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Wednesday, 19 April 2017 11:29
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Time to find out whether the Biblical satire I watched as a kid is actually still, you know, funny. Or if it ever was. I'm not sure I trust kid!me's taste.

Israeli TV is weird.

Edit: This is gayer than I remember (most things from my childhood are).

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Saturday, 28 January 2017 12:30
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It's amazing how some shows can be, like, not even about politics at all. And yet there are all these deeply ingrained assumptions, and they're buried so deep if you even mention them people look at you like you've grown a second head.

I watched one episode of Limitless. I'm not sure why, I was just looking for something mind-numbing and it happened to be there. I can't even put a finger on what pisses me off about this show. Rather, I'm not sure I could trace out every last thing about this show that so, so irredeemably messed up. And I'm not even talking about the broken facts, or the infuriating repetition of the whole "100% of your brain" myth.

Still, it's much more comfortable than being angry about other things, and it is the weekend.
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  • Supergirl - it's cute and charming despite the uncomplicated plotting and often clunky dialogue.

  • Elementary - its main flaw right now is that it interacts badly with my auditory processing, and I miss about 1/5 of the dialogue in each episode.

  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - there's a lot that's messed up about this show but it also offers things that no other show on tv does.

  • Jane the Virgin - someday its adorableness might fail, but there's always Petra.

  • The Librarians - all the wacky hijinks I need, plus Ezekiel Jones.

  • Timeless - I'm not 100% sure why I'm still following this.

Shows I'm no longer following:

  • Hos to Get Away with Murder - and I'm not even certain why, but maybe one season was all I could really stomach before things went too off the wall.

  • Once Upon a Time - I mean, really.


Wednesday, 3 August 2016 22:22
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I watched the whole of Stranger Things over the course of the last few days. My brother has been bugging me to see it. Not that he gave a plot synopsis or anything like that. He's gonna want to know what I think about it and I thought it was pretty meh. The only character I cared about was one, and I cared about them specifically because (without giving any explicit spoilers) the narrative seemed to dismiss their very existence.

How do I explain to my brother that this show was literally made for him?
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This is a story of how Person of Interest worked three long seasons to earn its surveillance dystopia, when other shows of the genre failed to show their work.

This week, Person of Interest returns to the screens for its fifth and final season. After a four season emotional roller-coaster, fans are eager but understandably apprehensive about the conclusion. No one promised us a happy end. In fact, as the show wore on, it became clear that its premise, which initially relied on crime drama with a thin dusting of ambiguous sci-fi, had become radically transformed. Viewers entering the fourth season now knew that the show's world presents a freshly budding dystopia dominated by a conscious and independent artificial intelligence.

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Saturday, 23 January 2016 17:48
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I slept away the morning, spent the afternoon eating "breakfast" and catching up on TV, and now the early evening is dedicated to talking down my stress levels. There's a lot going on. I'm not very good at dealing with so many things in parallel.

Next week it's supposed to snow in Jerusalem. It's an inconvenient time for me because I need to get to Tel Aviv and back twice this week, and while I do have the option of staying in Tel Aviv that might be... complicated. Also, I have open university assignments due tonight and tomorrow, after having put them off far more than was reasonable -- because there was so much going on.

But hey, the premiere of The 100 was great.
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Answer: Nothing. Everything is on hiatus.

Shows that are actually around between now and March )

Shows that will be back with the hares and the hatters. )

And, well, yeah, I should probably possibly catch up on the last bits of Haven. Or not? Maybe not.
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Poor Supergirl. She never can seem to settle on a proper supporting cast of her very own. Sure, all comics superheroes go through endless permutations -- power changes, costume changes, forgettable one-off villains -- but always there is some sort of baseline to come back to. Always there is at least a mentor, or best friend, or love interest that recurs in every incarnation. And always, always a nemesis. A hero that doesn't manage to establish a proper rogues gallery is bound to falter.

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The core idea behind the TV show, aside from Supergirl's ongoing efforts to achieve an independent reputation, seems to be that Kara, unlike Clark, actually remembers Krypton. This, I think, is a good start. How it progresses remains to be seen.
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The best thing about How to Get Away with Murder is Viola Davis.(1) The second best thing about HTGAWM is that it is a show about smart people making stupid decisions. I might have mentioned this is one of my favorite characterization themes. Annalise is brilliant from the start, shown to be both creative and ruthless in her problem solving abilities. She habitually takes the most difficult cases and prides herself on being able to turn around desperate situations.

