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I just had a weird episode of the Saturday Afternoon Feels Tornado. Really weird and random, I have not had one of those in simply ages. then I did something reckless and searched for the Groot tag on AO3. Then I did something mind-bogglingly stupid and went into the Groot/Rocket tag to check the ratings distribution. It was... not too alarming? By fandom standards? Or maybe just by Homestuck fandom standards. Ah, Homestuck. You'll always be... Homestuck.


"more is learned about flora colossus reproduction than is desirable" AHAHAHAHA THIS REALLY IS LIKE HOMESTUCK ALL OVER AGAIN OH FANDOM *TEARWIPE*

Anyway I'm having feelings and I owe [personal profile] marina a post about Unrest which, yes, [personal profile] lynnoconnacht may also be interested in.

I put in a laundry and swept the bedroom floor and fetched a suitcase to pack for Dragon*Con in so as far as I'm concerned I have won at adulting.

Purim Gifts 2012

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 21:47
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Purim Gifts 2012 was very gratifying for me. I wrote seven short ficlets and created six graphics. I enjoyed making all of them and they were well-received by recipients, and some others. I also got three fabulous ficlets and some awesome art.

The Lineup )

I also read a bunch of other stuff I liked.

Yum. )

I... could have sworn I had other recs? I can't remember them right now, and I've been working on this post long enough. It's really high time I got to my reading, anyway.
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I thought the sound of birds chirping came from a video game I was playing, so I closed it, and it turns out they were actually birds outside my window! It is Purim, so perhaps spring is finally here. I hope it is. We made the year's rain quotas, and I'm cold.

My [community profile] purimgifts contributions were as well-received as I might possibly hope, and that's all I'll say until reveals are up. Oh! And also that I really enjoyed my treats from day 1 & 2. I got two interconnected Homestuck ficlets, about Redglare and the Disciple! With awesome art to go with it! Really legit, well-drawn art, too. What could be better?

Tonight I'm cooking a celebratory Purim Friday night dinner for my whole family. Perhaps I will share my improvised recipes. I was also planning to cook "for the week" last night, but I went to see John Carter with my brother instead. I guess I'll cook on Saturday, if I'm not writing PG treats. Or actually, maybe I can combine both.

As long as I don't forget to get my psych reading done. Class is Monday morning and I don't want to leave it to the last minute.
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Yuletide 2010: There was one story from this collection that remained vivid in my mind even though I forgot to post about it.

Read more... )

Yuletide 2011: Basically I will be digging through this magical winter wonderland for the rest of the year.

Read more... )

Ladystuck: A girl, woman, and lady-filled archive of joy. Half the reason I haven't torn through this archive like a tornado is that I don't want it to run out too fast.

Read more... )

Man there is so much awesome fic left in that archive for me to relish, even leaving out the stuff that I probably wouldn't enjoy.
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First, three videos:

Three Hannukah-appropriate YouTube videos behind the cut )

Next, [community profile] fannish5's question for the week: "5 characters that don't (or wouldn't if it existed in their universe) celebrate Christmas."

This is a question after my own heart. )
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I was convinced that I finished watching S1 of Community until I started watching S2 and a few minutes into the first episode I realized I was missing something. Turns out I have three episodes left? Ehehe. Um.

Have I mentioned that I don't love love triangles?

ETA: Pierce just said that the Dean makes him uncomfortable and it was exactly like that scene with Eridan and Equius look I tried to make this not about Homestuck but it can't be done. Heh. Um.


Wednesday, 2 November 2011 08:48
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I dreamed about God Tier Nanna. For the record she was a Seer, possibly even the Seer of Space (although my waking mind wants to peg her as the Seer of Heart). more dream details )

The guy who draws the regular Supergirl book did an SDCC sketch of Steampunk Supergirl. It is pretty awesome. I saw it on Tumblr with a link (praise the lord, end days are here) back to his DA account. And here it is.
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You know fandom has done a number on your brain when you ought to be making an appointment with your pneumologist, and instead you find yourself googling the words "puella pony madoka magica". Just in case.

