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Tuesday, 19 January 2016 12:23
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I wonder if it's time, yet, to stop avoiding the clouds of dust that came in with the cold weather yesterday. I've been a bit leery about leaving the house, wondering what can be put off and what can't.

Today I am finding it hard to get started.

Yesterday, at least, I did some translation work. And a laundry. And I think I washed my hair, too? Anyway, today I'm just trying to figure out if I have a headache or I'm just listless.

Currently I am reading One Salt Sea, which is the fifth or sixth October Daye book. There are already about nine or ten out, and I'd like to catch up. Also, mermaids. Hee hee.


Sunday, 13 September 2015 10:21
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The dust storm broke over the night. Particle count is back to normal (< 100 mcg/m^3) as opposed to the ranges between 300 and as high as 600 of last week. I opened the windows. All of them. The house is going to need a thorough cleaning -- much more thorough than I have the energy for.

And tonight is the new year. Happy new year?
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There's a dust alert today on account of a westerly/south-westerly wind coming in. The ministry for the environment issued a warning to children, pregnant women etc. and also "lung patients" which technically means me, as I have asthma. It's a good thing my mother called me, because I was just about to go out and do a round of chores. No doubt I would have gotten everything done, but returned home wrung out and probably with a headache.

The sky outside is a cheery yellowish shade. I think my windows might be even dirtier than usual. In an unusual measure for early September, I've elected to close every single window. Frankly, the projection maps look damn awful. Hopefully it will subside by tomorrow. Or, heaven forbid, maybe even this afternoon? I haven't had an asthma attack in years, and I'm not in the mood to take them up again.


Sunday, 13 October 2013 13:09
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Fall allergies are starting to become a real problem when I can't sleep without a lozenge, my throat is constantly raw, my head is full of fluids and eating is a real challenge.

I am also struggling with wanting to do All the Things on one hand, an feeling listless and wanting to crawl into bed and do nothing, on the other. IDK. Fall is awful.


Thursday, 21 June 2012 12:13
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This spring I decided I need to commit to a course of desensitization injections to deal with my allergies on a more permanent basis. I was feeling pretty good with the decision, I went to the doctor and got a referral, and set about calling the clinic to make an appointment.

Read more... )

I need a break from life.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012 11:15
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Chest pains/breathing difficulty while wearing a bra is not normal, right? IDK what's wrong with me.
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After neglecting it for weeks due to being sick/tired, my apartment is finally clean. What I did discover yesterday morning was a meal moth infestation in one of my kitchen cupboards. Throwing out anything that might have been infected was depressing. Now the cupboard is clean and empty and all the food is stored someplace safe. I did go grocery shopping, not so much to replace all the rice and such, since I can get that from my parents, but for fresh fruit and medical supplies.

I cough very little now and I have an appointment for a lung capacity test of some sort. However autumn is still the peak of the allergy season, even if the weather is summery. Accordingly I needed more tissues, but opted to drop the OTC nasal spray in favor of saline, which is supposed to be better. Certainly I'm doing better now than I did Saturday night, which is when I stopped taking the nasal drops. The package does say they're a short-term solution and I'd been using them way too long.

Yesterday I wrote a bit. Later today I plan on taking a walk, or maybe just going up the street to the park to sit and read. Not parking myself in front of the computer all day, at any rate.

Last night I spotted a spider under my desk, which made me nervous although I reassured myself that it's harmless and won't offend unless offended. It's gone now, but they're nocturnal so it might be back later tonight.

Overall I think things are looking up on most fronts.


Sunday, 9 October 2011 00:59
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Guys! Guys! Breaking science news!

Dunking your towel-covered head over a bowl of hot steaming boiling water actually does help a congested nose.

Even after you have totally exceeded the recommended dose for over-the-counter decongestant.

My head cavities are very unforgiving this year. I mean, they've always had a chip on their figurative shoulder, but this year they've been downright cranky.
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Well, I got the bronchial dilators I needed from the doctor, and (to her insistence) I made an appointment for another lung capacity test. Which means I will need to go back to the pneumologist I didn't like once I have the results. Not liking doctors is a drag. At least I'm feeling a lot better and not using my inhaler every day, although I have to suspect that a decrease in anxiety is at least partially responsible.

Yom Kippur is starting in less than an hour. As usual, I'm not really sure what to do with that, except maybe write fanfic about it. Kippur is a very powerful observance that you can learn a lot from, bur applying life lessons of that magnitude is something I've only been able to do in fiction.