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(1) I may have teared up just a little when I found out she would be playing the incomparable Amanda Waller for DC's Suicide Squad movie.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015 09:44
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The results on my thyroid-related things are not encouraging. Therefore I am going to do two things, the first of which is to go to the pharmacy and buy some 1000mg vitamin D gel caplets (and a hot water battle because it is terribly cold in my hobbit-hole). Then I am going to make an appointment for an endocrinologist, by phone, which will be very fun. So much fun!

No, I have not gotten around to watching Jessica Jones yet, although I am confident from reactions that it will probably meet 80-85% of my expectations. Roughly. I have also not yet watched the midseason finale of HTGAWM. And I have not finished reading Baru Cormorant.

In fact, I exited Sunless Sea hell only to immediately dig myself a chest-high ditch in 7KPP alpha hell. Yes, there is a new alpha update and I am flipping out every which way. As usual, with a branching storyline the new content is scattered across multiple playthroughs and so unlocking everything I want/need to see is taking some time. I have had a hard time resisting playing the game late at night on my laptop, which has done my circadian cycle no favors.

Meanwhile writing is proceeding sort of apace with 3-4 stories running in parallel. And writing in Hebrew now, because I'm doing a workshop. And thinking of gathering a local writers' social group for chatty meetings twice a month or so.
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Feeling low-key worn down for a few days and wondering if it's a discipline problem, a motivation problem, or the weather getting to me. Then I receive some incontrovertible evidence of legit physical illness. In an unpleasing phase of matter. Most likely just an upper respiratory tract infection, best dealt with by taking hot showers and some OTC meds. If on Sunday I'm still feeling lethargic or have other symptoms, I'll make a doctor's appointment.

Meanwhile I want to talk about Blindspot. I have no idea whether any of my mutuals watches this show which I am still trying not to call "the Lady Sif show"* so I might be shouting into the void here.

See, the meta-plot of Blindspot, which used to be a two-bit sci-fi cliche revolving around amnesia and mysterious shadowy organizations (and maybe time travel)... is now about wire-taps. And illegal surveillance. And high-ranking members of named organizations having moral crises about whether the good they do outweighs the bad, and changing their minds, and then changing their minds back. Three characters struggling with the same choices in different ways, and none of them easy with the decisions they made.

I don't know where the hell the whole tattoos-predict-future-crimes angle of the show is going, and I'm not sure I (need to) care. Blindspot is now a show about power, and the people who abuse it, and whether or not they can believe that they're doing it for the greater good. I just... need to know where they're taking this. There are two more ultra-drama cliff-hanger type episodes followed by a long hiatus, and then the second half of the 22-ep season. And it's been renewed for season 2.

It's now officially more interesting than it has a right to be.

*I called Person of Interest "the Ben Linus show" for years.
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I feel the need to flex my meta muscles but my brain has a hard time narrowing down ideas without external intervention. There are a lot of things I've been thinking about lately and I know that my thoughts won't settle until I put them into words. Isn't that how I started writing to begin with?

I want to write about Killjoys but have a sneaking suspicion that I have very little to add to the conversation.

I still want to write more about The 100, specifically about what it means to have a bunch of teenagers constantly putting themselves in mortal danger, and how their parents and responsible adults handle it.

I do intend to write a review for God's War, sometime once my churning mind settles a little. This is the peril of being five years out of date with my reading.

I would have liked to write a critical 7KPP post but I'm not certain I'm up to it.

Of course, there's also the Dark Parables games, several of which I've replayed lately for varying reasons. I have plenty to say on that. Or I could dig further back and write reviews for some other games I've played (semi-)recently, but that doesn't really capture my interest quite as much.

If there a Killjoys comm on DW?


Thursday, 4 June 2015 11:37
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I had excellent intentions for this morning and then ended up spending several straight hours reading blogs.

I completed my [community profile] jukebox_fest story and I don't know if I'll ever be happy with it. I feel like it needs to be torn to shreds by an editor and pieced back together over a month. My impulsive writing habits are starting to get me down and I want to spend part of this month working specifically on that.

Monday morning I made a big spreadsheet with writing goals for June. The spreadsheet has a category for blogging, with two specific meta subjects that I want to get around to. One of them is about The 100, which I have been overdue to write about since I glommed the whole series in amok.

Even though my mind is constantly churning with ideas and reactions to things, I feel like I actually bring up almost none of that. I want to change that, but I'm not certain where to start. My own fanfic? Characters that I find myself writing over and over again? How long it's been since I've even remotely kept up with contemporary SFF?

One of the items on my agenda is making a list of recent books to read and (possibly) review.

