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I could have spent tonight writing or reading, but instead I spent three hours making a tower and dungeon in The Sims 4.

Sleep is for the weak?
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I use 750words.com to foster good daily writing habits, and have been having mixed success with it since 2015. Recently I've been on a 90+ day streak, fostered in part by my frantic work on Turncoat Chronicle. Today I quickly went back and checked when I broke my last streak. It was in late April. I checked the days before and after and found that I'd been having a productive time of it, plugging away at Blue Rose (my other main WIP, which has been in the works since December). So I tried checking here on DW, even though my update schedule here is sparse and totally unpredictable, to see what happened to break my streak. I discovered that the last week of April was when I picked up the new desktop... and suddenly recalled that the day I skipped (which also broke a super long streak) was a Saturday, and that was the day I spent all day playing The Sims 4, after having spent an entire Thursday setting up the computer to my liking.

So, in a way, my habits are incredibly consistent over the years.

Somewhat relatedly, the writing is mostly going well and I am trying to make the best possible use of the free time that I have left before I start the new job.

And later today is Jerusalem Pride, which I promised myself I'd attend despite sketchy weather conditions.
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Writing is half reason, half ritual. There's an element of magical thinking to it, and also an element of self-reinforced habits. You make your own recipe for a muse, more or less. Some of the advice for beating writer's block is so bland, or so arbitrary, you feel like you might as well...

Well, you might as well take advice from a video game.

In The Sims 4, individual sims are ruled by their mood. The canonical mood for creative work (which includes playing instruments, writing, painting and cooking) is "Inspired". Inspiration don't come easy -- except in TS4, where it literally does. True, true, it comes a lot easier if you have lots of money, or if you've already had success in one of the creative careers. But even at the lower levels, there is always something your sim can do to get in a creative mood.

How to beat writer's/artist's block, TS4 style:

  • Take a "thoughtful shower" -- the easiest way, available to all but the poorest sims. Grants four hours of blissfully enmused creativity.

  • Drink green tea (my flesh and blood self prefers ginger, because it's caffeine free). >/li>
  • Interact with a reward you got from progressing in your creative career (lovingly strokes the paperback copy of the anthology I was published in).

  • Cloud or star gazing (it was cloudy yesterday, dammit, why didn't I take advantage).

  • Playing with molding clay (this is actually a good idea, I gotta get me something like that).

  • Drinking coffee, but only if done at a cafe (can confirm, I just had a moccha latte).

  • Completing a piece of art/writing, but only if you're at a low skill level (presented without comment).

  • Mentoring from a sim with a higher skill level (...).

  • A special creaitvity-boosting mixed juice drink called the "Prose and Pop". I'm gonna have a lot of fun trying to invent a recipe for that one.

  • Just fucken' be born naturally creative or something. Don't even.

Ah, fuck it. I'm gonna go drink my ginger tea and eat my black licorice and hope for the best.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012 21:16
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I have mastered driving but apparently not navigating. Today on the way from campus to my parents' house I got lost a legendary number of times and ended up spending over two hours on the road.

This is a problem.

In slightly better news I have started a process to do with ADHD diagnosis and I am cautiously optimistic.

The announcement of the new Sims 3 expansion has me itching to play again. I wonder.

Dragon Age

Monday, 12 March 2012 15:00
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My copy of Dragon Age was in the mail today. Hmm. Too bad I had plans to play TS3 all afternoon.


Monday, 24 October 2011 11:55
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I think I mentioned that this summer I got two expansion packs for The Sims 3 (I know I've mentioned being obsessed with TS3). Both of these put a noticeable strain on my graphics card, despite my best hopes and the overall quality of my hardware. Nontheless, with some intelligent management my game is playable and enjoyable, though I'm looking forward to a point in time (possibly next summer, or even spring) when I can splurge on upgrading my card and bring my game back up to the level of speed and crispness that I enjoyed with the base game only.

Now I want to ramble about what I've been playing. Feel free to ignore this.

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Yesterday was a horrid day and simming made me feel a lot better.

