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A few weeks ago I went through a small impromptu historical romance binge. I'm not sure why. Every so often I think to myself that, even though I'm the most non-romantic person I know, I should really get in on this romance novel thing. Support women writers and etc. A few years back this led to me reading Lord of Scoundrels which I quite liked, despite it pinging any number of my f/m cold zones (not actually squicks, just things that immediately disappoint me when I see them).

This time was a mixed bag.

The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLean: I actually posted about this while I was reading it. I enjoyed about 90% of the book and then toward the end it fell apart. Read more... )

Silk Is for Seduction by Loretta Chase: The best of the bunch, and the best-suited to my particular taste. Read more... )

Three Weeks With Lady X by Eloisa James: Involves a heroine with trust issues and abandonment issues, so you'd think it would be pretty much up my alley. Read more... )

I feel pretty comfortable recommending SIFS to the semi-discerning reader of relaxing candy books. I still have a small list of some others that I might want to try some day (searching "cold bitchy heroine" on a review site is not very effective). But for right now I have a deep romance fatigue.

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Monday, 8 August 2016 21:33
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Trying to get into romance novels is always such a pain because I am hilariously picky about romantic arcs and romance novels rely on such specific assumptions and explanations. Once you're a reader deep in the genre certain things just become invisible to you. Also, I don't always know what search terms I should be using.

Also, I'm utterly apathetic to contemporary romance. If I'm gonna be reading a romance, there better be a fucking robot or unicorn or something, or at least people being English a while ago. Not like the contemporaries are meaningfully "people like me", and that's not what I look for in fiction, anyway. Identification, I mean.

I'm always looking for the ice queen heroines but they seem to be hiding.
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I read historical romances once in a blue moon, when I have a craving for three hundred pages of their particular brand of frustration. Earlier in the weekend I picked one up on half a whim and have been tearing through it ever since. With some breaks.

Pro: crossdressing, briefly.

Con: heroine has that obnoxious protagonistic habit of insisting, over and over, that she's not pretty.

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I read Sorcerer to the Crown, beginning to end, in under three days. Not a usual occurrence for me, not since my high school years. There's a particular joy to be had in devouring a book and not being able to set it down, and this is exactly the sort of book you want for this type of adventure. Light without being frothy, romantic without being cloying, and effortlessly funny. My favorite stories are the ones that have well-balanced measures of comedy, drama and action. It's a pretty difficult trick, but I think this book manages it remarkably.

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Sorcerer to the Crown came highly recommended to me (from various sources), but I can honestly say that it exceeded my expectations. An instant classic, and one that I'm certain I'll want to reread on a regular basis.

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Browsing free romance e-book summaries is endlessly more satisfying when Jailbreak the Matriarchy is installed.

Inspired by Book Depository's big sale on books that no one wants.

ETA: Case in point, some choice extracts:

"[W]illing to risk his life <...> even if it means giving himself over to a woman he's never met."

"Two sisters want to possess him."

"He’s a fiery-tempered fighter pilot..." (that's more than enough, really)

"A lifetime of sheltering makes him reckless."
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I've got this weird feeling of teetering and being totally on top of everything, at the same time.

Yom Kippur went well. In the spirit of the holiday, the mother and I did a massive cleanse of clothes that I haven't worn in years, and now there's a big plastic bag full of great clothes (I really flatter my taste, I'm impressed with myself), which I hope will go to someone who can get good use of them. Other than that, we watched four movies, practically an Israeli tradition for those who don't really observe. My family has bizarre Jewish traditions.

Did you know Yom Kippur is totally trending on Twitter? It's in the scroll bar and everything. Even though it's been over for 18 hours and, um, there are only like 15 million of us or something? Strike that, I just wiki'd and it's more like 13 million.

Last week I finished reading a sci-fi romance that I got on a whim, back around Passover. Although I basically enjoyed it, I'm becoming increasingly convinced that romance novel plots end where I want them to begin. Almost the last line of the book was where I was thinking the story really gets started. Somehow, I don't think there are very many books based on the first few years of a relationship, in general, let alone specifically between a human and an alien. Then again, it had a psychic lesbian orgy, so it's not a total loss.

My new place is getting a fridge today. I'm optimistic.

Next week: ICON.
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Today (actually yesterday) in BRAAAINS: Reading Tiger Eye and then learning about aggression in psychobiological processes some two weeks later leads me to muse. Currently, the musing is that Hari (while not really my type) is a successful male lead, probably because he has high testosterone and high serotonin in his prefrontal cortex.

Prefrontal cortex: everybody's favorite part of the brain.
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What I did these past two weeks:

  1. Friday two weeks ago I had my chemistry test. I have since gotten the scores back and I improved my grade by 20 points, bumping up my yearly average by 8 points. Very good news!

  2. I then switched from general chemistry frenzy to organic chemistry frenzy, especially when I realized I didn't remember half of the material. I was starting to wonder whether I would make it to Passover, since the test was on the first day of spring break, less than a week after the previous test.

  3. On Sunday I took a break from the studying frenzy, because Ada Yonath was guest speaking at the university, and I couldn't miss it. I thought she was excellent, and I was really glad I'd gone to hear her, but my cousin(-ish) who hadn't gone, heard from her friends that she was terrible. Different strokes? *shrug*

  4. The organic chemistry test was last Thursday, just over a week ago. Dr. A apparently realized how bad the timing was, since Dr. R's chemistry class in notorious, and his exams even moreso. He gave us a pretty easy test, and I think I did pretty well, although I'm certain I forgot a stage in my E2 reaction diagram. We haven't gotten grades yet, but everyone is hoping for the best.

  5. Just before Pesach, I managed to slip in my part of the Twelve Angry Men paper.

  6. I made Greek oven-roasted potatoes for the Seder. They came out very lemony and I will definitely make them again, except next time with more garlic, and in larger cubes (or slices).

  7. The Seder was excellent and typically raucous. Much fun was had by all. The grownups stayed up until 2 AM or so, I think, but I turned in relatively early to catch up on lost sleep.

  8. Wednesday and Thursday my brother and I went to Olamot, the Israeli all-purpose SFF con. Went to four panels, met [personal profile] marina and friends, got some comics and second-hand books, all around a very satisfactory experience for all.

  9. Got my spring break fluff books. Finished the first, near the end of the second, both were good but mostly not staggering. Working on catching up on my comics, which have been on the fritz delivery-wise since about November.

  10. Played an ungodly amount of TS3. Almost all of it this afternoon.

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Saturday, 27 March 2010 21:21
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"Apparently, even immortal shape-shifting warriors disliked having meat stuck in their teeth."

Just got Tiger Eye in the mail, started it late Thursday night and it is currently weighing in at awesome.
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Okay, so I'm browsing romance novels on B&N, because, well. And it occurs to me that a huge number of the covers depict a woman (the heroine?) with her back to the viewer. Is this A Thing in romance, or am I seeing a pattern where there isn't one? It's a bit weird.

Actually, browsing is futile, because I just made a big order from B&N for my birthday, including the last Kushiel book in the Imri series, the rest of the Lynn Flewelling series, and two other books. That amounts to almost 80$ with shipping and is quite enough for now, I think. In general though, I am interested in paranormal romance and have no idea where to start. Specifically, I'm bored with vampires and I want more werewolves/shapeshifters/changelings in my literary life.

I need to brush my hair.

I also need not to write a book about mermaids and vampires and spies, oh my. Because I already have one unfinished story that I'm making no progress on.


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