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Tuesday, 13 November 2018 18:39
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So I did the voting thing a second time and it was after a long and aggravating day at work which was after another long day at work... Same song, different verse.

Deep Summer

Monday, 3 July 2017 17:25
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We're having a deep summer heat wave in Israel this week. Not the first one of the year and not likely to be the worst one, either, but it's fraying in the way that weather extremes can be. For me, it means a bunch of different things. For once, my chilly half-buried apartment is not quite chilly enough. I tired easily.

And two things that I forgot about Deep Summer Heat: one is that it makes me angry, literally. The other is, for some reason, hot weather makes me susceptible to motion sickness.
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The main problem I've had so far with Cards Against Humanity is that a lot of the jokes are really super-specific culturally.


Cards against humanity - Israeli homebrew edition.

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Monday, 3 August 2015 14:34
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You know, I haven't used this icon in a long while. I used to blog pretty frequently about LGBTQ issues, but these days most of what I post is reblogs on Tumblr. But I made this icon after, I think, the 2007 parade, when the Jerusalem municipality for the first time hanged pride flags along major streets, in preparation for the annual pride parade. I remember my friends inviting me to join the end-tail of the parade in 2003, on a Friday afternoon when I had only just returned from the base. I remember attending, the next year, both the Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv parades, concurrently with my process of coming out of the closet as bisexual. I remember the first time since coming out that I missed the parade, and how guilty I felt. I even remember the parade two years ago, which happened to be the day I receiving the final failing grade in my incomplete BSc.

And I remember the stabbing in 2005. Read more... )


Monday, 6 April 2015 10:35
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My head hurts because I didn't sleep enough (thanks Obama Skyrim) and my eyes hurt because I did an eye exam. Not an EOG, one of the ones with no electrodes. But still, like half an hour of flashing lights and my eyes tearing up. I want to rest my eyes, but I don't want to sleep because it'll prevent me from resetting my night sleep to a semi-reasonable manageable time-frame.

The problem is, literally every source of entertainment I use involves white light screens and eye strain. Goddamn.

For some reason, eye exams tend to put me in a bizarre frame of mind. Weird emotional stuff. )

Anyway, embodiment issues.

I have the whole week off and I was planning on doing some social stuff and whole hell of a lot of writing. I may twine a bit. I... also may write a meta piece about Skyrim. Which I would then post here, and not on Tumblr. I'm not gonna lock it, but I'd probably want it to be linked either selectively or not at all. The last thing I want is to open a meta essay with "rules of engagement" so to speak, but I'm fraught and my energy for conflict is nonexistent.

Anyway, Passover, yeah. Favorite holiday. Best time of year. Totally worth the lack of bread, and ~50% of my other favorite foods.

I'm gonna go lie down before I hurt myself.
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The less said about the elections, the better. Suffice to say, Wednesday morning was rough, not just because of the inexplicable URT infection I've been nursing. I've decided the only cure is video game political assassinations. Plural, if possible.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping up with being sick. Drinking lots of orange juice and tea with honey. Sleeping a lot. Got a doctor's appointment, which will be extremely helpful because doctors can do a lot to treat (probably) viral infections. Making a conscious decision not to think about work until I have to. Also putting off thinking about contracts and deadlines and ugh.

I'm debating between making a post about Skyrim and making a post about family legends.

Burning Questions

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 12:30
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Of course, the most burning questions on my end are 1) Is someone going to vid Zero Motivation? and 2) If so, are they going to do it to every song that came out in the nineties omgf adjsfldg.

I mean. Is it just me or is this a hugely nineties kids movie. I know it's not just me. Right? Right?

I'm sorry I'm not sorry but this movie does things to my brain. I mean. It's a movie about the army that's not only relevant to my experiences but aggressively so. I MEAN.

I cannot with this movie. I. can. not.
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Today's siren caught me just as I was about to leave work.

