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It helps me think. But there always seems to be too damn much going on, and I always seem to be criminally behind on something.

I took my one and only exam for the semester and it went remarkably well. I am cautiously optimistic about my grade, which I won't find out for a while yet. My next semester starts in late March, a little more than two weeks from now. Much more intimidating, because it's one of the more notorious branches of mathematics. It's a CS requirement, though, and I think a face-to-face class will force me to pay more attention to the lectures, compared to sitting on my sofa and watching the lecture through the computer. Still, it's another shot for my "get ahead of the material in case you fall behind later" plan, which has never yet quite succeeded as intended.

Work-wise I have deadlines and more responsibilities and I'm sitting with the rest of my team instead of in a separate cubicle, so there's progress there. I work hard to get in enough hours a month, not only to stay on top of my workload but also because I get paid by the hour. Working in an office is still a struggle because at a certain point the fluorescent lights and over-exposure to smells etc. starts to wear me down. Bug generally I'm keeping up and getting good feedback.

Writing is exciting. I submitted a short story today. I've been trying to put it together from an idea that surfaced unexpectedly, part-way into outlining a totally different piece for the same deadline. That other piece is partly drafted but still languishing. I also have a rejected piece that I need to decide whether/to whom to submit next. In game writing I did FFS Jam and it was pretty great, but ow I'm losing momentum in the journey to polish the alpha to perfection. And now March is starting and I'm on a team doing NaNoRenO.

More on that last part, probably tomorrow.

I have to remember that writing down everything I'm doing not only reminds me of everything I'm behind on, but also everything I've accomplished. When I describe my life to other people, it sounds a lot better than it does in my head.


Tuesday, 14 February 2017 10:57
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So, rumor has it that some people other than me entered their games into FFS Jam on so here are some carefully curated links to that for your entertainment.

1. Penguin Quest, a cute and silly game about a penguin looking for friends on their birthday so they don't have to celebrate alone. It's definitely in the style of something, but don't ask me what. Browser playable.

2. Corgi Snow Day is exactly what it sounds like, a fluffy cuddle game to brighten your day and warm your heart. It's ultra-short, so I would recommend playing it every morning before getting out of bed.

3. Mao's Adventure, an exceptionally weird game that has to be experienced first-hand.

4. Nature of Colors and Shapes is a strange little puzzle game that involves dragging colorful blobs in certain trajectories. I found it soothing to play.
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So rating closed on FFS. At first I was a little disappointed with my game's performance but eventually I realized it's a pretty small jam, and lots of other submissions didn't get many ratings. I didn't expect to get rated very well because the crux of the game is the writing and that's not even really a category. I did get some friendly comments, though, which was nice to see. And posting about it on Twitter generated surprisingly much traffic. Someone even downloaded it, although why you'd download something that's just an HTML file I will never know.

Now I'm looking for an editor. Rather, I'm still looking for an editor.
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I have the possibility of a new project in the works for probably March, and it's making me nauseatingly excited right now.

Life Update

Tuesday, 7 February 2017 12:09
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My coworkers have learned of my migraines this week and I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. In every other respect work is pretty good.

I'm looking into finding a new primary care physician, but for unrelated reasons.

The alpha of Wreath of Roses, my secondary world fantasy intrigue text game, will most likely stay up on for another week (because I might as well make the date a little symbolic). After that it goes back into "in development" mode while I (continue to) search for an editor. I would like to get it as good as it can be, and I'm also interested in commissioning a new logo by a more experienced graphic artist. Mainly I've been looking on the Lemma Soft forum, home of all things both gamey and narrative-y.

Otherwise things are good. I'm conflicted between plugging on with the short stories I have in progress, versus trying to come up with a new (more modest) game concept. I took a look at my page when I was doing some promotion, and I haven't posted a new game in ages. I miss it a little. But then, there are other things to consider. Writing is hard.

Anyway, if you wanna play WOR and don't mind the typos and assorted blemishes, definitely do it now.

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Friday, 3 February 2017 09:04
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I made the decision of publishing WOR and leaving it openly accessible for at least the ten day period of FFS Jam's ranking, so that's it's available for other jam participants to play. I still want to edit and test it further. I am also seriously considering whether I should put a price on it, or at least a recommended donation. Not before I get it edited, I think. If I'm going to charge for a text game, even if it's less than a piece of prose the same length would cost, I want to be sure it's as polished as it can be.
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After about fifteen months in development, and twelve months of actual writing, Wreath of Roses is actually finished. That is to say, the first version is complete and it was submitted to's Finally Finish Something (FFS) jam. Right now it's marked as in-progress which means it's access restricted. I don't want to make it public at 11:45 PM, that doesn't seem sensible. But now is the jam's deadline.

Once I've gotten a little extra distance I'll be able to decide whether it should go public or if it needs more work (professional editing, better graphics). The link to the game is here, and according to's guidelines I ought to be able to generate keys that allow access to the game.

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Saturday, 28 January 2017 12:30
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It's amazing how some shows can be, like, not even about politics at all. And yet there are all these deeply ingrained assumptions, and they're buried so deep if you even mention them people look at you like you've grown a second head.

I watched one episode of Limitless. I'm not sure why, I was just looking for something mind-numbing and it happened to be there. I can't even put a finger on what pisses me off about this show. Rather, I'm not sure I could trace out every last thing about this show that so, so irredeemably messed up. And I'm not even talking about the broken facts, or the infuriating repetition of the whole "100% of your brain" myth.