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Sunday, 23 October 2011 15:07
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I was planning to write today for a change but I've been having One of Those Days and so I'm going to drown myself in Sims until I'm numb to everything except pixel kids playing chess and going to art school.

New Chair

Tuesday, 26 July 2011 14:36
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Oooh my new chair arrived. I'm sitting in it now, it's still kind of warm from having been transported in presumably a very hot van's back section. After all, it's *checks* 34.4C outside! OMFG.

Man, I forgot what my desk/computer looked like from this angle. My knees are at right angle to the floor and everything. It's been over a month.

Once I'm done with my exam, I'm going to post all about The Legend of Korra, my excitement thereof, and how I came up with the perfect crossover. Then I'll install the two Sims expansion packs that I ordered, and that arrived in a most inopportune time, and play the crap out of them. :D
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There are so many Things going on that I have to post even though I should be studying. Perhaps I'll intersperse my observations through this post?

So, Game of Thrones. I have so many thoughts, so many. My main two are: I can smell bait; and, way to hang a cliff, jackasses. How do I make it through the next almost a year until season two happens? Assuming they can bring about such an elaborate production for a regular, yearly season. Good thing I have other fandoms to distract myself with, I could never deal with fandom monogamy.

So much rambling. )

Well, this is already ludicrously long enough, rambling enough, and took *glances* over an hour to put together, so I'm just gonna hide most of this behind a cut and go ahead and post it.
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Top five married couples is a theme that moved a lot of people to respond. Because I always want to respond to FF and always forget, here's a lightning post before I go back to transgenic fruit flies:
  1. Wash and Zoe - Firefly. This is cheating because everyone picks them. Truth is, I shipped Wash and Zoe and I still pretty much ship Wash and Zoe. Established relationship dynamic is one awesome way to get me to shake off my shipping malaise, just because it's so much more interesting than yet another tedious, predictable will-they/won't-they junior high style melodrama. Truth is, one of my big Firefly regrets was that this dynamic wasn't explored more. I really think established relationships are just much more interesting.
  2. Kara and Anders - BSG new style. Nobody said I had to pick functional relationships, right? I went back and forth (and back... and forth...) on this while watching the show and since, and ultimately I love them. I love them because Anders had a devotion to Kara that was both true and dysfunctional, it made their lives (even though he was like 5K years old!) and it also ruined them, both of them. Which is just BSG in a nutshell, to me. Every relationship in that show encapsulated its themes in some way, and to me, Kara and Anders did this even more than Starbuck and Apollo, even though they were the fandom OTP.
  3. Molly and Arthur - Harry Potter. I am the biggest fucking sap, okay? I lie when I say otherwise. The truth is, I'm a huge fucking romantic sap, and the only reason I resent romances is because they're not up to my standards. James and Lily? Not up to my standards. Ron and Hermione? Meh. Harry and Ginny? Don't get me started. Molly and Arthur? Hell yes. Hell. Fucking. Yes.
  4. Ysandre and Drustan - Kushiel's Legacy. You know how fantasy novels make overtures towards the idea of political marriages but never really commit to the idea? The Kushiel books do exactly this with Ysandre's love life, and I just don't give a fuck, because it's worth it. They are both monarchs in their own right, their marriage is complicated by the need to travel back and forth all the time, not to mention managing two kingdoms in an uneasy alliance, over all the cultural gaps that never seem to run out. Their daughters give them the runaround in every conceivable way. And yet, Ysandre went to war in order to secure her marriage, in the most dumbfuck romantic fantasy way imaginable. And because love is sacred, she actually would have gotten in trouble if she'd done otherwise.
  5. Mortimer and Dina - The Sims 2. I know, right. The story setup is that Dina is a young, hot gold-digger and Mortimer is a rich old widower whose adult daughter is the same age as her. Most people played her that way, too. But I figured, hey, the game engine doesn't lie. If there's a red heart over them, then they're in love, and the fact that Dina also gains aspiration from the fact that she married a rich Sim doesn't bother me. TL;DR Dina married Mort for his money but I played them as though they were really in love. Dina also got along great with Alexander, although Cassandra never warmed to her.
Feels like there should be more than five, but I can't think of many honorable mentions other than Donald and Anja from Gunnerkrigg Court. I might be forgetting something, but honestly, I've always been notoriously picky about canonical romance. As opposed to fanon shipping, where I'll take any two (or more) characters I like and just call it a day. I really do think the beginning of the relationship is when things start to get interesting, as opposed to where the interest ends.
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Today I did something that had nothing to do with exams. I bought a coffee table. Well. Technically I ordered it and won't have it for three weeks or so. It's wood at it has teal colored tiles in the center. When I get it I will take a picture of my living room and it will be awesome. Next on the agenda: put the kitchen table in the kitchen and replace it with a desk.