Never has a fandom been more ideal for crossover shenanigans than MLP:FIM.

All of this happened because I was popping into devArt to check for fanarts of a specific spoilery event in the most recent Homestuck flash animation. Naturally DA was flooded with arts of this specific development and now I can't pick which one I like best and will have to add them all to my favorites. All of them.

Further more this episode has also segued neatly into thinking about what to hang on my apartment walls again.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011 07:52
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Seriously? End of act 5 flash and no one thought it would be a good idea to have more than one mirror?

Lines in the Sand

Saturday, 23 July 2011 12:53
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I want to do a whole post about the Paul Simon concerts because mksdauyfr jdaifuwiej ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and I believe that basically sums it up. So I will do that eventually, maybe tonight. For an old dude, he sure is energetic!

Also from Thursday I think I want to make a post elaborating about the Kushiel books. For the record, my thoughts re: those books include both positives and negatives, and also quite a lot of gentle loving mockery. I do love them! But in that special fannish way that goes 'lol!' a lot.

Memo to brain: it is not okay to want to make X-Men fanfic out of everything you read while studying for a genetics exam.

It's been eleventy billion years since I remembered to make a [community profile] fannish5 post, so I want to answer this week's but I can only think of one off the top of my head: When a character rejects another character romantically, I will never be able to ship them. Ever. If the ship manifests in canon I will resent it forever. All the examples I can think of are from Homestuck of course but I have a thing with characters getting what they want too often. When the 'what' that they want is a person, that magnifies pretty much exponentially.

Bottom line is I resent romantic entitlement in characters.

Oh Yes, Oh No

Friday, 1 July 2011 10:34
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Let's play a round of 'Oh yes! Oh no!' shall we?

Oh no! Where in the hell did June go? How is it July? Why does time always run away from me?

Oh yes! How am I so lucky that I got not one but two awesome [community profile] junetide gift stories, one of them based on (frankly) my favorite original prompt, and the other on a last minute treat prompt? So lucky!

Oh no! My final grade in experimental psychology is 71, and it's mainly because I didn't have a test booklet to draft my answers, and I got lazy. I am afraid that retaking the test in July might involve a lot of work and actually lower my grade.

Oh yes! The epic Homestuck fic I'm writing on the kink meme is gaining a readership of more than the original prompter!

Oh no! My allergies are delicately and persistently chipping away at my sleep and I don't know why. :(

Oh yes! Yesterday I dedicated the whole day to doing nothing even remotely related to exams. \o/

A bonus question: Has anyone done an edit of PHD comics with Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia, and if not, why not? PHD comics should be to MLP:FIM what Kate Beaton is to Homestuck.

Homestuck Positivity

Wednesday, 15 June 2011 19:08
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Sometimes I need to remind myself why I loved Homestuck to begin with. This is why. *Rereads act 3/4 forever*

Writing: Haha

Sunday, 5 June 2011 21:15
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Dedicate a day to editing and polishing unfinished original fic.

Spend day writing nine pages of fanfic.

Homestuck 25/5

Wednesday, 25 May 2011 13:53
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I gotta ask myself.

Spoilers for the 25/5 HS update )

Whatever, I have to present my experimental psychology project. Talk about least favorite characters.

Fannish 5

Saturday, 23 April 2011 20:46
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[community profile] fannish5: 5 (canon) couples that seemingly came out of nowhere:

Feferi/Sollux on Homestuck. I mean, I like them, and I was never a TA/AA shipper (I pale ship them), so it didn't bother me. But even looking back, I don't think there was so much as a hint before the kiss. And after, there wasn't much about them being matesprits, right up until the end.

Runaways, Veronica Mars, True Blood )


Friday, 15 April 2011 13:45
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Apparently I've left my restraint in my other jeans, because I signed up for [community profile] remix_goes_wild. Ignore the fact that I committed to anon fills, I just started a text adventure, I haven't started my [community profile] help_japan fic, plus [community profile] junetide for original fic and, oh yeah, didn't I sign up for [community profile] mundane_bingo fifty thousand years ago?