I still have this vague feeling that maybe I'm not as anxious as I should be? But then I remember the random muscle cramps and the general lack of restfulness of my sleep.

New dr. sent me for blood tests which I have been putting off. Most of the same stuff I usually get tested for (perennial vitamin D and TSH) but without some of the inflammatory factors. So far I'm pretty pleased with new Dr. although it is a little soon to tell. I am also thinking about other health practitioners and whether I might want to seek them out.

My coping mechanism is refreshing the Flight Rising marketplace over and over, waiting for my smoke tert scroll to show up. And dwelling on things I did successfully. That one's a fun new addition.


Friday, 11 July 2014 00:25
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I mean, I guess I'm anxious? How do I separate the anxiety about the booms from anxiety about my job, or the agoraphobia, or the roaches that I still freak out over all the time? But yeah, I guess I am anxious.

Tomorrow I get to play The Friday Morning Game, a terrible game which I always seem to lose at.

I'm choosing to view all my unfinished stories as a wealth of creativity to entertain myself with during idle moments, as opposed to a pile of uncompleted tasks. Because fanfic is a leisure activity.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014 19:30
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So the alarm sounded while I was walking home from the bus station and I didn't hear it because I was listening to Yehudit Ravitz. When I walked in all my neighbors were in the stairwell giving me weird looks.
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This is an hour on which to wake up from a nap? And be suddenly hungry? My brain. *shakes head*

I have spent so much time in Jerusalem in the past month, I haven't quite gotten used to the local rhythm of action. In particular the weekend rhythms, which of course are a massive indicator of neighborhood culture in Israel. Friday afternoon cafe loitering and the like.

My mind buzzes with so many thoughts I don't share. I really ought to do more proper blogging.

And eat. I should eat.


Wednesday, 4 June 2014 13:00
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Yesterday I moved into my new place: a rental, quite costly, much nearer my workplace than my previous home.

For context: today is a holiday, which means yesterday was erev chag - holiday starts at sunset the previous day, and many/most commercial things are closed/unavailable, depending on the status quo. Tomorrow is a workday, but Friday is another such half-day, because of Shabbat. My new neighborhood has a fairly lax status quo. Like, there is a non-kosher cafe across the street from me.

My internet line gets installed tomorrow morning. I was preparing to struggle with entertaining myself and keeping busy all holiday. And I was prepared! For noodle's sake, I packed three boxes of books! Then I discovered a neighborly open wifi connection.

The place is still partly or mostly unpacked, and has a number of unsightly hazards that need dealing with, some stuff of mine I need to replace, and a few necessary chores. Not quite in hosting shape, and I'm still not totally comfortable in it. But that was to be expected. It might take a while to banish that agoraphobic "I need to take a rest from this place" feeling.

So much else to write, but hopefully I can make a proper blog post tomorrow evening.
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I really wish the yeshivah whose phone number is very similar to mine would finally put out new pamphlets.

Snow Update

Wednesday, 9 January 2013 13:23
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I was getting nervous so I only went to one class today. I have plenty of work, but that can mostly be done at home, properly huddled for warmth. I'll be more productive if I'm warm (I hope).

My legs are cold as fuck from the tips of my toes to about halfway up my thighs. Smart move, not wearing anything under my jeans.

Snow in Jerusalem always leads to a sort of mass panic laced with exhilaration. Especially at uni, where a lot of the students aren't native Jerusalemites. It's a little tempting to play jaded and be all like, "Yawn, seen one snow seen 'em all." I used to be just as excited but somehow living alone has tamped that down pretty hard.


Thursday, 2 August 2012 11:12
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Why, oh why do I keep writing shitty poetry instead of studying neurobiology?

My life is sooo haaard. ;_;

Pride today. Fun times. Retracking to the old route, which is shorter and much less steep. Hopefully this may mean I won't be exhausted by the time the march is over.