Still, it's much more comfortable than being angry about other things, and it is the weekend.
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On most work days, I liven up my commute by listening to podcasts. They’re easy to listen to, because I can drift in and out of focus without too much trouble, and put together whatever I miss from context. Listening to audio fiction isn’t so easy. I need to focus on every word, or the thread of the plot is lost, and my enjoyment of the words themselves is lessened. I listen to short fiction on audio only rarely, and then only to very short things, twenty minutes or less. Still, I’ve found some remarkable stories online. These are three of them.

That hilariously short attention span aside, and ignoring for a second that sometimes depression prevents me from focusing on anything interesting, I like listening to short stories on audio on my phone. While waiting for the bus, on my commute, on lunch breaks, on the line at the supermarket… wherever I can squeeze in those twenty minutes of peace.

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After having been playing it pretty regularly for about a month and a half, I believe I might finally be ready to make my review of Kisses and Curses. There are 5-6 routes (depending on how you count) and I played two of them to the end, then quit halfway through another. Now I'm dipping my toes into a fourth with hopes of clarifying something about the reasons why I DNFed the last one. I've been trying to review this game for ages so getting this out of my system will be real nice.

In other game news, I made a thread for Wreath of Roses on the Lemma Soft forums, the mythological birthplace of so many OEL visual novels and dating sims. My concerns about text games and game writing and etc. are more or less validated, but it's okay.

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Thursday, 19 January 2017 16:25
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Yesterday I had such a productive day, but today my head hurts and I don't want to do anything. D:
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And not just because it's supposed to be the book I want to see in the world. And not just because I can't help but think that it's my responsibility to make that book happen, for other people.

The set-up goes something like this: Read more... )
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The game's full title is Niche: a Genetics Survival Game, and thank Darwin fish for that, because "niche game" is the worst Google search term in history.

Anyhoo. Niche is an eco-bio-something sim that charges the player with raising a pack of vague mammalian critters, collecting food, breeding, fighting off predators, and exploring their surroundings. The game world's science is a biological grab-bag of sorts. Differently colored tiles represent different "biomes" with different physical characteristics. Each critter has its own genome, where some traits divide to dominant versus recessive, and others mix interestingly, like fur color. A "mutation menu" lets the player pick specific traits to introduce into their newly-bred nichelings, rolling the dice and letting the odds determine the outcome. "Immunity genes" exist to discourage consanguinity. Later in the game's life cycle, "alpha/beta" status for critters was also introduced.

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Sunday, 8 January 2017 22:45
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Oh hi I am fairly tipsy and extremely emotional my father turned eighty we had a party and I almost cried? a few times? but he was so happy.

I need sleep.

...I feel old, a little.
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An annotated guide to my Purimgifts 2017 request:

Part 1 - Fandoms

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Part 2 - Additional Tags

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Part 3 - Rating

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Part 4 - Archive Warnings

Read more... )

Part 5 - Additional Details

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I'm always happy with what I get, but sometimes I respond to the fics late because of anxiety issues. If it's been a day or two and I haven't commented yet, that definitely doesn't mean I didn't read and love the story, just that I'm anxious that day.
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I am very glad that I managed, somewhere along the way, to master the skill of not jumping down the throat of a new creative idea as soon as it occurs to me. Instead, I let it sit for a while and try to figure out if it's really as shiny and exciting as it first seemed, especially in relation to how much of an effort it's going to require.

So I sat on the portal fantasy idea for a while. I'm glad I did. It seemed at first to be a wonderfully flexible idea that would allow me to combine concept from secondary world fantasy with some of what you get when you write urban/contemporary/masquerade fantasy. With the benefit of a little breathing space, though, I'm not sure that I could maintain interest in it for long enough to make the project worthwhile.

Right now my writing goals plate is pretty full, and I have work and school on top of that, plus all the ordinary stuff of living. And I have a list of deadlines to which I can aspire, which will push me to create new original material. I'm on track. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

Lumberjanes Vol. 1

Wednesday, 4 January 2017 15:00
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My fall's reading has been not nearly so prolific as the summer or spring had been. Since Icon wrapped up in October, I still haven't finished the small pile of graphic novels sitting on my shelf, gazing at me, forlorn. NaNoWriMo happened and I was focused on trying to break barriers in my own writing and, frankly, November had been a rough month for everyone.

It's a good thing I started out with Lumberjanes, then. This comics series, bound up in four-issue trade paperbacks, hovers somewhere between young adult and middle grade. Though nominally a fantasy adventure book, it's a little more unrestrained in its fantastical exploration than I'm used to seeing in YA. The art style is vibrant and compelling, but the human figures are stylized enough that the age of the protagonists stays ambiguous. The summer camp environment and the bright and cheery atmosphere give it an overall middle grade vibe.

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Lumberjanes is a delightfully chaotic adventure, and I recommend it heartily to anyone looking for something bright and beautiful to read.

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I mentioned I want to write a new universe. I think I know what kind of universe I want to create. I'd kind of rather not do it alone but, well.

What I'm thinking about right now is a portal fantasy world, except a couple of generations forward. A world for the descendants of Earth children who just... refused to return home.
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Checking my blog, I realize it's not simple to immediately catalog how many blog posts I wrote in 2016. With a little more effort, I can say that 2016 brought twelve review posts, nine writing posts, four general meta posts, and four admin posts. More specifically, two "con report" posts, one each for Olamot and Icon, and two posts marking NaNoWriMo.

Cut for a whole lot of blather. )


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