Deep Summer

Monday, 3 July 2017 17:25
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We're having a deep summer heat wave in Israel this week. Not the first one of the year and not likely to be the worst one, either, but it's fraying in the way that weather extremes can be. For me, it means a bunch of different things. For once, my chilly half-buried apartment is not quite chilly enough. I tired easily.

And two things that I forgot about Deep Summer Heat: one is that it makes me angry, literally. The other is, for some reason, hot weather makes me susceptible to motion sickness.


Saturday, 24 December 2016 18:56
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I feel a little more on top of things now since I accomplished some important errands that had been haunting me. I've also started repopulating the blog, which has been mostly dormant since my queue ran out early in NaNoWriMo. And work is going well, too.

My apartment is quite cold so the weather's been getting me down, but from here on in it should be getting lighter every day, and hey, I got my raincoat back from mending just in time. Uni is also going all right, I manage not to panic if I just break things down into manageable pieces. Instead of expecting to accomplish everything in one intense cram session.

Social has been a little off. So often I'm too tired to leave the house when I get home from work, and even on the weekends my overwhelming urge is to huddle under the covers with a hot water bottle. Israeli fandom should organize a meetup, we haven't had one in like a century.

Merry Christmas to all my friends and followers who celebrate Christmas. And Happy Hannukah too, since tonight is first candle.

This has been a life update. I am living. That's the update. Is everyone else living, too?


Saturday, 23 January 2016 17:48
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I slept away the morning, spent the afternoon eating "breakfast" and catching up on TV, and now the early evening is dedicated to talking down my stress levels. There's a lot going on. I'm not very good at dealing with so many things in parallel.

Next week it's supposed to snow in Jerusalem. It's an inconvenient time for me because I need to get to Tel Aviv and back twice this week, and while I do have the option of staying in Tel Aviv that might be... complicated. Also, I have open university assignments due tonight and tomorrow, after having put them off far more than was reasonable -- because there was so much going on.

But hey, the premiere of The 100 was great.

Heart of Gold

Thursday, 26 November 2015 09:44
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I am increasing my vitamin D dose to approximately "metric fuckton" (I think it's actually 1000mg or thereabouts) in hopes of doing something about the "always tired, always depressed" thing. The bottle has ninety pills! It should last me until the ritualistic murder of the solar deity has expired and the world is born anew in a flutter of chirping swallows and almond blossoms. Or something.

I downloaded and played the demo to the new Dark Parables game, "Goldilocks and the Fallen Star". It's... okay? Like, I want it and I want to play it. I just don't feel any huge urgency or attachment. The puzzles are good. The art is pretty. The story is about as overblown as you'd expect. There are secrets and fables to collect, but there don't seem to be morphing objects, which is a shame.

I will probably play and replay it eventually. Right now, I'm in 7KPP hell. When I'm ready to buy a new game, I might favor Botanica over this one.


Sunday, 13 September 2015 10:21
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The dust storm broke over the night. Particle count is back to normal (< 100 mcg/m^3) as opposed to the ranges between 300 and as high as 600 of last week. I opened the windows. All of them. The house is going to need a thorough cleaning -- much more thorough than I have the energy for.

And tonight is the new year. Happy new year?
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The weather is grinding me down pretty badly.

Doesn't help that I'm running on half the usual amount of antihistamines. Because I need to refill prescriptions. And I don't want to go to the pharmacy. Because it's so hot and still and dusty outside.

I have the most legendary headache.

Edit: I got my headache under control! \o/
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There's a dust alert today on account of a westerly/south-westerly wind coming in. The ministry for the environment issued a warning to children, pregnant women etc. and also "lung patients" which technically means me, as I have asthma. It's a good thing my mother called me, because I was just about to go out and do a round of chores. No doubt I would have gotten everything done, but returned home wrung out and probably with a headache.

