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I use 750words.com to foster good daily writing habits, and have been having mixed success with it since 2015. Recently I've been on a 90+ day streak, fostered in part by my frantic work on Turncoat Chronicle. Today I quickly went back and checked when I broke my last streak. It was in late April. I checked the days before and after and found that I'd been having a productive time of it, plugging away at Blue Rose (my other main WIP, which has been in the works since December). So I tried checking here on DW, even though my update schedule here is sparse and totally unpredictable, to see what happened to break my streak. I discovered that the last week of April was when I picked up the new desktop... and suddenly recalled that the day I skipped (which also broke a super long streak) was a Saturday, and that was the day I spent all day playing The Sims 4, after having spent an entire Thursday setting up the computer to my liking.

So, in a way, my habits are incredibly consistent over the years.

Somewhat relatedly, the writing is mostly going well and I am trying to make the best possible use of the free time that I have left before I start the new job.

And later today is Jerusalem Pride, which I promised myself I'd attend despite sketchy weather conditions.
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This which went wrong:

1. It rained today, I was slightly apprehensive about going out to pick up a heavy computer on my own in the rain. It turned out okay and didn't start storming until after I was safely ensconced at home.

2. I was carrying a computer so I needed a cab. The cab driver gave me the turn-around and I was too tired to argue with him, ended up paying a completely exorbitant price, plus he insisted on regarding the computer as "luggage". I didn't fight him on it.

3. My old screen had a cable that wasn't right for the opening in the back of the computer. Luckily I had a backup cable that does work.

4. I neglected to mention that I definitely want my OS in English and they installed my Windows 10 in Hebrew by default. These days this is much easier to fix, which I am in the process of doing.

5. Plugging in my router in the living room didn't work -- I switched the living room and bedroom earlier this year. I had to get an electrician to fix the socket in the new living room before I could connect the computer to the router. And I had to call the phone company first to figure out what was wrong.

6. Man, digging up the passwords to all my accounts is a pain and a half.

7. I might end up spending the rest of today installing and configuring shit.

8. Almost accidentally skipped lunch.

9. But at the end of this whole long process, I'm gonna have a gaming computer again.
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Today I put in an order for a new desktop computer. I suspect either Thursday or Friday will be downgraded from a normal day to an "install absolutely everything and fix all the configs and settings" marathon.

And then I will play All The Games.

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Friday, 13 April 2018 10:11
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I've hit the "don't really want to do anything :|" stage of depression. Most of this week I was too busy to have time for that, what with family business and some health stuff to take care of... But it's Friday and I'm finally home in my own apartment and I have the next (almost) two hours perfectly free and clear... and I don't want to do anything.


In other news, next week I'm planning on finally replacing my desktop. I've been without one for just over a year.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017 20:24
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Good news, the files off my drive can apparently be salvaged. I got a new external drive and all, since it'll be a while before I'm thinking about a new desktop apparatus.
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A thing that I forgot is that there's a reason I don't usually leave work before four. And that reason is the lovely suburban parents in my neighborhood who show up in their cars by the drove, to pick up their kids from school. And between three and four (...or five) my street is filled with the cheerful sound of Israeli motorist etiquette. Which is nonexistent, by the way.

In other happy news, last week the hard drive on my desktop finally gave out. I didn't lose much, or at least, not much that didn't bear losing. I will have to recreate the timeline for my NaNoRenO project, once my headache has cleared. But mainly I lost a lot of junk. What with the new laptop, though, I can't really justify buying a new desktop. It's expensive, and I've had a lot of large expenses lately. I'm saving basically nothing working part-time, so there's that, also.

There's other news, and it's much more positive, but I'd need to relax my frame of mind a little, to do it justice.

Last Thursday I went out to replace my earphones, and met someone who went to primary school with me. It was beyond weird.

Computer Woes

Sunday, 12 March 2017 16:51
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I am, shall we say, not thrilled to report that my computer decided to start giving me trouble on Saturday morning. I am getting it picked up for fixing tonight, hopefully. I still hope that it can be given another life, despite the many times I've had to have to fixed. I have no idea whether Windows errors of this type are usually terminal or not, but at any rate, I am mentally prepared to rely on my new laptop (which I've only had since November) for the near future. Or medium future.

