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Saturday, 5 July 2014 12:46
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As a responsible resident it is my duty to patronize coffee shops on the weekend, and so this morning I treated myself to a nice brunch. Then I cleaned the apartment thoroughly and consequently came to three conclusions:

  1. That I need to clean more often.

  2. That I really need to sweep thoroughly before I try mopping the floor.

  3. That I really need a haircut.

Also that this area is much more humid than my hometown, which means the mopped floor fails to dry in an appropriate amount of time. Which is zero. Zero time.

If I close the window and put on the air conditioning I'll be much cooler and also will be able to wander the apartment in my towel indefinitely. On the other hand, my AC has a tendency to shower the kitchen counter with little black grains of dust, and I literally just cleaned that counter.
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The barista in the sciences building and the positive psychology prf. both complimented my new hairstyle. Facebook also took it well.
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I made a hairdresser appointment at 9:30 but it's storming out and my muscles are badly cramped from Pilates. My bed is so nice and warm. Wah. Oh shoot, I left the laundry in the machine and forgot to put it in the dryer. I guess I am getting out of bed regardless. Maybe I'll accept my bitter fate.

Sad :(

Thursday, 27 September 2012 11:32
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My blue strand has the vaguest possible greenish tint.

The red strand is vividly pink-purple though, and less strandy than I expected. When I brushed my hair the way I usually do it spread over the middle of my scalp from the forehead back.

Gonna try some more color games tonight.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012 21:53
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I decided to do another dye test before giving up on my hair an/or considering getting it lightened. One strand red, one strand blue. Not that I have enough red to do the whole thing if I want to, but I wanted to see if it was the blue dye itself, or if my hair is too weak to take on color altogether. My hair is so short since my last haircut that it only took a dollop of dye, too.
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I am starting to hit anxio-frenzy on my travel preparations. There is so much on the agenda that isn't strictly necessary, but that I would feel much better about accomplishing. I want to buy some clothes, and get a haircut, go to a demonstration and see my friends. And write, a lot. My writing output this month was much lower than I'd hoped.

IDK, whatever. We checked off all the things we can't travel without. I guess that's the important part. If I can't resolve my fictional conflict before Wednesday... I guess my fic will be even later than it already is. We'll only be away for a week, anyhow.
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The agenda for today:

* Wake up at six.
* Leave home before seven.
* Swing by parents, pick up forgotten cellphone and MP3.
* Walk down to clinic, get blood test.
* Acquire emergency breakfast to stave off glucose drop from blood test fast.
* Go to bank, pay gas bill and deposit checks.
* Go to supermarket, get milk and such.
* Be home before ten when the gas people come in to install things.

Got it all done, and was home before 9:30. Woo! \o/ I win at chores forever and now I never have to do them again.

Now I need a clean towel because my hair smells. /o\ They keep getting pink because of the dye!
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My hair is really, really red. It is super exciting. Also I have stained everything, OMG it is unbelievable. It's actually hard to believe my hair is this red, considering how much dye I washed out this morning. Maybe it's because I left it in all night? Anyway, it's awesome and I get foolishly giddy whenever I see a strand of my super red and not at all purple hair. \o/

Also yesterday, I wrote a whole bunch of fanfic. [community profile] purimgifts top secret treats, for one, and some Homestuck femslash. One of them still needs to be finished, though. Although I think the person who requested it fell off the face of the internet? Sad. Anyway, I am sort of insecure about my PG treats because they came out weird and self-indulgent, in a "I'm not sure anyone but me gives a fuck" sort of way. I was going to do a cracky crossover, but something weird happened. IDEK.

Extra Ordinary is my new favorite gag-a-day webcomic. I need a new favorite plotty webcomic, too, or will soon, since Digger is coming to an end. Oh noes!

I swear I will do some serious writing soon, but I am only slightly less swamped than before. I had one good, relaxing weekend, and I let myself off the hook yesterday. Otherwise, I still have tests OH GOD THEY WILL NEVER END plus papers and labs and a presentation, WTF? How can five courses generate this much of a work load? It's like a perpetual motion machine, but for overdue lab reports. D:


Monday, 14 March 2011 22:49
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I am dying my hair red for Purim. The ratio of dye in my hair compared to, oh, everywhere else is preposterous. And when I say everywhere, I mean (among others): my ears, my neck, my T-shirt, my hands (and I was wearing gloves!), the sink, the comb, the towel, and some very artistic smudges on my face. I am an utter failure at hair-dying. But! I will make a fantastic Batgirl.

