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I've been testing out a new writing workshop. Yes, this means I've started writing in Hebrew again. Somewhere along the line I started reading primarily in English and, consequently, writing almost exclusively in English. But I read the autobiography of an author once, an Israeli immigrant, who wrote about losing his mother tongue. Ever since then this has been a persistent existential dread of mine. And so I am writing in Hebrew, again, and I am doing it in a workshop, because I sure as shit can't do it alone.

Last week I finished a first draft to submit to an anthology, and submitted it. Next week I'll reread it and see if I don't hate it. I will likely not find out that it was rejected whether it was accepted for a couple of months, or more. After finishing the draft, I was relieved to the point of ecstasy that I was free from the gnawing anxiety of not finishing to deadline. This led directly to me falling down the rabbit-hole of Sunless Sea which I hadn't played in, I believe, over a year.

And so I may do a proper review of Sunless Sea, now that the game is big and rich and nearly (or wholly?) complete. This is as opposed to the short snap-review that I posted, earlier in the beta process (before the Steel update was introduced). Meanwhile, I'm struggling to keep zee-madness at bay, at least enough to get a consistent night's sleep.
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Every now and then Icon manages to acquire a major international writer as a guest of honor. It always seems like such a great opportunity, but on the other hand, I'm often only faintly familiar with the authors in question and their work. This year was an exception. Having just recently embarked on my career as a professional writer, and being that I'm still struggling with the specific demands of writing proper short stories, this year's guest of honor events seemed too good to miss.

The festival takes place over three days during Sukkot and there are events all day long (and well into the night). Although I decided I couldn't afford to write three full days off for writing, I was adamant that I would make the most and pre-ordered tickets to three evening events. These events were a panel on the subject of "the search for a perfect language", a general short stories panel, and a one-on-one Q&A. Alas, I got ill on the second day and ended up missing the final event (the Q&A) which I was most looking forward to, along with the closing event where awards are announced.

The first panel was very interesting. The subject of language in science fiction is of perennial interest to me, not least because I'm myself bilingual. What I hadn't realized (not being a linguist) is that "perfect language" is actually a quite specific piece of terminology. It describes, as best as I could understand, a language in which it is possible to perfectly express the speaker's intent, without ambiguity. As a writer, obviously this seems like a terrible idea, because without ambiguity literature loses much of its magic. But, as a computer programmer, I'm a lot less worried.

All in all, it was very interesting and I'm very glad I got to hear it.

The second panel was a bit of a mess. I, like some others on the audience (and, I got the impression, also the panel moderator) got the feeling that the two Israeli panelists were dominating the conversation and injecting too many personal references and inner jokes. There was still a lot of interest to listen to, in between arguments about who won the most Geffen awards and short slips into Hebrew. 'Where do you get ideas from?' cropped up but also, more interestingly, some questions that were more about the process of transitioning the raw idea into a story-shaped concept.

I'm still sorry I missed the third event, but glad I went to the ones I did, especially the language panel. I'm even more glad that this gave me a good impetus to look up some of Ted Chiang's short stories online and find out for myself why he's so highly regarded. The stories I read are very high-concept based and feel like a distillation of the core process of creating science fiction. A novel scientific concept, a series of speculations, potential social implications and finally, their impact on the individual human.

A good week, despite my illness.

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While I deal with a comically long chain of tax-related bureaucracy* in order to launch a Patreon account, I also need to start building my website. So I'm reaching out to ask recommendations for these two things:

1. A reliable place to register a .net domain plus hosting.
2. Freeware FTP software.

*Did you really need those six extra vowels, English? Really?
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My daily words analysis claims that I feel "certain" about my writing. I wonder if it's because I worked it out and arrived at a resolution, or whether I cheated and strayed to subjects I feel more confident about.

For the record, Read more... )

Emotions are so unhelpful sometimes.

As a total tangent, I keep looking up synonyms for colors and the word "livid" keeps coming up on wildly different results. I find this more amusing than I probably should. The level of entertainment I can derive from looking through a thesaurus always impresses me.


Tuesday, 29 July 2014 18:17
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Contrary to my crappy mood of the last few days, right now I feel pretty great. I was upbeat and energetic when leaving work (a little agitated maybe) and when I got in I took a shower. Which is a fool-proof mood improver. I think it may be time to pick up the slack on some things I'd let slide (out of pure nonsensical angst).

It might be over-ambitious to want to write today. Elevating expectations beyond what is generally reasonable has been a downfall for me in the past. I do have to take care of some smaller/simpler/more urgent things - making sure I have scripts that aren't expired, and other end-of-month chores, plus replying to emails/messages and maybe a few other things that have slipped my mind.

This morning I tried doing my morning pages in Hebrew. It took 40 minutes - double the usual. I do not find this to be an encouraging sign.
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Aside from the fact that it's super peppy and fun to listen to, this song delights me because the video has several gentlemen and a lady putting on elaborate drag, and well, it's about a man who loves his girlfriend. I mean, the lyrics are all about how amazing she is, how he loves all the little things she does, he thinks about her all the time, he likes doing little things for her, etc. etc.


Saturday, 12 October 2013 15:02
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Words to avoid when titling a novel: light, dark, shadow, chronicles, king.

How Odd

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 17:34
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Every so often, I'm surprised (again!) to find that I still read much more quickly and efficiently in Hebrew than I do in English, even after fifteen or so years. Even with my notes, in which the Hebrew is interspersed with many technical biological terms. Should it really make a difference? I don't know, but it does.