Man, city center is a mess. Even moreso than before. They fucked up all the buses and lanes for this absurd light rail project, and the train won't even open until summer, at least. It's a nightmare.

Apparently my computer's been fixed for a while now. I dropped in to pick it up today, but even though I was well within business hours, it was closed. :( Probably for the best? I'll wait until after my next two tests. I should not be spending my time building Sims 3 towns when I could be studying abnormal psych.

Whoops I forgot to do my abnormal psych assignment. Better get on that. /o\
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It turns out I forgot to tell some of my friends I was following them on Tumblr. That was an interesting conversation.


[community profile] fannish5: Name five characters with the best hair styles.

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Quinto cupcakes underwater, my oddest Tumblr find yet.
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I finished watching all four episodes of Lost Girl and I am in love forever OMG. This is everything I want in an urban fantasy show! And the next episode in on tomorrow, so I can watch it on Monday, and I don't have to angst about waiting too long. I want to write fic, but I don't know what. Midseason fic is always a dubious proposition. What if Lauren's entire backstory shows up in like, episode six? Plus I haven't written fic in so long, I'm rusty.

I wish I had my computer, then I'd make Sims of everyone and it would satisfy my fannish cravings.

One of the things I love about this show is that Bo hardly ever broods, despite having plenty of reason to. She smiles more in an average episode than Angel did in five seasons, or Batman in seventy years and oh, five or so mediums.


Wednesday, 6 October 2010 21:17
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I got new glasses today and now I have more depth perception than I know what to do with. Everything is really sharp and in focus. It's making me dizzy.

I also picked out a new sofa, which will not be shipped for two weeks at least. Basically my chores are mostly done, but I still have skeletal furnishings and a living room that echoes. I wish I could do this Sims-style. That would be sweet. Too bad my computer's in the shop.

I'm bored and fairly queasy.


Friday, 17 September 2010 14:00
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This morning my knee decided to randomly crap out on me again. Then I carried one (1) not very heavy box from the car to my new place, a total of maybe thirty steps. Now, obviously, I'm paying for my hubris. Plus, my dad's heat pack is mysteriously missing. Last time I had pain this bad I never would have made it without the microwaveable heat pack. And my hot water battle is one of the few things that are still at the old apartment.

So here I am, all ready for Yom Kippur, days away from finally moving into my new home, and all I can think about is "Ow, ow, ow." I wanted to do some brain-searching, but I'm not sure I have the cognitive resources to play Sim ghost hunters. :(


Friday, 3 September 2010 11:49
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My last test was yesterday. It's officially time to think about next semester's schedule, since classes start in a little over a month. Said month will be mostly full of holidays (Rosh Hashana starts the comic Wednesday, then there's Yom Kippur and Sukkot) and moving (I go into the new apartment in October).

Meanwhile I'm celebrating my sister's birthday and toying with Sims 3's world-making tool. I'm making a town called Loserville that's geared to stop Sims from getting rich so easily.

Last night I had the strangest dreams. I just remembered dreaming that I have to take extra classes next year because I missed them this year. Then just before waking up I dreamed I was at a magical ice cream parlor conjuring magical sundaes on my first date, and in the dream I was a teenager. Odd.
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So I've had The Sims 3: Ambitions for a while now, and I've been playing around with the shipped town, Twinbrook. I still haven't covered even a fraction of the options, though.