All heaviness aside, I'm feeling better, there's still some time before the school year starts, I have lots to read and someone wrote a fill for one of my kink meme prompts. All in all I would say my new year is starting auspiciously. Oh! And I forgot to mention while I was sick, I got in my last grade for last semester, from the seminar I worked so hard on, and it was definitely satisfactory. And I took another look at my overall curriculum, and I think it might be possible for me to finish this degree in three and a half years instead of four.
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Yesterday (Sunday) after a long weekend of increasingly difficult breathing, I hauled ass to the emergency medical center. I saw a nurse and a doctor, got ventolin inhalation that made me shakey, and got a chest x-ray that showed no spots. By tonight (Monday) the inhalation has pretty much worn off, although I'm not quite as badly off as I was on Saturday, for example. Anyway, I only need to make it through tomorrow and then on Wednesday morning I get to convince an allergy doctor to prescribe me something that will let me sleep at night and function during the day.

I've been watching TV and reading Narnia fanfic and rewriting the DC universe in my head. Good times. Not that I won't be unbelievably grateful when I don't get tired just from standing, and can do things like go to the supermarket, cook a decent meal (something better than mac & cheese), go out with friends or, heaven forbid, get back on track with the Pilates. I've also (sadly) been too tired to write, which leaves me way behind on my writing goals. At least my schedule for the next semester is pretty much set, although I do have to figure out the research project oh noes.

My rib muscles hurt from coughing a bunch.
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So September was opened with a very long flight and closed with a quite severe asthma outbreak. In fact I would say the asthma situation defined this month more than Dragon*Con did, although I may feel differently, looking back, once I've gotten some beta agonists and such in my system. Health-wise I am doing quite poorly and I have only one month before classes start to get it fixed. Sunday morning I have to open the week by being assertive with several doctors to the point that, yes, this is an emergency. It is actually impossible for me to sleep more than 4-5 hours in a row, I get tired from standing for too long, and I am using quantities of salbutamol that are starting to make me nervous.

The new year, on the other hand, started very pleasantly indeed. On Wednesday I summoned the strength to make Challah from scratch out of the recipe book my brother bought me for my birthday. The recipe made three large challahs. They were delicious and comforting, and disappeared at a speed I hadn't counted on.

In book news, I finished Robin Hobb's Dragon Haven the first week I was sick, after tearing through it pretty ravenously. I found it much better than Dragon Keeper in just about every way, although I still have a number of philosophical disagreements to raise. The dragons themselves are very vexatious, but this book stresses more than the previous one that they also differ in temperament and values. This makes the dragon-keeper relationships pretty fascinating to follow. The greatest achievement of this book is that it made me look forward to the rest of the series, which the first installment certainly didn't. Now I'm reading Lev Grossman's The Magicians, having set aside Perdido Street Station indefinitely on grounds that it's too interesting for my flagging energies.

Oh Yes, Oh No

Friday, 1 July 2011 10:34
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Let's play a round of 'Oh yes! Oh no!' shall we?

Oh no! Where in the hell did June go? How is it July? Why does time always run away from me?

Oh yes! How am I so lucky that I got not one but two awesome [community profile] junetide gift stories, one of them based on (frankly) my favorite original prompt, and the other on a last minute treat prompt? So lucky!

Oh no! My final grade in experimental psychology is 71, and it's mainly because I didn't have a test booklet to draft my answers, and I got lazy. I am afraid that retaking the test in July might involve a lot of work and actually lower my grade.

Oh yes! The epic Homestuck fic I'm writing on the kink meme is gaining a readership of more than the original prompter!

Oh no! My allergies are delicately and persistently chipping away at my sleep and I don't know why. :(

Oh yes! Yesterday I dedicated the whole day to doing nothing even remotely related to exams. \o/

A bonus question: Has anyone done an edit of PHD comics with Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia, and if not, why not? PHD comics should be to MLP:FIM what Kate Beaton is to Homestuck.


Monday, 21 March 2011 10:33
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You know how I can tell it's spring? Because I've been sniffling nonstop for three days. I take all my antihistamines, and yet.

I made a bold decision not to retake biochem, even though I got a 66 and it's fucking up my averages (which are not great to begin with). I can only stretch myself so thin before I'm a fool for wondering why everything goes wrong. I have a project in developmental psychology, I have a chemistry lab, I have a seminar and I do still have molecular biology. I feel pretty confident that I'll improve in MB, and that's not for a month, so there's that.

Tonight I have a party. But first, I have to spend all day on my seminar and hope for the best. I was pleased with my output yesterday, but I'm still horribly behind. I also keep forgetting to do important things, which makes me anxious.