With a functioning laptop, it's hard to justify replacing the desktop immediately. In the long run, yeah, I'll want to eventually. But in the past I've had times when my single major source of entertainment only ran on the desktop, and that's not the case right now. I could do quite well and I could put it off... for a while. IDK. Maybe I can't justify having a desktop at all, right now.

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Thursday, 25 August 2016 22:50
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At least I have my tablet back. It's much nicer to read that way than on my clunky old laptop.


Sunday, 1 February 2015 19:46
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I was meant to print out this month's scripts last night, and then this morning. I came to print them now and the printer gives an alert that it's low on ink. Cyan ink. Come on, printer, you don't need specifically cyan ink to print a prescription. Fuck whoever decided that this thing will force me to buy ink I don't need instead of giving me the option to print in B&W.

And life stuff. )

In good news, I've been writing fic and it's fun and happy-making. Still in the total obsession (if not quite honeymoon) phase of Shiny New Fandom. Whenever I'm not playing or reading or writing... I'm thinking about playing or writing. My AO3 page is starting to gradually show the signs.
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Did a Righteous House Cleaning event, minus mopping which is already a week overdue. And necessary, despite what I told myself when I finished the sweeping. But going through all the major, can't-live-without-them cleaning chores took a lot out of me and also took more than two hours, so I decided it was shower time and I could be reasonably proud of my accomplishments. Especially given I moved all sorts of furniture and found a civilization of dust bunnies under my bed. Next time I move, I'm getting rid of this bedframe and getting one that stands right on the floor, ISTG.

In funner news I also hanged some pictures, finally, so I can point to the positive presence in my living room, not just the lack of dust or piles of paper chores un-taken care of. The aconitum illustration I bought in Venice is above my computer (where I plan to place a desk when I finally find one). Supergirl from Dragon*Con (2011, mind) is hanging above my bed. My great-aunt's seaweed collage went on a nail that was already in, near the front door. That way I see it whenever I'm coming in and closing the door behind me. :D

I am seriously considering upgrading to a newer version of Windows. What I have right now is 7, amd I've already had a dubious acquaintance with 9. The question now is whether to go for 8 in hopes that it meets my lofty needs, or opt to wait for 10. Which may be out already, actually? I'm so out of the loop. Anyway, a massive one-sweep upgrade may be out of the question (both financially and for all the trouble it invariably causes), but maybe I can trickle them in gradually.

Idea Person

Tuesday, 4 February 2014 15:13
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Today is the day between two job interviews (for the same position) and I feel inexplicably unproductive. I did do things -- looked at train schedules and rent estimates, went grocery shopping, skimmed several job postings -- somehow that seems to slip away from my awareness. February is an odd month. Spring is creeping up to judge me (spring is undoubtedly the most judgmental of the four seasons) but the cold and the dark are still getting me down.

If I have a job by Valentine's Day I will declare 2014 an unmitigated success. Or rather, HTSHA`D, I suppose.

I told my sister I was planning to submit to a major newspaper's unpublished prose writers' contest. I ought, I have a mythological tale that's been burning a hole in my brain, and all it's short is a hook of some sort.

I wonder if my blue button-down shirt still fits properly. Many of my things are comically baggy, now. At least I'm off the zolpidem, thank heavens, although probably a work routine will do better for my living habits than anything else. And my computer is stable, which is a damned relief.

Why is my thought process all over the place.
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Last night my computer did a spontaneous freezing again. I'd had almost a week of crash-free bliss. Right now I'm updating drivers and keeping an eye on the core temp. It's only been four or five months since I had it cleaned for dust, there's no reason for it to be overheating.



Thursday, 16 January 2014 20:30
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I'd like to write a serious, contemplative post, but...

Chores continue to be a pain in the ass, mainly when combined with family issues. Really, I'd rather just put it out of my mind if that's at all possible.

I picked up a translation job through a Facebook friend, mainly to occupy my time productively. The article actually deals with a lot of the same stuff I was studying (less than a year ago!) so it's bringing up some mixed emotions. The subject matter is very interesting, but I think it might be out of date.

Speaking of higher education, holy shit! In six weeks the OP semester starts. The only course I'm in is discrete mathematics, but given my tenure as a mathphobe, I think that's plenty. Somehow, two thirds of an OU degree is less intimidating than 12 credits at the "closed university".

