
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I am reading Kameron Hurley's God's War and starting to near the end. Meanwhile I'm also contemplating my review, and what I should read next. I had planned to read Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice which is already saved to my tablet, but after reading a few reviews and blog posts about Sorcerer to the Crown I'm very tempted to let it jump the queue.

Right now I'm actively working on three stories. One of them is my [community profile] femslashex gift. Another one is a Collar of the Damned mythological work that I've been writing on-and-off for what seems like years. Finally, I'm working on an original fantasy story that started from a great concept, but which I am struggling to develop. The dialogue is stalled. I am hoping that returning to the sources that inspired me will help me jump start it.

Some might say that working on too many projects simultaneously is bad form, and probably hurts my writing. What am I gonna tell you? This is the only way I know that works for me. All in all, though, I'd say September is progressing well, especially considering the holidays.
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This is a dear author letter. The link to this goes in the signup form.


The Royal Trap )

Person of Interest )

Uprooted )

Seven Kingdoms )


Skyrim )
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I have kind of a love-hate relationships with [community profile] femslashex. Okay, maybe that's overstating it a little. But, I have participated a couple of times and like a lot of multi-fandom fests, when your fandom is minor or you're interested in less mainstream pairings... things get interesting. So I would nominate a whole bunch of obscure fandoms and strange pairings and put up an offer as broad as possible, so as to make matching easier.

Years in fandom and a free-for-all shipping mentality have made me very good at adapting to a wide variety of different types of stories and pairings. Yet, somehow, even when I was going in with bright eyes and a positive attitude, I've always struggled to fulfill my FEX assignments. Oh, I got them all done and they were all passably decent, but I don't think I've ever felt really good about any of them. And I was often anxious about how best to balance my tendency to default to the bizarre and esoteric, with meeting the parameters of the recipient's request.

Not sure how it's gonna go this year, but since I have a shiny, shiny new fandom with a whole bunch of femslash pairings, and since I know at least one other person nominated pairings in this fandom... we'll see how it goes.

Writing Life

Sunday, 7 June 2015 18:31
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I started drafting a meta post on the metaphysics of a story I have(n't) been working on for a while. Then I saved it to my essay folder and set it aside. I'm not sure how to draw it out towards a natural conclusion.

Meanwhile [community profile] jukebox_fest went live (archive here) which is the cue for me to see comment and kudos emails in my inbox and be torn between being deliriously happy like a puppy rolling around in mud, versus gnashing my teeth and mumbling, 'oh no they're reading it oh god why'. On a side-note I also became obsessed with listening to Skeleton Key over and over, via JBF I'm pretty sure, although it doesn't appear on the signup summary right now.

Later this week I'll make a post about my TBR list and specifically some recent spec fic offerings I've just added to the teetering top. I wish I could think of a book I'd recently read to review, but my problem is my attention span for reading has suffered immensely the last few years. Now I am scheduling long stretches of reading time as part of my writing agenda.

Dear Gifter!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 22:30
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Dear [community profile] jukebox_fest gifter!

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You are not obliged to hold up any part of this except the DNW part way at the beginning.


Saturday, 7 March 2015 22:50
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So this pretty much wraps up Purim. I nominally dressed up as Red Riding Hood but it's not terribly convincing because it's the sort of outfit I'd wear on an average summer day to work. I had some 70% fig liquor and should probably have had about half as much as I did. I did get plenty of snacks (pretzels, potato chips and popcorn) so I'm not really worried about headaches and the like. I am taking a water bottle and a granola bar to bed with me, though.

[community profile] purimgifts was awesome as ever and, par for the course, gifted me with a deluge of positive feedback far above what I can usually expect. Which is delightful.

I received three Root/Shaw fics for Person of Interest and they were charming and perfectly in-character, not to mention just the thing for a week with no episode: Chai and conversation (featuring Shaw and Persian cuisine), Polish (featuring Root and Halloween), and Day in the Life (which is kind of a meta summation of the Root/Shaw ship, in my eyes).

