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I'm putting the link into my signup now! I will fill this out later!

edit 18/1: still totally filling this out! plz be a tiny bit more patient!

So, I am never sure what level of specificity my author is most comfortable with. This year I decided to go with a little bit of everything. Feel free to choose whichever level of detail helps you, the first one being of course the fandom match itself.

I don't have a lot of hard squicks, I can enjoy most stories if they are handled well, given the right mood. I do react badly to almost all dub-con. By and large I prefer any romance or sex (if there is any) to be aggressively consensual and communicative. I am pretty squicked by large power differentials, but again it depends how it's handled. [community profile] purimgifts tends to draw lots of quality authors, so I trust you to do your best to handle things with all due care.

I am enthusiastic about a lot of stuff and easy enough to please. :D

I love found family stories, and stories about women being friends and sisters and mentors, and also being rivals or enemies, when the rivalry is over anything but a love triangle. I love poly fic in all configurations. I like metafiction and crossovers and A/Us, especially when they serve to expose something in the characters that strict canon can't show. I do still love the canons, of course!

For romance, I like stories about relationships that are complicated and negotiated. Platonic/romantic ambiguity, love triangles that don't get solved, exes that still care about each other, arranged marriages that aren't disasters but also don't quite work out. For smut, I like stories that are funny. Not ridiculous or absurd, just stories where people laugh a lot.

Specific fandoms:

Megillat Ester: I have a persistent idea about Queen Ester and Grimms' The Goose Girl that I can never quite articulate.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: I like to see supporting characters interacting when Phryne isn't about, especially Dot and Mr. Butler.

Cinders: I love all the decisions in the game and how they change the outcome, like when choosing between the fairy and Madame Ghede. I'm especially interested in the fairy concord and how it continued (or didn't) after Cinders' big happy ending (or not).

Skyrim: I got into this fandom (three years late) just a couple of months ago. I love that there are about a million wonderful female characters in Skyrim, and am sad that they don't all get the attention they deserve. There's no going wrong here, I adore every single one of them, but some of my obscure favorites are Idgrod (the younger), Ingun Black-Briar, Nilsine Shatter-Shield, Brina Merilis, Nenya, Wujeeta, Keeper Carcette, Lynly Star-Sung and you know what I'm just gonna stop here otherwise I could go on for hours.

Zero Motivation: This movie is so awesome that anything about it would delight me. Space A/U? Sure. Introspective character piece? Why not. It is a delight.

Veronica Mars: I think I still have feelings about every female character on this show, from Lilly to Parker to (damn you, show!) Meg Manning. I never felt the show did right by any of them, so a little mitigation goes a long way.

Person of Interest: Everything is Root/Shaw and I will not pretend otherwise. Also, is Root canonically Jewish, or is it just a very persistent headcanon?

Fairy tales: I listed this because of the Goose Girl example listed above, but anything goes here. Go wild.

Soon I Will Be Invincible: Lily is all. Just Lily and her backstory.

Long Live the Queen: This is a great fandom for being so small, there is infinite room to play around in. I like Elodie/Briony a whole lot, and I love Elodie's friendship with Charlotte. If you want to go dark, the Elodie/Alice dynamic is a pretty rare thing, and lots of fun in a twisted sort of way.

Broken Age: I'd say eldritch sea monsters count as a kind of evil vizier. If the possibility of going off-canon weirds you out, an A/U or reincarnation type story could make for interesting dynamics.

Agatha Christie: I always feel like dropping off unflappable Miss Marple in some alien environment is an endless source of mirth. Rural village dwelling little old lady with delicate sensibilities investigating a murder in a fetish club? Sure, why not. Victorian aunts of the pre-terraforming space colony? Go for it. I have a strong stomach for crack A/Us.

This got too long. But it was fun to write!


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