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On Monday evening I returned home from a grueling evening class, intending to "just quickly" check my social media before turning in. Now, normally I am a lot less active on Twitter than I am on Tumblr, but I like to check in and make sure that my account has something on it other than links to my blog posts. It was on this occasion that I discovered the hashtag #OwnYourOwn.

Own Your Own was started by the YA lit blog Interrobang and championed by Kaye M., a Muslim American YA writer and intersectional feminist activist. Read more... )

Back on Track

Friday, 17 June 2016 13:07
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Keeping up with writing is difficult in this last stretch of the semester, but I think I'm managing. For most of the spring and late winter I have not succeeded in keeping track of my monthly word counts. Now I'm trying to get that back up and running while I am making progress on that one game, and also up to here with editing. On stories that I'm not always sure whether they are any good or not, but that's the writer's life for you.

And today I took a couple of stories that have been sitting semi-neglected, and sent them out to previously unexplored publishers. One of the markets I'd set my eye on (during my writing night on Tuesday) was ruled out because of an issue theme. I'll have to look into that, too.

Good times.


Tuesday, 14 June 2016 21:39
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Progress today: I determined that the soul story is capital-b Broken and needs to be set aside indefinitely. I selected two magazines to submit my existing finished stories to. I found an anthology with a deadline that has a prompt that might interest me, to write a new story for.

Not from tonight, but also important: I have a pretty solid lead on an ending for one of my other unfinished stories.

Fairy Tales

Sunday, 12 June 2016 12:26
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My gay time traveling fairy story got rejected from SH for their queer mega-issue and now I have to decide where to submit it next. Or, you know. Whether to hold it back and try to put it through another round of revisions.

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016 19:21
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Apparently I'd managed to forget that lab reports were part of the reason I'd dropped out to begin with.
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This evening it suddenly seemed reasonable to keep a chart tracking the hit counts on all my games.

Both if the new ones are doing well: 38 and 35 hits, and they've been out about a week.
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This week was the one year anniversary of my becoming a full-time writer (in mentality if not in paycheck). Looking back on the good and the bad is sobering. On the one hand, I did not produce as many stories as I would have liked, or expected. My quality of end product is lacking. On the other hand, I can look back on a work of original fiction that I posted a year ago (Hail the Hunter) and think, "wow! that was a long time ago."

I consider that last one to be a pro. Read more... )

This subject is emotional to me, so most of the above is probably a meaningless mess of words. I will look back at it late rand be probably horrified. I just need to get it out right now, because it's been gnawing on my mind.
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Escape to Princess, a CYOA where you play Narnia for grownups, because being a grownup sucks.

Why Aren't You Happy?, where you play a weird little dragon/princess courtship game.

Both also posted to the AO3, and there's a blog post queued for my main blog as well. I feel good about this.
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As part of an ongoing effort to assess the strength of my self-promotion, I decided that the only way to keep track of the enduring popularity of my text games is to document it, probably on a roughly weekly basis.

Lots of dull numbers behind the cut )

Next time I will do this is the form of a table for convenience's sake.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 17:41
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What happens is, I think I’m leaving work at a reasonable hour because I’m keyed up and I feel pretty energetic. I go home and on the way I think of all the things I’ll Do. Then I get home and feel myself fading. Feel, in fact, that I had been fading for a while and didn’t notice. And now it’s quarter to six. I have a homework assignment due tonight. If I don’t send it in my life will become Very Complicated Indeed. I am so very tired, but nervous to lie down in case resting/napping will just make me groggy and irritable. There is precedent for this.

At least, I can remind myself, there is always an option of just cutting my losses on this semester and moving on.
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One of the disclaimers at last night's workshop wrap-up was "we don't analyze personalities at the workshop, but..."

I have a problem with endings. I am not certain what the core of the problem is, other than always being drawn like an insect to The New Shiny. I can recall that I have been, for years now, elated every time I managed to complete anything longer than a one-shot. Some of my proudest points as a fic writer have been multi-chapter fics that I managed to herd into an ending, satisfying or otherwise. Not epics, not novel-length fics. Not those stories that are points of pride for us as a subculture. Just... finished stories.

The Golem of Denerim. A Hold. Stars Shine Above. One older story from a defunct fandom that I never migrated into my AO3. These have served as my markers that I am capable of writing something that resembles a short story, with a plot that progresses and characters that experience growth. These are good stories and I still love them. Why can't I do this again?

At the end of this month, there is a deadline for the 2016 yearly SFF publication. It's not that there aren't other avenues to submit stories in Hebrew, because there are. But those deadlines, the deadlines are like catnip to me. I need them because I need something that forces me to hustle. I mark them in bright orange on my digital calendar, so that when I sit down to write, I always have a ready answer for "what are we working on today?"

