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Casil has immersed herself fully in a flawed understanding of disability that I tend to think of as the “character balance” fallacy. In a tabletop RPG, character types are generally written to be balanced, so that each player will have a fun and interesting experience. A swordfighter might be better at up-close combat but vulnerable to magical attacks, for example, while a mage might have the ability to shoot long-distance firebolts but be unable to wear much armor. Ideally, characters have equal advantages and disadvantages. Some games even have systems where you can “buy” advantages with disadvantages. Want more points to spend on more impressive spells? Find something that will make your character’s life more difficult, and maybe you can make that work.

Excerpted from Human flaws and disability: NOT the same thing by Tili Sokolov, because it struck me that it was an unusual but apropos perspective. I got there via Jim Hines' No, We’re Not All Disabled, a very even-toned takedown of the original blog post in question. Note that the original post, which Hines quotes extensively, is the kind of ablist bullshit that makes a weird vein pop in my forehead, so. Content note to those who don't need that toxicity in their lives on a Friday afternoon.

Now this just reminds me that I need to write more about "how (not to) write disability" and I've been putting it off.
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Since I'm not blabbing details or intending to talk (type?) anyone's ears off, this is a public game progress post, not a filtered one. (If you want in on my game-writing filter now's the time to comment and ask.)

I wrote on the ongoing game last week and today. I hope to keep working on it later this week, even as I step up the studying for exam period. Studying entire solid days didn't so much for me last time I tried it.

This game is, to remind, a "skeletal" text only version of the story in question, with much of the potential features left undeveloped or left out altogether. The idea being, if I can complete a fully-formed narrative branching story that makes sense, and people play it, and enjoy it... then I can consider making it into a visual novel.

Because visual novels require art, and music, and other assets. And that requires more work, and work of different kinds. And probably hiring an artist, since that's what most game writers seem to do. At least, as far as I can tell. And I can't risk doing any of that unless I know that I'm capable of creating a branching story.

So I am writing in Twine, because that requires only the skills that I have. Although the style of writing needed is different from most of what I've done so far, so there's still a lot to develop and learn. What I've done on Twine so far is much lighter, smaller and more humorous, not counting an unfinished story that I started on a whim and never did any planning for.

My twines are stored here on, the great fee Twine repository. So far they consist of two simple games that operate exactly like programming homework assignments -- which is good news! Basically looping game algorithms with very little writing or code. I have a longer (humorous) story that I created for workshop, which I am in the process of translating into English. When I'm done I will put up both versions, if only so that my page looks less lonely.

If there is an intermediate between the unicorn games and the size of game I'm working on now, I don't know what it is. Yet.
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This version is which links. It's like the fangirl trash equivalent of a bucket list.

This is literally an HTML table of 7KPP shipping options. That's it. )


Jan. 23rd, 2016 05:48 pm
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I slept away the morning, spent the afternoon eating "breakfast" and catching up on TV, and now the early evening is dedicated to talking down my stress levels. There's a lot going on. I'm not very good at dealing with so many things in parallel.

Next week it's supposed to snow in Jerusalem. It's an inconvenient time for me because I need to get to Tel Aviv and back twice this week, and while I do have the option of staying in Tel Aviv that might be... complicated. Also, I have open university assignments due tonight and tomorrow, after having put them off far more than was reasonable -- because there was so much going on.

But hey, the premiere of The 100 was great.
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I wonder if it's time, yet, to stop avoiding the clouds of dust that came in with the cold weather yesterday. I've been a bit leery about leaving the house, wondering what can be put off and what can't.

Today I am finding it hard to get started.

Yesterday, at least, I did some translation work. And a laundry. And I think I washed my hair, too? Anyway, today I'm just trying to figure out if I have a headache or I'm just listless.

Currently I am reading One Salt Sea, which is the fifth or sixth October Daye book. There are already about nine or ten out, and I'd like to catch up. Also, mermaids. Hee hee.
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I read Sorcerer to the Crown, beginning to end, in under three days. Not a usual occurrence for me, not since my high school years. There's a particular joy to be had in devouring a book and not being able to set it down, and this is exactly the sort of book you want for this type of adventure. Light without being frothy, romantic without being cloying, and effortlessly funny. My favorite stories are the ones that have well-balanced measures of comedy, drama and action. It's a pretty difficult trick, but I think this book manages it remarkably.

Read more... )

Sorcerer to the Crown came highly recommended to me (from various sources), but I can honestly say that it exceeded my expectations. An instant classic, and one that I'm certain I'll want to reread on a regular basis.

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I submitted another story today. Something pretty low-key, I had a story ready that just needed some hefty editing. Fortunately I keep a Word doc full of submission opportunities and their deadlines so now I can set myself another deadline. Since working under crunch time seems to be the only way to force myself to consistently produce new material.

