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My back is still acting up from Pilates and I'm anxious about my Yuletide assignment.

Oh, and I activated my Pillowfort account, I don't remember if I mentioned that or not. Add me there, I'm waiting to see if it takes off.

For now I'm gonna keep substantial content here on DW, where it is relatively stable.

That's all I've got to update before work.
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Talking about writing, worldbuilding and names in public makes me want to break everything.
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Holy shit.

I discovered two things today:

1. an old website that I used years ago to store unfinished kmeme fills that I didn't want lying around on my harddrive, has gone completely defunct and vanished from the face of the internet. yes, that website did still have some drafts of mine stored (attached to an email account similarly defunct, which I stopped properly using years ago). it's mostly okay, because the stuff that I really wanted to keep is still somewhere in my GMail drafts. I only really lost one document that I feel bad about not having, and it's no huge tragedy.

2. a quick search through my gmail account revealed two documents of unfinished stories relating to that very lost document. this is for an OC that I've been thinking about a lot lately, for some reason, and have developed a sudden weird nostalgia for. there's for sure no audience for it and I don't see that I would ever complete these stories, but it's extremely interesting to reread something that I wrote two or more year ago -- and totally forgot about.

life, man.

Git it

Tuesday, 23 August 2016 12:33
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I might have sworn, up until yesterday, that I had a GitHub account. Yeah. But I checked both of my Gmail accounts, both by searching for a registration email and by trying to activate a lost password. And nada. Huh.

I guess now is as good a time as any to register.
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While I deal with a comically long chain of tax-related bureaucracy* in order to launch a Patreon account, I also need to start building my website. So I'm reaching out to ask recommendations for these two things:

1. A reliable place to register a .net domain plus hosting.
2. Freeware FTP software.

*Did you really need those six extra vowels, English? Really?
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I've been writing for over fifteen years. I think I mentioned that. It was only this year (last month, actually) that I finally decided to commit to a career as a professional writer.

There are a lot of questions that come along with such a dramatic change. I've grappled with some of these questions for years. Do I have the discipline to write every single day, and the work ethic to keep plugging at it, even when I reach the less pleasant stages of writing? Can I generate an idea compelling enough to draw an audience of readers? Can I create the type of work that can be sold for cash on a professional venue, like a short fiction magazine or an anthology?

Today, the questions I'm dwelling on are less abstract, but no less difficult for me to answer. I'm debating issues of my online presence. Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly attractive option for writers, especially short fiction writers like myself. One of the options I'm considering is opening a Patreon account. Clearly, the critical aspect of crowdfunding is creating an audience, and the only way to create an audience is to publish. So, the main step of creating a successful Patreon presence is still the #1 answer to any writing-related question: write.

In the meantime, I'd like to have somewhere to point people at, in case someone should ask me how they can support my writing career. Patreon seems like a viable option for that, if only in a long-term view. It would also make a handy place to compile links and create a writing portfolio of sorts. Less formal than an official website, which I am also considering creating, but it does create a necessary one-stop destination.

One of the advantages of the social media era of writing is that I feel I have less to worry about the informal nature of some of my writing. This blog, for example, not to mention my Tumblr and Twitter accounts. When I look at the online presence of some contemporary genre writers ('my peers', as I practice saying) I feel there's more latitude given, a less strict standard of what counts as on-topic for a writer's blog. I can imagine someone looking at this blog, or my Tumblr, and not immediately thinking, 'this person is clearly not a professional writer'.

I still have open questions. Should I create a website? Should I include a more restrained author blog, and mirror only the substantial content from my current blog? Should I create a separate Tumblr to include only content relevant to Collar of the Damned and my other original writing? For now, I'm plugging away at my actual writing, and of course this blog as well.
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I took up some sort of weird work commitment that accounts for a few hours a month. Nothing resembling a paycheck but I am relieved at the very least at having productive occupation. The kind that I know I can stick to/see through, since I'm getting pretty tired of being mad at myself for spending too much time online (or playing games) and not enough time studying/working/writing. I hope this works out and helps keep me sharp for when I get a full-time job, and maybe even spruces up my resume. Meanwhile I have an interview/exam for a real position on Sunday morning. The holidays are fucking with my sense of time.

I have discovered myself to be too tired, or anxious, or bored to do much Icon this year. It's just... abominably crowded, and full of kids, and smells powerfully of stale sweat. /o\

My current fic assignment is behind schedule and I'm nervous as hell. There's a creeping feeling growing in the back of my mind that I might miss the deadline, which is something I have never done. Nearly happened with this year's [community profile] purimgifts, but at the end I got the last one in. Defaulting, and at such a late point, is really an awful feeling. I just-- ugh, I just have to man the hell up and write it, even if it doesn't come out as good as I hoped.

