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Some days I feel terrible about myself, my writing, and my life (in that order). But today I feel good about everything and I'm so excited about TC I could almost throw up.

So I'm putting this note here to remind me of it, later.

March 2019

Sunday, 3 March 2019 12:11
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January and February were both pretty messed up for different reasons. I was hoping to close February on a positive note but that did not turn out well. I have higher hopes for March, albeit tentative. I want to try and put shit back together, and hold onto things, if only by my fingernails. I have a long-term plan, although executing it is difficult, especially when I find myself constantly mired in keeping up with the details of day to day life.

I'm working from home today due to complicated circumstances. It has its upsides, for sure.

Nothing is on fire and I have made a little progress on both writing and work. I really can't ask for much more, at this point.
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Rules: List the first line(s) of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns. Tag ten authors to pass it along.

I was tagged by @faejilly​ and it seemed like a fun way to celebrate both the Year of Lots of Writing and the fact that I just looked back at all my accounts to sum up my word counts for December, and I did a lot better than I feared.

I’m only doing ten, though. It already goes way back into August.

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Tag yourself if you’d like to participate.
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NaNoWriMo is over.

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Next weekend I'm having my own private little "writing retreat". I hope to work on either TC or BR, with mystical luck perhaps both.
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Got a little bit done today on both Blue Rose and on Turncoat Chronicle. A good omen for the month, I think. I'm still hopelessly jammed on the next scene in BR, but one of the writing sprint prompts was extremely relevant to a scene I won't get to until halfway through act 2. So, yeah.

And Verity is still being Verity. I wrote about 1K for her last night after work. Again, on the whole theme of getting a positive start.
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Things I did today: voted, wrote 500 words of Turncoat Chronicle, attended a NaNoWriMo kickoff party, proof-read and pre-posted some stuff on the AO3.

Things I did not do: answer extremely important emails, get any laundry done at all, finish my Yuletide letter.
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On the face of it, September was not a good writing month. My word count spread sheet, which I am still diligently keeping for 2018, shows about 11K pure words written in September. The holidays were a huge drain on my mental resources, and despite my best intentions, most mid-week holiday days didn't get used as full writing days. Lots of days off were taken. Lots of naps were taken. But also, on a more optimistic note, I did a lot of background and outlining work. I did a lot of code work on Turncoat Chronicle, too.

In other fun news there was Icon 2018 which was mind-blowingly awesome, to be quite honest. And I got my first-ever fanart early in Sept. for TC, followed closely by the second. So that was a pretty amazing tick on my writer's checklist.

I start my new job on Sunday and I haven't (yet?) written a con wrap-up post.

I have a hell of a lot to do with what little is left of the week and I just got up an hour ago from a totally unnecessary nap. Seems like a perfect time to sink into an hour or two of Skyrim, for no particular reason.
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Yesterday I was writing on Blue Rose again. It felt good. I'm at 20K+ words, and I've reached the very beginning of the third ambush. It's a critical point in my outline and things get fuzzier from here on out, but it's the first block in leading up to the transition to act 2. I've been waiting a long time to get to this part.

Speaking of outlining, I've also put in some work on my notes for the 7-point story structure. The third ambush doesn't appear there because it's not one of the transitions according to this method. It's more a part of the build-up and oh, I've just been completely nerding out on all sorts of outlining methods and plot systems.

I'm no good at plot, I'm not good at planning, this is really hard and I feel lost but if I just keep plugging at it eventually I will get somewhere.

I think I must be at no more than the 1/8th mark. This suggests a roughly 150K manuscript, if and when the first draft is complete.

Writing Progress

Thursday, 14 June 2018 23:34
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"Snowfall" is at 7206 words, end of chapter three. "Welcome Wagon" is 7246 words and complete. I am strongly debating with myself whether I should write Choice of Rebels fic or wait until I've gotten to know the game a little better.

"Blue Rose" is at 16,768 words. "Turncoat Chronicle" is as ever hard to assess, but CSIDE's word counter gives it as 6441, or 8868 with code.

(no subject)

Saturday, 9 June 2018 20:19
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Blue Rose - 15,895 words.

Turncoat Chronicle - 6441 words.

Writing Update

Tuesday, 5 June 2018 11:28
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January: 10050 words.

