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An annotated guide to my Purimgifts 2017 request:

Part 1 - Fandoms

* Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem (Visual Novel)

I nominated this fandom and I've been promoting it hard ever since I got into the game. I will love anything you write as long as it's true to the spirit of the canon. I love almost every character and there are lots of potential missing scenes you can fill in.

There are only two things in my DNW list. Slashing straight characters is fine, but if a character is canonically gay or ace they should stay that way. The other one is to do with Jarrod. I admit he's probably my least favorite character, but the only hard pass is if you try to turn him into the type of male love interest he was explicitly written not to be. Any kind of "love redeems" story or one where his violent possessive behavior is lionized instead of condemned... that won't make me happy.

NPC-centric stories are good. If you wnat to use your own MCs or invent new ones for the story, that's also good. My favorite pairings are Revaire!MC/Clarmont, Arland!MC/Zarad, Hise!MC/Gisette, Wellin!MC/Anaele, and well, basically the Revaire widow with literally anyone. I don't have any favorite NPC pairings, but maybe yours could be!

* Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms

My favorite fairy tale of all time is the Goose Girl. I'd love to see any variation of it that you can come up with, especially one where the princess and the handmaiden are both POV characters. I think this is a wonderful story that leaves a lot of room for interpretation and exploration.

If you have another fairy tale in mind, go for it. I like stories in which villains are reinterpreted, preferably without just flipping the script and making the original hero an irredeemable villain.

* Megillat Ester | Book of Esther

I like Vashti and Esther both. What I would actually most like is a story that somehow combines the Megillah with the Goose Girl (see above). For some reason I think that would make a fascinating fusion story.

* Greek and Roman Mythology

Any chance I can get a version of Persephone's story that gives her agency without romanticizing kidnapping? I would love that.

Alternatively, any of the smaller, more obscure female characters, like minor nymphs, or someone still resentful about being turned into an animal/constellation/both.

Classical mythology transplanted to the modern world also has potential. Or IN SPACE.

* Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)

Anything with Rey, or Rey/Finn, or Rey/Finn/Poe. A/Us welcome. No opinion on Rey's parentage.

Part 2 - Additional Tags

I love fanfic but if you have or know a story that fits my fandoms and you wanna record a podfic of it, I'm totally open to that. If you want to record a podfic of one of my fics (omg!) then all the 7KPP fic is fair game except "Heart of Ice". I don't really know that much about podfic etiquette so I'll leave the rest to you. But definitely I'd very very happy with either.

Part 3 - Rating

I ticked Explicit as the highest rating I will accept. No requirement of course, I'd be equally happy to get something totally G-rated, or something with zero romance and sex. If you do want to write something smutty my only real requirement is consent. There's no amount of clearly telegraphed consent that's awkward or unromantic to me, for real.

Part 4 - Archive Warnings

No rape/non-con, as covered above in the "consent" clause. Backstory sexual violence bothers me less, but I would still prefer not to have it. Non-con in my eyes covers dub-con as well, I don't draw much of a distinction between the two. Especially unwelcome is any form of X rejects -> Y pushes -> X relents, or "surprise sex you didn't know you wanted" type dub-con. Just don't.

Not super into gore and graphic violence, but use your best judgment.

Part 5 - Additional Details

I love crossovers and A/Us, but I deliberately picked fandoms where I like the canon setting and time frame as they are, too. I love fairy tale retellings, especially ones that twist up classic fairy tale themes like impossible tasks or the rule of three. Adding more bisexuality always makes me happy. I love relationships that fall somewhere on the blurry line between platonic and romantic, not completely falling on either side. Found family. Like the bisexual thing, adding more Jews is always nice. Bisexual Jews is what I want out of life, basically.

Typically here is where I say I like ambiguity and bittersweet endings. But this year I think I'd rather have soft & gentle & fluff. Feel free to go as cotton candy as you know how.

I'm always happy with what I get, but sometimes I respond to the fics late because of anxiety issues. If it's been a day or two and I haven't commented yet, that definitely doesn't mean I didn't read and love the story, just that I'm anxious that day.


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