The good news is, [community profile] purimgifts went awesome! I love my treats, and the treats I wrote were also received well, even though mumble mumble I'll talk about it later. There's a whole bunch of fic that I want to write, which is really nice, but now is not the time. Frankly, this weekend is not the time either. I'm not sure when the time will be. Wait, this was supposed to be the optimistic paragraph.

Whatever, I am ambivalent as usual.


Wednesday, 29 December 2010 14:03
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Getting out of bed this morning was a struggle. The bus company moved my station so I had a longer walk, although the wait for the bus was perhaps less frustrating because the station wasn't so crowded. I am coughing pretty badly now, but on and off. I should go to the doctor, but I just remembered I've been sitting on a codeine prescription that I never filled, that he gave me for just this purpose. There's a pharmacy pretty close to my place and that should buy me sometime.

Like is so hard, woe is me, etc. etc.

Today in braaains!: leeches and decision making.

I am looking at wall art to decorate my place. I love botanical illustrations so this collection is sort of a jackpot. I also found this hat which is not wall art but damn. Can I justify it? I also want one of Ursula Vernon's prints but deciding which will be hard.

This anthropology and population genetics blog is both fascinating and confusing.

Sea unicorns and etc. I am pretty much addicted to this video and squiddles in general.

Last but not least: I am ludicrous and have not realized that this classroom has wireless until halfway through class.
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The weather is horrifying. I mean, I am glad that it's actually winter, and very glad that it's raining given the horrid deficit in fresh water. But! This dust is just ridiculous. Everything is covered in a thick stain of damp dust, the air tastes foul, and I keep coughing up impressively gross phlegm. Ugh, just, so disgusting. For objective reference, this super-gross thick black-red cloud is right on top of me right now. Our thanks to Tel Aviv uni for providing the infographic.

Actually, I better screencap that for future reference. Dust cloud of death )

Anyway physiology was canceled today probably due to the professor inhaling a ton of dust and so I bailed and I'm holing up at home drinking tea. I should get started on my homework, because I am horribly behind on SPSS and I know nothing. Probably I will loiter online and look for hilarious DW posts about the weather, since apparently all the Israelis are posting about it.
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So, so tired. In addition to the brain-killing heatwave (35 high today, 32 projected for tomorrow), my elbow has been acting up. On the one hand, I'm so glad the systemic medications are basically working and most of my joints function just fine, but alternatively, I wish my elbow didn't hurt so distractingly and so often. I shall go to a pharmacy and see if I can get something topical and OTC for the bad days.

Brain-killing heat also makes it hard to sleep. Add to that the doc switching my allergy medication, it's peak season for my worst pollen, and the new meds were just not cutting it. I kept tossing and turning and then waking up several times a night with a dry mouth. Dry mouth = sure sign that I'm breathing through my mouth because my nose is congested. I switched back to my old spray and skipped statistics this morning to catch an extra couple of hours of sleep.

Lab tomorrow. Super long day. I wonder if I'll be able to squeeze in a nap. On the upside: Tuesday and Wednesday off for Shavuot, aka "the holiday that Lea loves because it's an excuse to eat a metric fuckton of cheese". This also meets no statistics exercise until next week. Woo! {o/


Tuesday, 15 December 2009 23:40
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Yeah, I should mention I'm giving school another chance to see if I can scratch a pass on physics if I start skipping class and read the book instead. You wouldn't think skipping class would promote not failing, but every time I have to listen to Dr. Y drone I come out of that lecture hall with a sense of foreboding and despair.

I've been playing a lot of TS3. My main Riverview family is well into generation six and I want to write a long, rambling post about it.

Health-wise I have a cold and I'm medicating with one of those comprehensive OTC cold meds, so I stopped taking my usual antihistamine since double dipping is usually a bad idea. Next week I'm planning on seeing my GP to ask him about some RA attendant symptoms and see if he can recommend a more attentive rheumatologist (does not pass Firefox spellcheck!). Also, I haven't had an allergy spread or lung function test since the army, and I don't have the results of those. This is me crossing my fingers that organic chemistry starts the week after next, otherwise I'm fucked hardcore.

Sleepy time.


Tuesday, 3 November 2009 16:26
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Ladies & gentlemen, we have entered knee pain weather.

Well, since I said I would do an "about me" post, explaining the above statement is the perfect excuse.

About me )

Also, I just had the bestest omelet ever. I put mushrooms and dutch cheese on it, and used two eggs, and my stomach is really happy now.


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