The sky outside is a cheery yellowish shade. I think my windows might be even dirtier than usual. In an unusual measure for early September, I've elected to close every single window. Frankly, the projection maps look damn awful. Hopefully it will subside by tomorrow. Or, heaven forbid, maybe even this afternoon? I haven't had an asthma attack in years, and I'm not in the mood to take them up again.
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Dragging myself out of bed when the first alarm rings (fine, I snoozed for ten minutes) only because I know that I have an early eye exam and showing up at nine isn't an option. Bluh. My lack of motivation this winter is starting to really drain me.

Out and About

Friday, 9 January 2015 09:49
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I really don't want to get dressed and go out of doors. That seems to be a recurring theme in my life, right now.

I especially don't want it since I realized that I can't wear sneakers and I'd have to lace myself into a pair of boots to withstand the weather. I'd much rather lounge in my pajamas and sweatshirt, waffle on Tumblr, generally let time disappear from under me and stay in the warm, dry house. But checks need to be deposited (I actually was meant to have done this at least a week ago) and I have almost no fruit in the house, and no vegetables at all. So I will finish my morning routine, hopefully before ten, and get off my ass.

Later I will write. Tomorrow I'd like to look at some ongoing works that have been in progress too long and progress one of them a bit, but today I think is a day for disposable twenty minute fic bits. Sort of like the difference between an honest relationship and a flirtation.

There's a lot that I could talk about, but I won't. Not right now. I should write about Yuletide, at the very least. My fic was so wonderfully received, I want to gush about it properly (to someone other than myself).

Adulting Is Hard

Thursday, 2 October 2014 12:21
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My grocery shopping today was both more expensive and heavier than usual. Heavier is because of the various beverages. Expensive might be for the same reason. I'll have to go over the receipt. On the other hand, I just deposited a rent check and set up a transfer from my savings, so I know I can cover it. The only question that remains is whether I'll have a salary to pull at the end of October.

I have a job prospect lined up. The person in charge already told me twice that he wants me for the position. There seem to be an inordinate number of logistical difficulties. I want to be hopeful but I also want to be wary, but most of all I wish for certainty. It has come to light that the uncertainty of the human element is probably the source of most (if not all) of my anxiety.

Also, I love that it gets dark earlier and chilly late at night, but still warm and close-aired and sweaty in midday. And by love I might urgh.

In other news, Skyrim. In compliance with the mandate to be several years behind everyone when it comes to things like this, I started playing it about two weeks ago, when it came on sale for 4.99$. "Price of a cup of coffee" has become my metric for a leisure expense so small that there's no need to sweat it. And so far I've been enjoying it! Smart purchase yay.

I have the draft of a book post saved. Really should have posted it yesterday for Reading Wednesday or whatever.

Little Woes

Monday, 7 July 2014 17:53
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Earlier today I had an idea but I didn't write it down and now it's gone. Also I've been angsting about fandom and politics.

Then I came home and very gratefully received the aid of a well-meaning person in getting my washing machine operational. Well-meaning individual left after determining that the machine worked, and some ten minutes later the dirty water from the short cycle started draining onto my floor. Did I mention that I don't have a new desk yet? The computer chassis was on the floor. Commence emergency mopping.

Now I'm watching the machine with hawk-eyes and once I've ruled it fit for active duty I'm going to commence emergency mopping on myself.
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The snow is at that obnoxious phase where it's melted and frozen back into slippery, neck-breaking ice. And it is cold as fuck and gloomy and depressing. The weather is making me listless and I can't seem to do anything with my afternoons (even though I had a productive morning getting chores done in the city).

Yesterday I did writing and editing and posting, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to complete a major multi-chapter fic by the end of the civil year. One that's been kicking my ass, because it's a fusion with a fable and I'm wildly unqualified for this level of writing. And in first person to boot. At least I have some fallback projects that are more appropriate to my skills.

Tomorrow I will listen to an MIT math lecture and maybe do some Python.
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So here is the state of affairs where I am:

The city is under a massive layer of snow. Major roads (to hospitals etc.) are cleared, trains are leaving the city but not entering it, hundreds of fallen tree limbs and massive snow drifts are blocking most neighborhood streets. It's pretty much a national crisis with home front coming in to back up the snow plows, ambulances, and the electrical company. Two toddlers in uniforms knocked on my parents' door earlier today to ask if we had food and heating.