The 100

Friday, 17 April 2015 20:57
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Look, I'm sick and I have therapy and travel plans and money issues and chores, but I just came in here to say that The 100 is officially now the show I didn't think I deserved. Like, I must have done something right in a past life to have gotten this show.

The 100

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 19:09
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This fucking show. I cannot.


Friday, 6 March 2015 16:29
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Celebrating the holiday by marathoning the fourth season of Once Upon a Time. And [community profile] purimgifts of course. I got a wonderful Root/Shaw gift which delights me to no end. I'm actually pretty pleased with the gifts I wrote, too, even though I wrote them under enormous stress and a massive time crunch. Work being super intense didn't help.

When I get home, I'll probably sink into writing angstless, stress-free smutlets.

Day Log

Saturday, 21 February 2015 19:20
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Today I spent a lot of time reading in bed, replied to some comments on fic, posted/crossposted some fic, wiped down part of the kitchen counter, swept the living room floor, and wrote my words.

I also watched the first episode(s) of The Librarians, which a friend billed to me as "American Dr. Who, except with less of the stuff you hate (and I love)." That seems mostly accurate. Noah Wyle is aggressively channeling Matt Smith, which I'm okay with. Eccentric white dudes still take front and center, and they have that male-genius-female-caretaker act going on. But then again, they name it explicitly way at the start, which is interesting to me.

One of the fics I posted is one that I wrote over months and angsted over a lot. Also, it will probably be my last Dragon Age fic, at least for a while. Maybe a long while. The fandom cycle continues, but at least the disenchantment didn't culminate in a total disappearing act. In better fandom news, [community profile] purimgifts is going pretty well, if not as prompt and early as I'd've liked.

Some of that dust from sweeping got down my throat. Just means I need to sweep more diligently and not allow it to build up like that.
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I got back home from Jerusalem much later than I had planned because my parents had a cool houseguest. Consequently the morning was a lost cause but I dedicated much of the afternoon to sweeping and mopping the whole apartment. This is my least favorite house chore, both because it always leaves me tired, sweaty and gross-feeling, and because the apartment gets really nasty if I don't do it often enough. But I'm starting my first week at the new job with a clean floor and fresh linen, which seems auspicious.

Of course as a consequence of not waking up at my own place, and then later the mad rush of neatening and cleaning, I forgot to each a sensibly timed lunch. Now I'm going through a whole progress of figuring out what I can eat and where it can be acquired. I really wish I'd had the good sense to get more supplies for winter-style cooking. Not that I'd break open a bag of red lentils or pearl barley right now. But sooner or later I need to adjust to having foodable foods at home, and for the winter that's really the best stuff.

I wanted to do writing today but probably I will only do TV: How to Get Away with Murder, Haven, and probably/maybe The Flash.

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Friday, 6 June 2014 14:08
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I'm tearing through Ptzuim Barosh again. Damn, that fucking show. I can't with it. I just can't.
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My move has been delayed by a tenant-renter domino effect. I'm not sure what my feelings on this are. I'm uncertain of a lot of my feelings right now. I got a book about cognitive behavioral therapy and have been reading it in careful increments, but I think that might have been optimistic.

Just a bit ago I felt like I had a lot to say.

I've been picking at the first world SF anthology. Short stories are hard for me to engage with, but I enjoyed several of the ones I read. I think I'll try to dedicate a post to the book, later on. I've also been replaying Cinders now that it's on Steam and getting a sceond wind, and playing the hell out of Heroine's Quest.

Dumbing of Age has been ratcheting up the drama something fierce. Two of my favorite female characters are coming into crisis over their angsty backstories at the same time, and somehow they've come into a collision course, too.

The [community profile] trope_bingo deadline is coming up fast, and I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'll likely fail this one as well. I'm not distressed as such over work taking time away from my hobbies, because duh, reality. I think I was just clinging a little to the idea of making a checkbox-shaped space in my brain and labeling it "trope bingo", mostly because of my own issues with procrastination and completing projects.

There was conflict at the office this week that distressed me. It wasn't aimed at me, or even between employees, but it was just very uncomfortable for a while.

Oh! As part of not having the energy to do anything fun, I've spent most of the week with pizza and Person of Interest season three. Yes, I'm up to that part. Super impressed by the fact that it's not only a fridging, but a conduit fridging. Like, the whole thing is set up not only for the edification and suffering of the male characters, but to tear them apart and consequently bring them back together, closer than ever. At least, that's my take on it.

Anyway, I'd best wrap up this patchwork quilt of an entry before I think of something else, and then another after that.


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