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Princess Evil

Saturday, 7 August 2010 19:12
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[community profile] fannish5 of the week: Name your five favorite evil characters.

  1. X-Men: Magneto. There's something ludicrous and yet elegant about a villain who's simultaneously tragic and sympathetic, as well as a cackling, finger-steepling, gaudy-helmet-wearing overlord. FCOL, he founded a society called the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. But he's brilliant and filled with righteous rage, and underneath the trappings of comic book villainy there's a kind of disastrous misdirected fear that strikes true.

  2. BtVS: The Mayor. Villains are so often weighted down with all sorts of pointless shorthand characteristics, it's still hilarious to see an ultra-wholesome teetotaler plot doom and destruction. Seeing him become a father figure to his sword-arm is downright touching. And still, sufficiently easy to hate.

  3. Order of the Stick: Redcloak. I haven't even read the prequel (yet!) but Redcloak is a perfect counterpoint to the joke-cracking pile-o-bones he reluctantly calls boss. He's evil, but he's doing it for a cause, but he's definitely not just "technically" evil, and he's definitely dangerous. The idea that he might change alignment and find himself on the side of the heroes (for the right reward) is simultaneously impossible and highly appealing. If I were a different sort of fan, I'd probably be fighting tooth and claw to say he's not really evil, and he must be redeemed.

  4. AtLA: Azula. Many people two many terrible things throughout the series. Azula is the scariest, I think, even though Ozai is technically more dangerous. She's validated by being considered a success by her father, and by her obvious talent, intelligence and skill. It's the idea that she's a winner, that she's the hero of the story, that makes her so dangerous. Depite being terrifying (to me) and not at all sympathetic (again, YMMV), redeeming her is tempting just because it's such a waste.

  5. Probably most animated Disney villains could go here, but let's go with Ursula the sea witch. Sea witches are cool, dammit. Maleficent could work also, she's equally hammy and she's a freaking dragon.

I have weird definitions of things like "villain" and "evil" and so my list is a little weird, and actually neglects a lot of my favorite villains. I mean, the original post said "evil" and most of my favorite villains (or antagonists) are not really evil. Actually, I don't really believe in evil, I think. I definitely don't think I could ever write a really evil character. I used to have a bunch back when I role played a lot. I quite liked a lot of them, but nowadays, I don't think I'm up to it.

Maybe evil TS3 Sims count. I have a family of four that's evil, so maybe they count.


Wednesday, 23 June 2010 20:32
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  1. Statistics went sort of okay but not great. I hadn't studied as hard as I might have, and the test was (not just according to me) pretty frustrating. My hopes of a 90-ish grades are pretty well dashed, but if it's bad enough maybe I'll take the second test and improve.

  2. I got back my calculus grade and I passed. All I was really hoping for.

  3. I got a haircut. It's shorter than I ever remember it being, since I was 12 or so, and it's layered, which is a radical move for me. Hopefully this will put an end to phenomenons like almost being late for class because brushing my hair was too painful. The stylist lectured me to take better care of it, but that's par for the course. I am trying!

  4. I have to reinstall my Sims 3 game for the third time this week because the latest patch borked it so bad. If this time doesn't take I shall be extremely displeased.

  5. I have not seen True Blood yet. :(

Grr. Argh.

Saturday, 12 June 2010 02:21
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I am too tired and cranky and generally upset to post about how certain authors feel about psychiatric medications and so-called "artistic temperaments". Suffice it to say, I am not well pleased. More comprehensive coverage can be found here. This sucks especially, since this time it's hit one of my favorite authors. Ugh.

Playing around with evil sims is much more relaxing. Do you know what qualifies for evil among sims? Ineffectually "masterminding plots" and stealing candy from babies, which makes them cry, but which they would not otherwise be able to, you know, eat. Sometimes they glow red. They don't mind unlit rooms or haunted graveyards. Sim evil is much more benign than human good.

Tomorrow: vampires vs. elves.


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