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First, you are awesome for doing this and I'm guaranteed to love anything you make for me. Because I love presents and this is my favorite holiday.

Some general notes: I like stories about problematic relationships with power dynamic issues, as long as they are treated sensibly by the author. Mentor/student pairings, large differences in age or experience, pairings on characters with deep mental health problems, I like all of those. And heaven knows I ship some problematic things. I just want to see them treated respectfully, not as though they're interchangeable with any other fluffy domestic curtain-fic pairing. I trust your judgment, gifter.

Things I am always excited about, but which you are (naturally) not obligated to include: poly shipping, whether as a stable triad or in other configurations; relationships that are ambiguously romantic, complex, or political; generally, ambiguity between romantic and platonic; gender nonbinary characters, or societies with nonbinary social gender structures; characters being nerdy/very enthusiastic for their professions or the things they love; found family/family of choice, and by extension any choice of characters to define their life, their identity or their name; bittersweet endings, or moral dilemmas resolved in a way that no one's really comfortable with, basically: solutions that work even when people are unhappy with them.

These fandoms are tiny and I would adore literally anything you make for them: the webcomic fandoms, Order of the Stick and Dumbing of Age.

The Traitor/Baru Cormorant: since this book is quite recent, there is not really a fic fandom for it and it also falls under the above clause. Baru herself is my favorite character and I have a particular fondness for the way the narration describes her thought process. Also, I am terribly weak for Baru/Hu. Terribly.

Game fandoms: what most interests me is fic about the things the game doesn't or can't show. Specifically, the aftermath of a bad game ending.

Sunless Sea: The salvager legacy, how does it work? What is it like to be the sole survivor of whatever disaster brought about your zee captain's end? Or the surviving sweetheart or child? What happens to all the half-finished quests? Hell, even a story about what the zee monsters are thinking as they tear your ship and crew apart.

Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem: What happens to a problem princess who gets sent home in disgrace? Especially a sheltered princess, but also a Hise girl, or any of the others. How does their life proceed? What's the price they have to pay?

Cinders: For Cinders, what is it like for Carmosa and the sisters after she runs away, or ends up in prison? What about Perrault? He is the one who accuses and arrests her, after all, and that's gotta be pretty difficult even if they're not in a romance, let alone when they are. Who takes over the house if both Cinders and Carmosa are dead?

Killjoys/The 100: OH HOW EMBARRASSING I almost forgot to fill this out. What I love about these shows best is their worldbuilding, so I would usually prefer a story set in the world of the show, over a modern A/U or coffee shop A/U or anything like that. I do love all the characters but Dutch is my favorite for Killjoys, and Octavia and Raven for The 100. Basically I love these shows for the science fiction of them, and that's what I love to read. The worlds, the society, the politics.

Star Wars: TFA: the new characters in this movie make me squee, so I would be delighted by any combination of Rey, Finn and Poe, platonic or romantic or whatever. I also know an eternal love for Princess General Leia Organa.
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