Since it's all over Tumblr, let me just drop a rec for the visual novel Cinders, a multiple choice ending fairy tale retelling that allows Cinderella to be a raging bitch on wheels in the best way possible. Also there are love interests or something?
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Okay. So I've determined that the Aeducan storyline in DA:O, while it does contain many (many many) elements from the story of David and Absalom, is pretty definitely not a direct Biblical reference. On the other hand, I am now contemplating whether or not it could be an indirect reference, through some other more recent, popular fictional reworking of the Absalom story, with which I am not familiar. I had to check various sources for the original, since my familiarity is limited by my having been a kid when I studied this shit, and also having cut half the classes to read Michael Ende in the school library.

This, alongside the Surana ultimate sacrifice A/U I've been unable to excise from my head, and my obsessions with whether or not DAIII will visit the Black City, pretty conclusively prove that Dragon Age has eaten my life. Eaten. My. Life. Now, I love being eaten by a fandom as much as the next slightly eccentric internet denizen, but this is getting ridiculous. I know I do this song and dance whenever I get sucked into a new fandom, but I'm telling you this time is different.

ETA: I forgot to mention that the Hebrew Wikipedia article on Absalom is the most ridiculous/amazing piece of Bible fanfic you could possibly imagine. It just goes on and on and on, picking fights with the Biblical author for being hostile to Absalom, throwing fanon left right and center, fanwanking about the length of Absalom's hair. It would defy the imagination if one didn't come in with the knowledge that Biblical interpretation fanfic is 1) a longstanding tradition in Jewish theology and 2) one of Israel's number one exports.

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Saturday, 19 May 2012 23:06
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I have a ~*~pain in my heart~*~ so I'm listening to amazingly sentimental Israeli music on YouTube. I always feel vaguely embarrassed because so many of the classics of Israeli pop are so incredibly callow, in a way I can't quite put my finger on. Read more... )

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012 09:51
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I always seem to get completely fatalist on memorial day. In the last few years at any rate.
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נכנס גבר לבית קפה ביום האהבה. למראה הבלונים המקשטים את המקום, הוא שואל, "של מי יום ההולדת? לא של היטלר, נכון? היטלר נולד בעשרים באפריל, ומת עשרה ימים אחר כך. ושישים שנה."

רק בישראל.

General Update

Wednesday, 24 August 2011 12:07
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Whoops I forgot to update my journal in almost two weeks. No idea why. I've still been checking my DW basically every day.

Stuff that happened in that time:

Got a Twitter (here), at the behest of a couple of Israeli friends. There are massive fiscal-related protests in Israel right now and Twitter is one of the online epicenters of news and discussion. A bunch of my tweets and retweets are in Hebrew, just so you know.

Finished my very last piece of work for the semester, which was a mock research proposal that turned out more complicated than I'd anticipated.

Watched Green Lantern a couple of weeks ago and found it fairly dull, having not enough aliens and not nearly enough shiny explody green stuff -- too much talking and ~character drama~. Watched Captain America last night and found it much more enjoyable.

The new light rail in Jerusalem opened. I was on it yesterday to get to the movie and so far it is pretty terrible.

Wrote a bunch of anonymous fic, and also made a bit of progress on my absurdly late [community profile] help_japan fic. It will be sad, I think, but perhaps bittersweet. It is also getting my mind on perhaps writing some more VM fic, after I finish it. Right now, though, finishing it is my top writing priority, and then getting a good beta.

Things that are still to happen:

In a week I'm flying to Atlanta with my brother for DragonCon. Eep.

Finishing an anonymous WIP that I've been working on all summer and spring and posting it to AO3, possibly after extensive editing/beta. This is a thing that is going to happen.

When offices at uni open again, calling the life sciences secretaries and figuring out whether my lab request was approved. This has to happen before I sign up for classes. Then I have to sign up for classes when, yet again, I will take more courses on my first semester than I am comfortable with, due to 'constraints' (had to look that up on morfix).


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