I'm sinking into that exam season funk where, no matter how much I study, it feels like I should be doing more. It would be easier to shake if I could point out to myself that I am, in fact, studying quite a lot, but that's hard to accomplish when I'm so preemtively dispirited. Conversely, it's harder to convince myself that fewer hours of more high quality studying are preferable, without believing that I'm cutting myself too much slack.

Basically, it's like one of my RL friends said: Even if my intellect is suited to a life of academia, every other part of me isn't.
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While solving an exercise in cognitive psychology, it occurred to me (for no good reason!) that there's no proper English word for פרשיה. I mean, you could use "affair" or "scandal" or various other synonyms, but I don't think any specific word can capture all the connotations put together, not to mention the equanimity I associate with the word. Well, the latter probably has more to do with contemporary Israeli politics than anything else.

Anyway I am wearing a hat with bunny ears and looking up articles on habituation. Also I have not yet caught up to the most recent episode of Lost Girl, I think I'll wait till Monday after lab/pilates and watch two in a row, that's always nice. Watching a Canadian show means you have something to do even when the US quits everything to do Thanksgiving shopping (I assume that's why all the US shows didn't have anything new this week). Nothing can be bad when you have chamomile tea.

ETA: Shit that font looks terrible bold.
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When you pluralize names, do you use the same rules as pluralizing nouns? For example, if a name ends in a 'y', do you pluralize it with an 'ies'?

(If you think about it, using the plural of a surname to refer to a family as a collective is pretty odd.)
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There are so many Things going on that I have to post even though I should be studying. Perhaps I'll intersperse my observations through this post?

So, Game of Thrones. I have so many thoughts, so many. My main two are: I can smell bait; and, way to hang a cliff, jackasses. How do I make it through the next almost a year until season two happens? Assuming they can bring about such an elaborate production for a regular, yearly season. Good thing I have other fandoms to distract myself with, I could never deal with fandom monogamy.

So much rambling. )

Well, this is already ludicrously long enough, rambling enough, and took *glances* over an hour to put together, so I'm just gonna hide most of this behind a cut and go ahead and post it.

Studying, I Swear

Wednesday, 15 June 2011 14:40
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So it is study time and I have a new computer. This one doesn't have Microsoft Office on it, but instead has the open source package OppenOffice.org. This would be the third or so time I've tried conforming to using OO instead of MS Office. It's not easy.

This time, however, I downloaded a word doc of experimental terminology from the internet, and when I realized it was aligned to the right but the text flow of LTR, I took the time to defeat the monster consult sources and figure out where the necessary language feature is so cunningly hidden. Victory!

Apparently Hebrew uses "Complex Text Layout (CTL)". Piffle.

Words I Need

Tuesday, 14 June 2011 11:46
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Sometimes I need words even though they don't technically exist. Doesn't everyone?

(This will remain a protected entry until after [community profile] junetide reveals.)

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Writing is fun. Sometimes.

Olamot 2011

Tuesday, 19 April 2011 18:06
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So the theme for this year's sci-fi con, starting tomorrow, is time. The schedule looks pretty cool, my brother and I will probably be there all day tomorrow and most of Thursday.

These comics and SFF conventions have become a reliable touchpoint for me with Israeli SFF fandom, which is pretty cool. I still have no idea when the third book of the Whale of Babylon series is coming out, though. For all I know, it may never come out. D:D:D:

Anyway, if I ever get around to writing one of my ridiculous Hebrew fantasy ideas, it's good to know that I'll have someone to talk to about it. Specter Valley can't lie dormant forever, it would be so wrong.

Associating holidays with new comics is nice, even though I'm horribly behind on my comics reading.


Thursday, 28 October 2010 14:16
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Via [personal profile] marina, via [personal profile] nextian:

Give me a fandom and I'll tell you my trollships for it: who's my OTP, who's my favorite hatemance, who's my favorite BFF pair, and who's my favorite threesome.

Trollships are apparently this. I gotta say, "moirail" is one of those words I didn't know I needed.

For a liberal interpretation of my fandoms, my profile interests are usually fairly up to date. Then again, anything I mentioned under tags books, tv, movies etc. is fair game.
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You know what the best Hebrew title for an urban fantasy book is?

It's not a trick question. )

Haha, Dr. S just said that crystallizing proteins is dark magic, not science. Word for word. How are my lecturers this year so much more awesome than last year?


Thursday, 26 August 2010 23:22
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My knowledge of physics is dramatically set back by my inconsistent ability to tell the difference between lowercase rho and sigma.


Tuesday, 6 April 2010 17:04
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In my quest to find a palatable urban fantasy series (which reminds me, I should post a proper review of Succubus Blues), I got to thinking: I keep saying I'd love to see urban fantasy set somewhere other than Britain and the US, but what would a book like that be like? Trying to imagine an urban fantasy is the classic model, but set in Israel, is making my brain cramp up. Sure, it could be awesome, but it could also be just plain weird, and not in a good way. Hebrew is an odd language to write fantasy in.


Saturday, 6 March 2010 11:42
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Manbat, the winged avenger. No Hebrew necessary to understand (I think). Also not this Man-Bat.


Tuesday, 2 March 2010 11:19
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Re: Electricity and, allegedly, optics.

Dear Dr. I,

You, dear sir, are living in a movie.

No love,

What the hell are you talking about?

P.S. I am leaving you for Walter Lewin of MIT.


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