I still have a ton of dye left. Maybe once this starts fading I'll try again and my bathroom will look less purply-pinky-red in the end. What I dread is waking up tomorrow, looking in the mirror and seeing patches of brown all over. D: I forgot that there was more than one reason why I did streaks last time.


Monday, 15 November 2010 10:26
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Feeling a little better than yesterday, probably because I left early last night and spent the rest of the evening in bed with my laptop, eating noodles and reading Homestuck.

I think I'm about 300 strips away from being caught up.

Evil scary lovechild of Toph and Azula who scares the motherfucking shit out of me: for the win.

Yesterday I discovered that the way I've been clipping up my ponytail looks ridiculous in profile. I wonder if it's long enough to braid again.


Friday, 25 June 2010 17:16
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I'm actually... pretty relaxed. This despite developing a sudden and inexplicable sore throat sometime last night. Why? I don't know.

I went to the doctor and he told me that my arm is much worse, which on the face of it is bad news, but the fact that he sees it and not just me is good news, sort of. He gave me a shot, which hurt a lot for a few hours but now is making me feel much better. He'll see me again in August and if I don't improve he'll change my meds, which may be either good or bad news. Most of the other issues I wanted to bring up didn't make it, even though I wrote a list and everything. I still haven't gotten an answer re: G6PD deficiency.

After the doctor, I worked on my genetics for a few hours. I finished and submitted the last exercise and scored 85, which ought to bring my grade up a bit if it substitutes for the 50-something I got a few weeks back. I also only made two mistakes, and one of them was reading comprehension *headdesk* which means I know the material pretty well. There's a bonus exercise for extra points I'm working on. Then there's the lab report, which I'm fairly certain I can finish Saturday/Sunday, then hand in on Monday morning.

Most of next week will be preparing for two tests the following week. I have a lot of time and resources, so there's no excuse not to study whole days. I'm thinking social psychology in the morning (= early afternoon) and cell to organism in the afternoon (= early evening). I should actually be able to get a decent amount of studying in (= minimum 20 hours per test) without half killing myself. Woo! {o/

The weather's been downright chilly (25 degrees C, really?) which was a welcome reprieve from that one long hellfire and damnation stretch we had. Also, my hair is so short that it's constantly confusing me. I ran a comb through it yesterday, just to see if I could. The comb is still in one piece. Is this what hair is like for most people?


Wednesday, 23 June 2010 20:32
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  1. Statistics went sort of okay but not great. I hadn't studied as hard as I might have, and the test was (not just according to me) pretty frustrating. My hopes of a 90-ish grades are pretty well dashed, but if it's bad enough maybe I'll take the second test and improve.

  2. I got back my calculus grade and I passed. All I was really hoping for.

  3. I got a haircut. It's shorter than I ever remember it being, since I was 12 or so, and it's layered, which is a radical move for me. Hopefully this will put an end to phenomenons like almost being late for class because brushing my hair was too painful. The stylist lectured me to take better care of it, but that's par for the course. I am trying!

  4. I have to reinstall my Sims 3 game for the third time this week because the latest patch borked it so bad. If this time doesn't take I shall be extremely displeased.

  5. I have not seen True Blood yet. :(

Pizza Musings

Monday, 15 March 2010 21:18
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Hey, it's your monthly arthritis update! Are you bored of them yet? I am.

Hot showers: they are the root of all good in the world. An hour ago I was tired and miserable and the right side of my torso felt like it was made of marble. I turned on the boiler, waited half an hour to ensure optimal boiling, and took a quick ten minute shower with a shower cap, so as not the dampen the spirit of the Locks of Doom. One watery pounding later, my shoulder has the consistency and, indeed, temperature of deep dish pizza.

Now, the trick is not to recramp my trapezius before bedtime. These sudden temperature drops always seem to catch me unaware.


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