Some aborted blog posts, including a snippet of a review of the Simon Feximal book. Two finished fanfics, which have launched the fic series that has dominated 2018 for me. One poem that I still haven't found a home for. Got positive feedback, though. One fic that I set aside and haven't gone back to, because alpha spoilers.

February: 27837 words.

Record month. Lots of fanfic, for 7KPP Week, for Purimgifts, for Decline and Fall. One of the PG series I qualify as a short story because the prompt was tarot and it's ostensibly a loose sequel to my Jukebox Fest fic of several years ago. February was all about getting my writing groove back and not sinking into depression.

March: 19277 words.

Many many words for Decline and Fall, some of which will not be posted for a good while yet. March is also when I started finally putting down words for my original fiction novel (working title, "Blue Rose").

April: 21015 words, 7165 on Blue Rose.

Tried to write a short story and failed. Wrote a fair bit on Blue Rose and did a lot of outlining, but didn't come close to my goal of 15K words for Camp NaNo. The first two weeks of April were dominated by the holidays and by writing Masters of the Hunt, which eventually clocked in at about 9500 words (a record for me) and which I am still gradually posting in installments here.

May: 16477 words, 3755 on Blue Rose.

Started work on Snowfall again, after leaving it languishing for a long while. Plot progression on Blue Rose is well underway. Late in the month I caught a mental bug and started revamping an old ChoiceScript game into a project I call "Turncoat Chronicle". Did almost 2K words on that before June ambushed me. Wrote most of a review for the blog, which has been standing deserted for most of 2018. It'll go up next week.


I am still working on Blue Rose and making a little progress. I don't know what will happen with Turncoat Chronicle. I have a Decline and Fall fic that I want to finish but I'm taking my time since I have such a posting backlog. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Recurring Problems

Thursday, 24 May 2018 11:24
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I have a job interview lined up, and another application in the works. It's time, again, for me to turn my mind onto the dilemma of how to write a novel while working full time.

(I do not need advice about how other people do it. I am not other people.)

Blue Rose (tentative title) is at about 13K words. My broad goal is to complete the first act (30-35K words) by my birthday in August. That's assuming I'm still unemployed and writing more or less full-time by then. If I become gainfully employed some time between now and then, that estimate immediately drops by half (at least).

My problem is that I can't 100% rely on either outcome, so I have to plan simultaneously for both (and several others, besides). It's frankly exhausting.

Writing Dilemmas

Sunday, 20 May 2018 12:58
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I've been maintaining daily writing this month but I am having a hard time breaking past some invisible boundary on my novel. This might be partly because I still feel like I have a lot on my plate otherwise and there are a lot of distractions. Health matters have obviously been taking up a lot of my time and attention. And just generally keeping my head above water on practical matters and maintaining my mood has cost me a lot of energy. I am only starting to return to equilibrium.

I'm listening to Weiland's writing podcasts, specifically the POV-related episode. And I'm debating on my novel's cast and how hard I have to crack down on limiting the different POVs. I like all the core cast and it's hard for me to admit that some of my favorite characters are not as plot-critical and need to be sidelined somewhat. It's especially irritating when it comes to Ruby, because I love her so much and I know that when I describe her to potential readers, most of them will be like, 'omg that sounds great I want to see more of her!'

Ruby and to a lesser extent Talon both have this problem. Granted, they both have big backstory wounds that could provide fuel for a sub-plot, but there's no way I'm fitting that into the structure of the story as it is right now. And basically everyone agrees that fewer POVs is almost always better. In fact, I'm thinking of dropping Griffin's POV entirely, but I won't be making a final decision on that until I reach the parts of the plot where their presence starts to be critical.

Pretty funny, considering I initially plotted this story around the cast, and under the impression that I would be shifting between six different POVs. What's more, I first started outlining it by delineating the six introductory scenes for the whole cast. Or was it five? I think Mercy and Kestrel shared the first one. At least that part has remained relati9vely constant. Man, outlining is wild.

(the fanfic business, however, is booming.)

April Retrospective

Tuesday, 1 May 2018 00:30
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April is gone, and if I'm truly honest with myself, I'm surprised I managed to do as much as I did with it. I wrote a total of about 21K words this month, including about 7K of Blue Rose. Given I only started the actual first draft in March, and that the total for the first act is around 9K and change, that's not half bad. I had set myself a goal of 15K words for the month of April but that proved unrealistic.