Also I have a test Sunday, two lab reports due, it's the holidays etc. etc. non-writing obligations.

But no, no. What's really bothering me now? The fact that I don't have enough fandoms to offer, and maybe I should go through some of my old fic to see if it's still any good. (I'll let you in on a secret, most of it sort of blows.)

ETA: It got worse. For some reason I decided to look up my bingo square while I was reading up on translation initiation, and I'm pretty sure I've got a horizontal center for the Homestuck exiles, and a vertical for the exiles. I am even pretty sure I'll do a free square fill that includes both.
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My hair is really, really red. It is super exciting. Also I have stained everything, OMG it is unbelievable. It's actually hard to believe my hair is this red, considering how much dye I washed out this morning. Maybe it's because I left it in all night? Anyway, it's awesome and I get foolishly giddy whenever I see a strand of my super red and not at all purple hair. \o/

Also yesterday, I wrote a whole bunch of fanfic. [community profile] purimgifts top secret treats, for one, and some Homestuck femslash. One of them still needs to be finished, though. Although I think the person who requested it fell off the face of the internet? Sad. Anyway, I am sort of insecure about my PG treats because they came out weird and self-indulgent, in a "I'm not sure anyone but me gives a fuck" sort of way. I was going to do a cracky crossover, but something weird happened. IDEK.

Extra Ordinary is my new favorite gag-a-day webcomic. I need a new favorite plotty webcomic, too, or will soon, since Digger is coming to an end. Oh noes!

I swear I will do some serious writing soon, but I am only slightly less swamped than before. I had one good, relaxing weekend, and I let myself off the hook yesterday. Otherwise, I still have tests OH GOD THEY WILL NEVER END plus papers and labs and a presentation, WTF? How can five courses generate this much of a work load? It's like a perpetual motion machine, but for overdue lab reports. D:
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In lieu of writing (= thinking) about my unhappy week and general mental instability:

I really want to look back at some of my old fic and see if I still think it is any good. For one thing, I would like to populate my AO3 account, and I would like to not upload indiscriminately, but rather keep only the good stuff. I am not sure I have the courage to do this, though. For example, I'm probably writing off my largest former fandom as a total loss, because the headspace I was writing from then is very icky to me now. It is way too much response to other fics, and not in a good way. On the other hand I can still think of a few that I would want to preserve, if indeed they're as good as I remember.

I want to write so many things but I feel tapped dry, creatively and emotionally. So much so that it's actually even hard for me to read. When shit gets that bad, I know I'm in trouble. On the positive side, I discarded two books I wasn't into and am now reading something I enjoy, and better yet, I recently wrote a fic I am really quite proud of. Homestuck, naturally, because apparently this fandom is my life now.

Oh, Sweet Campus

Wednesday, 16 February 2011 20:19
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...I'll never leave you.

Now I feel like I'm back in classes.

I had blood taken this morning and fuck my arm is sore. Also I was super cranky and a little disoriented because of the fasting. I had two classes today and I got a much better idea of what I'm in for this semester. Experimental psychology has a poster project, which is pretty WTF. Also, I don't have a lab partner for chemistry, and also apparently fat people don't do lab? Finding a lab coat that fits over my hips has been a trial.

The latest flash update of Homestuck was sort of disappointingly dull, I don't think we learned anything new. I keep wanting to do a "Why you should read Homestuck" post and then... not knowing if I really want to recommend it or not. It's definitely unlike everything I've ever read, and it definitely has its moments, but... IDK.

I got new bras and 1) good bras cost even more than the shitty kind I've been wearing, 2) my breasts are apparently pretty big? I wear baggy comfortable shirts, so no one really noticed, but my breast feel and look, to me, much larger than I'd gotten used to thinking of them. Also I've spent years adjusting my straps to be way too long, and hooking them wrong and, IDK, I guess wearing bras is super complicated? When I was thirteen, mastering hooking them behind my back seemed like a huge accomplishment. It's sort of like, "Yeah, congrats, you mastered LAMARCKISM. Now scrap everything and start over! :D:D:D"

I am in a weird mood.


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