My parents, last I checked, were one of the last houses on their streets still without power. I spent the whole long weekend there, since they have an oil heater that keeps the whole house warm. We weren't expecting two whole days of no power. My brother and I left late today and I got home about an hour ago -- through the courtesy of a sainted cab driver who wasn't even supposed to be working.

Now I have electricity and internet, a heater in a closed room, tea, and very soon -- hot water for a shower. I have been craving a decent shower for what seems like days. Honestly just being in my own living room has already cheered me up immensely. Once I've showered and changed I think I'll feel so much better.
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Suspected hail, graupel and possibly snow over the (extended) weekend. What a good time to go visit Petra. A coincidence, but a serendipitous one.

Rainy Day

Thursday, 5 December 2013 18:39
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This morning when I woke up I looked out the window and saw that it was cold and rainy. It seemed like a good idea to hole up inside where it's warm and do a little work, some reading, and maybe a little writing. After all I have about a million writing projects and I'm never gonna have free time like this when I'm gainfully employed. Yet somehow the notorious poor weather malaise started creeping in and now I'm just of... full of emotions. Bluh.

On the plus side I worked on getting my virtual machine up and trying to sync it with my local folders so that I can use a GUI text editor. On the minus, I've gotten to the point where I have no idea what I'm doing. Wrestling with this sort of thing is exactly the kind of practice I need, but it's frustrating to do with no team. Most programmers lean on a certain knowledge of the operating system and command line, in which I'm severely lacking. Command line is very nerve-wracking.

But in news of clearly equal importance, I finally have a wildclaw on Flight Rising.


Thursday, 31 January 2013 16:10
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It's 4PM and I studied maybe an hour and a half today.

And I badly want a(nother) nap.

Must be because it's so damn miserable out.

Election Day!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 14:54
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I voted. Now I have an excuse to use a smoochy-making icon. Heh.

I was in a really good mood this morning. I took a hot shower and got dressed, then I went out to vote, and the weather was just fucking beautiful. The sun and the wind were just perfect, I didn't even need my new scarf. I just... walked down to the shopping center, bought some stuff and some foodstuff, and sat and drank a decaff Latte in the sunlight. Then I walked home and opened all the windows.

My apartment is pretty chilly even in pleasantly warm weather. If I had good sense, I'd put my shoes back on and go outside to spend as much time in the sunshine as possible.

Porn Update

Friday, 11 January 2013 10:09
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"Write porn," they said. "It'll make you popular," they said.

Read more... )

In other news, I should probably go out for groceries, but the weather outside is pretty discouraging. I did a turn late last night and the roads were worryingly slushy. Plus, there are fallen trees and stacks of branches blocking the sidewalk at intervals. Weather: 1, flora: 0. Road maintenance in Jerusalem: -25.

Snow Update

Thursday, 10 January 2013 08:18
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Today is a snow day and yet I couldn't fall back asleep. It's still coming down outside in big fluffy flakes. I have plenty of work to research and plenty of porn to write, and also I'm probably gonna need an extended afternoon nap. So I figure I'll start with the porn.

To celebrate almost exactly a month of being coffee-free, I rwarded myself with one (1) aromatic, relaxing, utterly delightful mug of coffee. Also doubles as an experiment to see if my brain goes haywire over the weekend.

Snow Update

Wednesday, 9 January 2013 13:23
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I was getting nervous so I only went to one class today. I have plenty of work, but that can mostly be done at home, properly huddled for warmth. I'll be more productive if I'm warm (I hope).

My legs are cold as fuck from the tips of my toes to about halfway up my thighs. Smart move, not wearing anything under my jeans.

Snow in Jerusalem always leads to a sort of mass panic laced with exhilaration. Especially at uni, where a lot of the students aren't native Jerusalemites. It's a little tempting to play jaded and be all like, "Yawn, seen one snow seen 'em all." I used to be just as excited but somehow living alone has tamped that down pretty hard.


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