Because I can't maintain moods for any discernible period of time, I have no idea how I feel about my writing. I have been reading a ~classic pro slash fic that I'd been "meaning to read" for the last decade or so. Let me tell you, if I'd read these books when they were published... my fandom career would have unfolded quite differently.

My computer has been freezing regularly and I can't figure out why. Time for another cleaning as a catch-all fix?
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It took three days and several reinstalls, but it appears I finally have a working printer. No more trundling off to my parents' house to print prescriptions. No more waiting on line at the post office to send faxes. Granted, the frequency with which I need these services is still baffling to me, but at least now I have them readily available.

Now, if only I can get all my scripts synchronized so I can fetch them only once a month, instead of, oh, twelve different trips.


Sunday, 8 September 2013 20:02
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I've been trying to test my system to see if I can find out what's causing the spontaneous reboots, before the technician comes to check it tomorrow morning. He was the one who replaced my power supply, the second this calendar year, so it better not be that again or I might get pissed. Likely it's the graphics card, which will be a depressingly expensive replacement. After a little more than two years, now it decides to quit on me?

I switched the power to one of the undamaged sockets, so at least I'm pretty sure it's not that. Those are also getting replaced tomorrow. Fun times for all. Maybe I should get my tablet and do some reading in the comfort of my own welcoming bed. *Yawn*
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This morning I went digging in my journal looking for the number of a computer technician (don't ask) and instead I decided to wallow like an asshole in the worst bits of the past summer.

I should go to another international sci-fi convention. Yes? Yes.
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My computer is giving me trouble.

A sordid tale )

As a side-note, my hate for the Dragon Age rune system is vast as an ocean.
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So the leak in my shower faucet was fixed and now water isn't seeping into my living room wall anymore. The bookcase is pulled out to let the wall dry and once that's done it'll be repainted because gross. But the dampness must have already gotten into the new electrical socket because I'm getting those sudden computer reboots again, usually while the computer is taxed. By running calculations on behalf of BOINC for the greater good of humanity by playing too much Dragon Age.

Meanwhile I'm having explosive Dragon Age: Inquisition feelings (why a title that starts with an I? you used roman numerals before, new players will think it's the first in the series). Which is good, because fannish feels push down the anxiety about not finding a job, ever.

Success Stories

Tuesday, 27 August 2013 13:18
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I had this massive* pile of papers that has been plaguing me for years, just sitting on my shelf or all scattered all over my coffee table and couch. This week I decided to dedicate a morning to clearing the shit out of that pile, throwing away what I don't need and filing what I do in already-organized folders. Doing this would clear a space on my bottom shelf that is 1) exactly the size of a printer and 2) right next to the socket my computer is plugged into.

Now it's 1 PM and I am paper-pile-less at last. I feel free.**

In other apartment-related news the leak in my shower that was molding up my wall is sealed. Once the wall dries up and is repainted, and the dubious electrical wiring fixed, everything will be back to business as usual. Then I can proceed to figuring out why my cabinet still smells like computer-cleaning gunk even though I took out all the sprays and things and stored them elsewhere.

* Not that huge, the bigness is the size of the psychological threat it represents.
** Don't worry, I'm sure I'll have a new one in no time.
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Last night I sank into an internet-induced haze wherein I was both captivated and bored at the same time. This morning I put in another stern call to my provider about terminating my account, they are supposed to phone me today, but then they were supposed to call me yesterday. They called while I was in class and my phone on silent and then never called back. I feel a little bad about being stern with the customer service person, since this has nothing to do with her, so I simply asked her to pass on to her boss or whoever is in charge that I will keep calling until my account is terminated.

I'd been planning to get rid of my (basically terrible) cable plan for ages, to save some money on services I don't need anymore and also get some more efficient service. Cable-based internet goes down all the time and I have found their tech support service mostly unreliable and subpar. Yes, of course I know some of the flaws are inherent (weekends...) to the service or technology, but what's the point of a competitive market if I can't at least try the alternative to see if it's any better? Plus I will be getting a router through the phone company, so maybe I'll have a landline installed. If the price seems reasonable. I cannot always rely on my cellphone, it's not prudent.

Tomorrow I have no classes. \o/


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