I know there's a Tumblr Savior-like app that works on AO3. How about Delicious? Is there anything that will allow me to somehow reverse filter links to prompts/fills? IDK. "Not" filtering is kind of complicated.
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1. I'm kicking this flu's ass.
2. I did not realize how behind I was on my DW reading list.
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I spent a good few hours today separating and consolidating accounts. The aim is to eventually eliminate my dependence on Hotmail altogether, while still keeping a separation between things like Tumblr notifications vs. things like e-mails from my mother. Cats can't be put back in bags or anything, but from now on when I give someone my gmail for a beta or fic exchange or something it'll be tied closely to my fannish identity and not so much to my offline one. Which also allows me to go by Hazel exclusively among non-family English speaker. I like that.

So now I have AO3/tumblr/twitter/gmail/a number of game accounts all linked together. Gmail also provides a totally unnecessary G+ account, but more importantly a YouTube account. Good for sharing playlists.


Thursday, 22 August 2013 08:15
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My new hobby is going through my never-properly-cleaned Hotmail inbox, where I get all my notifications sent. Aside from some receipts and terms updates, it's mostly stuff from Twitter, Tumblr and Dreamwidth. And AO3 notifications. I like reading through them and remembering how many cool people I know.


Sunday, 4 August 2013 17:32
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Rewriting my profile and interests from scratch was curiously cleansing.

Although, I have to admit I find Tumblr's de-facto interest scoring to be more effective than having to maintain a list on DW. Much more accurate.
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Just as I was saying to myself, "You know, it's time to get off Tumblr and get some work done. Well, maybe a couple more minutes..." my productivity extension kicked in and blocked the whole site. Just as planned.

It will remain blocked until 5 PM. Now I just have to... actually... study.

Brains in Tabs

Thursday, 27 June 2013 19:27
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I had YouTube open in one tab and I opened Google in another to search for lyrics. As I was reading the words I failed to notice for some time that an embedded video had started autoplay and I was listening to two overlapping versions of the same song. Briefly and serendipidously it occurred to me that my external environment was finally starting to model my internal one.
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These days I go by Hazel most of the time.

About me )

When I post something long, or something that I think most people won't want to read, I courtesy-cut it. This is Law in my journal, because I post about such eclectic subjects.

About fandoms and tags )

Links for me )
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Friending meme! To be clear, I love the pants off Tumblr, I have nothing against it and I've been having a hell of a time, there. But, I would like to enrich my DW circle so that I can use Tumblr as it is best used and post my long, elaborate (and possibly controversial) metas to a journal setting, where they work best.

ETA: My comment for the curious.
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Just cleansed a huge batch of random copy/pasted spam comments and reported every single one. There's some weird spambot that sends these things out in waves.

I did some writing recently, just sat down and wrote without editing almost at all. But, it's been a while since I made progress on my important WIP projects. I need to buckle down, I was doing so well.

Last night I finished Dragon Age II.

Next week I'm going to the sleep clinic, I'm a little nervous because of how nocturnal my schedule has been skewing. I should do something about that. Like cut out caffeine for a couple of weeks.

(no subject)

Thursday, 7 June 2012 10:11
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Danger, danger, emergency palette cleanser alert.

(no subject)

Thursday, 17 May 2012 16:01
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I hate the fucking AO3. It posted my draft without permission. I really fucking hate it when people read my stuff when it's not finished. It's one thing that makes me really mad. Now I don't even know if I'll ever want to finish/post this draft. I was feeling so good about this idea and this fuck up has soured me on the whole thing.
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It's a good day for a Love meme!

My thread is here.

My voice is mostly back but it slips away when I talk even a little bit. I guess it's a good thing I'm home alone and have no cause to speak up.

Everything else is thankfully unremarkable.


Sunday, 1 April 2012 20:32
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You know what would be cool? If they used video streaming sites in order to recruit test subjects for psychological experiments. You could fill out questionnaires online and earn points to unlock videos, like the viral marketing videos they use now, but for science! The methodology wouldn't be that much worse than having endless conclusions based almost exclusively on the answers of first year psychology students.

It would probably work better than money, too. Instead of thinking, "great, I spent thirty minutes clicking on red rectangles and earned about enough money for a cafeteria lunch," you'd be thinking, "one more survey and I can watch to the end of the season."

ETA: "Don't be like that" must be the universal douchebag motto, or something.


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