It was a busy month. Holidays ate up time with family things, there was the yearly Pesach convention, things like that always throw off my routine and make it hard to keep a schedule. Then there were family issues and I needed to be very available for that, which also didn't do wonders for my personal morale. Things are calming down a little but that mainly means I have to kick myself into higher gear in terms of fixing my own life up.

May is the month when I start to get my shit together. My shit's been untogether since about December, for reference.

Started Pilates again this month too, and I've been therapizing aggressively. Objectively I'm in a miles better place than I was even a month or two ago, let alone last winter. It's hard to see because work means clarity and clarity means seeing everything that still needs to be done. Laundry, reviews for my blog, money matters, work. Everything. I try not to get overwhelmed.

I am doing well. Just not so well that I don't need to keep reminding myself of it. Not so well that I can feel how well I'm doing without deep qualitative analysis. Just feel an uncomplicated emotion and sit with it for a while. That turns out to be the hardest thing.
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Tuesday and Wednesday are my writing days. This week, my depression was acting up in response to some external challenges and I felt very low. I wandered listlessly through the NaNoWriMo forums and wrote absolutely nothing. Took a bunch of naps, instead, and made some very bad food choices.

Thursday is a work day when I normally don't get any writing done because I'm wiped from the week. I will barely do my daily pages on an average Thursday. But this Thursday, I sat down prepared to just fill in some dumb character quizzes, and instead I came up with a concept for an overarcing villain for my new project. This is the same project that I was almost resigned to starting writing without knowing how it's supposed to end, or even who the real antagonist is.

Now, the villain isn't really fully developed, but this is still more of a breakthrough than I expected. On this, an amazingly terrible week.


Friday, 7 July 2017 13:39
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My work agenda is getting complicated. For one thing, I want to finish my editing, proofing, changes and additions to my route on BookSLEEPer so I can pass it on to the rest of the team, finalized. I have some story drafts laying around gathering dust, which I need to decide what to do with and/or where to submit. I've started putting together an outline for another game, in Twine form, and it's looking good but still needs a lot of work before I can treat it as proof of concept. I still need to get Wreath of Roses to an editor, too, and I have a short story critique I need to make a decision on.

Then there's all the books and games that need reviewing.

All in all, though, having a lot of work to do is actually a good sign. I just need to keep reminding myself of this.

Life Update

Tuesday, 7 February 2017 12:09
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My coworkers have learned of my migraines this week and I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. In every other respect work is pretty good.

I'm looking into finding a new primary care physician, but for unrelated reasons.

The alpha of Wreath of Roses, my secondary world fantasy intrigue text game, will most likely stay up on itch.io for another week (because I might as well make the date a little symbolic). After that it goes back into "in development" mode while I (continue to) search for an editor. I would like to get it as good as it can be, and I'm also interested in commissioning a new logo by a more experienced graphic artist. Mainly I've been looking on the Lemma Soft forum, home of all things both gamey and narrative-y.

Otherwise things are good. I'm conflicted between plugging on with the short stories I have in progress, versus trying to come up with a new (more modest) game concept. I took a look at my philome.la page when I was doing some promotion, and I haven't posted a new game in ages. I miss it a little. But then, there are other things to consider. Writing is hard.

Anyway, if you wanna play WOR and don't mind the typos and assorted blemishes, definitely do it now.
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I promised an update after NaNoWriMo, didn't I? And now it's been nearly a month since I wrote my fifty thousand words, and I still haven't written anything. A lot of things got put on the back-burner for November, and so December has been pretty busy. I didn't find a lot of time to set aside for contemplating the nature of my chaotic little manuscript, and how to move forward with it. Although I'd been meaning to break my habit of adopting overly ambitious story ideas, and then getting stalled trying to solve them...

Well, that was the situation I found myself in, completely unintentionally. Read more... )
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In two weeks NaNo will be over and I will either have a complete first draft or else I'll have to re-evaluate how long the plot of this story wants to be. Assuming it's the former, I need some way to maintain momentum so that the draft doesn't get relegated to the back of the WIP folder. I want to make something out of this piece of shit, if at all possible.

December has 31 days in it.

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The business behind being a writer is not my favorite aspect of the whole deal (not surprisingly).

However, I am keeping up with my chores and accordingly I updated my Patreon profile and my itch.io page to reflect the status of my work.

Oh, yeah. Zinc Alloy Games is the name I am now putting on all my decent-sized games. A bit premature, maybe, but I like to be prepared ahead of time.


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