I wrote four fics. My gifts were a series of Agent Carter/Miss Fisher crossover bits, filed under How We Won the War. Then I wrote a rapid, last-minute treat: The Katabasis of Queen Esther, in which Esther and Vashti reenact Inanna's descent into the underworld. Also Tarot. I piled on some extra crack on top of that, too, because apparently that's how my brain plots on Saturday mornings.

Now i am strongly tempted to utilize my intoxication to write fic, but instead I will be an adult and go to bed early(ish). Because work tomorrow.

(no subject)

Sunday, 18 January 2015 21:58
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Seal barking at my [community profile] purimgifts assignment.
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I'm putting the link into my signup now! I will fill this out later!

edit 18/1: still totally filling this out! plz be a tiny bit more patient!

So, I am never sure what level of specificity my author is most comfortable with. This year I decided to go with a little bit of everything. Feel free to choose whichever level of detail helps you, the first one being of course the fandom match itself.

Squicks and triggers )

General likes )

Specific fandoms )

This got too long. But it was fun to write!
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Optional details are optional!

Basically what I'm gonna do is this: first I will list a few squicks and triggers I prefer you'd avoid, then I'll list a few general things that make me happy, and finally I'll put down a story concept for each fandom I requested. You're not bound to any of these and you can use whichever level of detail you're most comfortable with.

Squicks and triggers )

Stuff I like )

Fandoms I requested )


Sunday, 19 October 2014 13:49
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Did a test for a job. Owe a phone call for another job. Looked up Open U and they had no useful information to provide, other than reminding me that I signed up for a group with no face-to-face instruction. Now I need to do lunch, but I've gotten to the place where I'm too hungry to eat, I have no appetite and there's nothing especially tempting in the house.

Health blather )

Anyway I got the [community profile] femslashex in and it's... uh, in English. It has sentences and there are girl kisses and more than a thousand words. Technically it meets the qualifications for a fill. Whether it can exceed the base level requirements is beyond my capacity to speculate on, right now.

I am going to go eat a food.
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I took up some sort of weird work commitment that accounts for a few hours a month. Nothing resembling a paycheck but I am relieved at the very least at having productive occupation. The kind that I know I can stick to/see through, since I'm getting pretty tired of being mad at myself for spending too much time online (or playing games) and not enough time studying/working/writing. I hope this works out and helps keep me sharp for when I get a full-time job, and maybe even spruces up my resume. Meanwhile I have an interview/exam for a real position on Sunday morning. The holidays are fucking with my sense of time.

I have discovered myself to be too tired, or anxious, or bored to do much Icon this year. It's just... abominably crowded, and full of kids, and smells powerfully of stale sweat. /o\

My current fic assignment is behind schedule and I'm nervous as hell. There's a creeping feeling growing in the back of my mind that I might miss the deadline, which is something I have never done. Nearly happened with this year's [community profile] purimgifts, but at the end I got the last one in. Defaulting, and at such a late point, is really an awful feeling. I just-- ugh, I just have to man the hell up and write it, even if it doesn't come out as good as I hoped.

I know there's a Tumblr Savior-like app that works on AO3. How about Delicious? Is there anything that will allow me to somehow reverse filter links to prompts/fills? IDK. "Not" filtering is kind of complicated.


Sunday, 5 October 2014 12:57
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Yet another Yom Kippur has passed, and I have failed to contemplate my existence any more deeply than usual. Meh.

I guess blog entries are a way of building up towards the aspiration to more difficult writing later on. I did write four days in a row and so I feel pretty good about my chances today. Which is hopeful, because I have a [community profile] femslashex assignment to complete. One which I have only barely started despite having a good idea and a decent outline.

Daily words on 750words.com are progressing pretty handily. I write about all sorts of nonsense. I swear a lot. I plan stories and daily activities. The textual analysis is pretty entertaining.

If the guy from that one job doesn't call me before the day is out I will feel extremely put upon. I can't sustain this unemployment state much longer. Especially not with Skyrim installed on my computer *le sign*.

At least Skyrim is providing a valuable distraction from certain other fandoms.


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