I am still waiting to hear back from another publisher about another submission, and I have some feedback material I have put off going through while I was in an editing haze. And next week I am (hopefully) starting a part time temp job, which will take one load off my mind.

My most recent review got some pretty good attention! This pleases me a lot. I, uh. I also finished reading Sorcerer to the Crown. Yeah. Yes, it took about three days, maybe less. Thoughts forthcoming, of course, and I also have a post about Solstice due once I've edited it to my satisfaction. Also, I'd really like to post it on the day of release.
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The Traitor Baru Cormorant is a secondary world fantasy novel, taking place in an unmagical world dominated by a sprawling colonial empire.

Baru Cormorant is a brilliant native child, taken from her family by the Empire of Masks in order to be raised in a residential school on Imperial values. Her voracious mind devours everything they teach her, mathematics and astronomy at the price of doctrine and propaganda. Read more... )

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First, you are awesome for doing this and I'm guaranteed to love anything you make for me. Because I love presents and this is my favorite holiday.

Some general notes: General notes on gifts. )

These fandoms are tiny and I would adore literally anything you make for them: Read more... )

The Traitor/Baru Cormorant )

Game fandoms )

Killjoys/The 100 )

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens )
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Oh my invisible pink unicorn, it's been a good fic crop this year.

Six fics in six fandoms. )

There is more that I haven't gotten to/finished yet, but is bookmarked for later perusal.

And of course!

I participated in Yuletide for the second time this year. )


Jan. 6th, 2016 04:02 pm
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Sorcerer to the Crown. Next on my reading list. \o/
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And so, 2015 is over. It's been an interesting year. I'm not certain whether I can comfortably look back on 2015, but I feel confident in saying that I look forward to 2016, and that's no mean feat. My writing goals for the past seven months have mainly been "write!" and so it's difficult for me to assess how well I've met them. I accepted some new challenges and took some new risks.

Charting my monthly writing progress. )

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Officially signed up for linear algebra next semester. Starting early March.

Not sure what I'll do in the summer "semester" (intro to logic?) but next year is infy. Which I am so looking forward to.

I'm not saying I'm not scared, but so far it doesn't look like I'm going to fail discrete. So it's possible it won't be a disaster?

Hello 2016

Jan. 3rd, 2016 11:52 am
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Year, we got off to a rough start. I acknowledge this. I'm not sure how I feel about you just yet, but I am willing to give you a chance.

Tomorrow, my 2015 writing retrospective will go up on the WordPress blog. I will probably crosspost it here. It has charts! And numbers! And colors!

I also have some Yuletide recs that I've been gradually accumulating. I will post them once I've grown a spine and read the reviews on my own story.

Meanwhile I'm drafting a review for Solstice.
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The main problem I've had so far with Cards Against Humanity is that a lot of the jokes are really super-specific culturally.


Cards against humanity - Israeli homebrew edition.
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Yesterday I finally put down a full first draft of the "gill-growing virus" story I was stewing over last week. I printed it out for the workshop and I'm hoping I can get some feedback on it. Having a compete story in Hebrew that I'm pleased with will be refreshing.

I am still behind schedule for school, and starting to wonder whether doing things at the last minute motivates me and I should just accept it and stop stressing about not having things figured out in advance.

So far today I have reread and typed up some of the workshop stuff from November, and I'm rereading some fairy tales too, for inspiration. I still intend to get some writing done in the afternoon, despite waffling most of the morning away for no apparent reason.
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Link-worthy stories that I found in my internet trawling:

Three Partitions, psychic third-gender alien planet colonization... in an Orthodox Jewish colony. By Bogi Takács, a very unusual author of whom I'd never heard, before this week.

Telling the Bees. Ursula Vernon, I assume, needs no introduction.
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Yuletide deadline has come and gone and I am still ambivalent about my submission. However, it meets all the qualifications and it represents my very best efforts, so that will simply have to do. Saturday ought to be interesting. I've also been keeping an eye on the list of fandoms and it seems we're in for an interesting year's haul -- although still no Dutch/Delle Seyah that I can see. Tragically.

Today and yesterday I've been feeling ill and so I fell behind on writing. However, I did sign up for a newsletter that keeps me appraised of paying jobs. I am also looking more locally at translation and proof-reading. I'm not a professional editor to be sure, but I think I can still monetize my English skills.

Best news of all, after many ups and downs I have completed my first game written in Twine, a JavaScript engine for browser-based hypertext stories/games. I used my blog's Twitter account to sign up for, a site that archives Twine games. Now I have a profile that lists my one game: Box of Unicorns, a short and silly game about collecting unicorns and putting them in a box.

This game took over six hours to write and you can play through the whole thing in roughly fifteen seconds.
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Answer: Nothing. Everything is on hiatus.

Shows that are actually around between now and March )

Shows that will be back with the hares and the hatters. )

And, well, yeah, I should probably possibly catch up on the last bits of Haven. Or not? Maybe not.


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