Today I am taking a break from short stories. Not least because I have other deadlines looming, and because I had a late day yesterday and will have another one tomorrow. But the morning is still dedicated to writing, in one way or another. Whether I'm debugging a script for a Twine game or listening to writing podcasts, this is the thing that fills my mind most of the time.

And I have my morning words, which I am making more of an effort to get done... in the morning. I was up to a streak of fifty days and then I got distracted and broke it. Bluh. Morning words are helpful, they give some structure.
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A few weeks ago, I posted to Tumblr a link to a game I wrote in Twine. Well, not exactly a game. This Twine story contains images of the Minor Arcana, the lesser-known component of the Tarot deck. The code allows you to select random cards and arrange them in one of three different ways, the better to exploit Tarot's rich history of symbolism as an aid to characterization.

Normally when I use Tarot cards, they serve primarily as a handy go-to source of writing prompts, perfect for little warm-up exercises when I'm having difficulty revving up the writer's engine. Read more... )

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Thursday, 12 May 2016 15:11
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I am not actually happy with that review but today has been one of those days and something needed to happen.
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One of the delightful things that happened at Olamot Con 2016 is that I happened upon a copy of the first Rat Queens TPB at one of the stands. The name rang a bell, so I flipped through it and eventually surrendered to temptation and took it home with me. This title has been vaguely on my radar for a while, but the scarcity of comic book stores and my general disengagement with the medium produced an obstacle of availability. What am I gonna say, there is so much entertainment media out there, you have to work hard to catch and keep readers' attention.

Conventions, however, exist to circumvent the barriers that make mass media vastly more available for consumption than more niche markets, and I took full advantage of this fact. I bought the first two TPBs, covering Rat Queens #1-#10, and a full story arc with a satisfying conclusion. Frankly, that's already more than most comics can boast.

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My Level Best

Sunday, 8 May 2016 16:05
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In two hours I have class. Tomorrow night I also have class, and it's a prep session for the hand-on lab next week. which means I need to have my pre-lab report (and one other piece of homework) ready and printed to put in the instructor's hand. And I need to be early. It will be a fun day. And next week will be a fun week.

Meanwhile: on the advice of my wiritng workshop's coach, I started listening to the "Writing Excuses" podcast on my commute. Today I was listening to an episode about polytheism in fantasy from last year (transcript) and it struck something. Some of the issues around religion and fantasy have been niggling on me for a while, now. The cast links to a tool called the belief system generator. I think I will use today's writing time (or a portion of it, anyway) to test it out.

Right now.
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This is a story of how Person of Interest worked three long seasons to earn its surveillance dystopia, when other shows of the genre failed to show their work.

This week, Person of Interest returns to the screens for its fifth and final season. After a four season emotional roller-coaster, fans are eager but understandably apprehensive about the conclusion. No one promised us a happy end. In fact, as the show wore on, it became clear that its premise, which initially relied on crime drama with a thin dusting of ambiguous sci-fi, had become radically transformed. Viewers entering the fourth season now knew that the show's world presents a freshly budding dystopia dominated by a conscious and independent artificial intelligence.

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Diversity and representation have been climbing up the public agenda of late. When it comes to writing disabled characters, there are a few recurring pitfalls that I’d like to address.

Be Specific

You want to write a disabled character. First, you need to know what their disability is. “In a wheelchair” is not a disability. A wheelchair is a mobility aid, one of several different kinds available to the mobility-impaired. That’s your character, by the way. Did you mean, perhaps, that your character is paraplegic? Paralysis due to traumatic spinal injury is, again, one of many conditions that require or warrant the use of a wheelchair. Are you certain that you want your character to be paraplegic? True, this is the thing that most abled people think about (or avoid thinking about) when conjuring the mental image of a wheelchair. However, it is far from the only reason for someone to use a wheelchair.

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This essay is not an encyclopedia; it’s barely an introduction. I hope, however, that it has given its readers some food for thought, for engaging with their own writing as well as the media they consume.

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I wrote like a thousand words this morning. Like. Yeah. A thousand-plus super-gay words about super-gay fairies and time-travelers.

So yeah, I guess maybe the holiday weekend is getting off to a good start.


Thursday, 21 April 2016 11:01
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Passover was approaching with giant, menacing steps and I didn't even have time to make a post about it before it got here and now it's basically here OMG.

Holidays are stress, everyone knows that. I basically have two modes, 'I have to worry about that' and 'I don't have to worry about that yet'. The problem is, once something gets slotted into the second category, it tends to get stuck and stay there too long, until it bubbles up to 'I have to worry about that RIGHT NOW' or 'it's too late to worry about that'. Which sucks.

My medical chores went poorly so that's another things I have to worry about again. And it's the holidays, which means I have to carry all of my mother's stress in addition to my own. And my apartment is so dirty because I am always too tired to clean.

Now I have to choose to forget everything so that I can spend the rest of the morning writing.


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