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Lately a lot of writers whose blogs or social media I follow have gotten messages from readers saying that they should "stay out of politics" and stick to writing. Every time see a message like that I think back to all the reviews I've read that have described a book as political or politically-themed. I wonder where all these authors are whose work isn't political. How do you write without writing about politics? It is the thing that structures the very reality around us. Perhaps this seems obvious to me because opting out of political thought hasn't ever been an option for me.

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Medical history can be fascinating, depressing and hilarious in more or less equal measure. A few of my smarter teachers have touched on it here and there, and it always helps to contextualize the material. It also puts things in perspective, when you’re learning about historical beliefs that represented the best medical thought of the time, alongside the best modern understanding of certain scientific mysteries. Makes you feel like maybe we know as little about the human brain as our antecedents did about germ theory. Someday, future podcasters will laugh at us.

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"Sawbones" is a Maximum Fun podcast hosted by Dr. Sydnee McElroy and Justin McElroy.

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(believe me, I've tried)

1. I check a dude's profile out on OK Cupid.
2. Scan the profile, nothing interesting.
3. Check out "personality traits" even though they're always weirdly vague and random.
4. Check "questions with unacceptable answers" to find out if he's a creep.
5. He answered a probability question differently than me.
6. I assume I'm wrong and start rethinking the question.
7. Before changing my answer, I realize that I'm right and he's wrong.
8. Despite his background in mathematics.
9. Technically, it was a reading comprehension error, but...
10. ...he forgot to account for the fact that there are two sides to every coin.
11. If I read this kind of symbolism in a book, I would consider it ludicrously uncredible.
12. Post about it to my journal and lol.
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I have Thoughts on Game of Thrones 1x1-2.

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Whoops I got paleontology on your epic fantasy.

Note to Self

Tuesday, 22 March 2011 20:34
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Dear self,

Just because you are giving a presentation about bipolar disorder, doesn't mean you have to address anything and everything that your listeners might have heard about it. If you try to cover everything about bipolar disorder, you will never get to the research.



PS: The second-to-last minute is also not okay, so stop congratulating yourself.


Saturday, 26 February 2011 13:34
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There was a quote on metaquotes about AO3 kudos and I'm not going to try to liken kudos to renal clearance. Instead I will go back to studying and hope my brain doesn't turn to mush before I've achieved enough studying to clear 80 on my test tomorrow. If I break my brain on a textbook and hardly improve my grade, I may cry.

Need to post: less school angst, more shenanigans?


Saturday, 8 January 2011 16:18
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Oh hey my namesake wrote this. Yup she is L Koditschek. Just thought I'd put that out there.


Friday, 31 December 2010 09:30
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I'm in an oddly good mood, despite waking up too early for the weekend and not being able to fall back asleep.

First, have the Muppet Show theme:

Happy Jade! This alone makes me so glad I started reading Homestuck. Sadly it would seem most of the people who like Jade don't like Rose, and vice versa. Also, having new updates almost every day. *Scuttles off to read*

Mitochondrial calcium signaling and energy metabolism. I don't totally get it yet, but I'm working on it. Apparently it's high time I'm able to read and analyze articles like this, because I got a fairly aggressive e-mail from one of the program heads about presentations for next semester. This is the point in time where I have to send harassing e-mails to random strangers and ask them to sponsor me. Meep. :(

I have also applied for a bio-med internship and sent in a resume, which I'm not sure is up to scratch. I sort of signed up impulsively and then had to update it on the fly while also getting my assignments done on time. It's been a weird week.

I have a clementine. :D

Anyhow, it's Follow Friday so go ahead and follow: [community profile] build_a_world for all your worldbuilding needs, [community profile] writerstorm for general writerly brainstorming, [community profile] the_studio for other writerly matters, [community profile] pose_as_a_comm for when you finally start reading Homestuck OMG, and last but not least [community profile] capslock_dreamwidth for general madcap shenanigans.


Wednesday, 29 December 2010 14:03
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Getting out of bed this morning was a struggle. The bus company moved my station so I had a longer walk, although the wait for the bus was perhaps less frustrating because the station wasn't so crowded. I am coughing pretty badly now, but on and off. I should go to the doctor, but I just remembered I've been sitting on a codeine prescription that I never filled, that he gave me for just this purpose. There's a pharmacy pretty close to my place and that should buy me sometime.

Like is so hard, woe is me, etc. etc.

Today in braaains!: leeches and decision making.

I am looking at wall art to decorate my place. I love botanical illustrations so this collection is sort of a jackpot. I also found this hat which is not wall art but damn. Can I justify it? I also want one of Ursula Vernon's prints but deciding which will be hard.

This anthropology and population genetics blog is both fascinating and confusing.

Sea unicorns and etc. I am pretty much addicted to this video and squiddles in general.

Last but not least: I am ludicrous and have not realized that this classroom has wireless until halfway through class.
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Apparently there's a gene called Luciferase that encodes an enzyme that, when it disassembles a certain substrate, the product is a bioluminescent protein that's responsible for fireflies and certain kinds of fish. The enzyme is used in sensitive tagging methods for determining regulatory elements in DNA, but, come on. It's called Luciferase.

Oh, science. Never change.
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Why I love geologists, crystallized (hee!) into one sentence. Digger: Pretty much the best webcomic in the world.

ETA: Is it TMI to lament the loss of my midstream? I was supposed to take a urine test this morning and as I was getting ready to leave, I inventoried everything I'd need in my mind, and realized my dad still has my HMO card.
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It's follow Friday! How much do I suck at this game? A lot, that's how much.

Here, have a [syndicated profile] occasionalmanatee_feed. Also, have a video of a manatee yawning.

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I desperately want to make pomegranate muffins. I'm not sure what else should go in them, though.


Thursday, 26 August 2010 23:22
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My knowledge of physics is dramatically set back by my inconsistent ability to tell the difference between lowercase rho and sigma.
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My DW paid account is about to expire, so I'm marking the occasion with a last-minute poll.

Poll #3790 Interdisciplinary Dilemma
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The opposite of "antagonist" is:

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Ticky says "what?"

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3 (60.0%)

4 (80.0%)

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Although I disapprove of using non-standard anatomical terms, and the standards are anterior/posterior which are easy to remember, some people don't seem to obey my decrees. I'm not sure why. Hence, I need to memorize the terms rostral/caudal. Blurghies.

Caudal means tail, like a ring-tailed lemur. Adorable.

Rostral means head, like a snake's rostrum. I think they're adorable, but other people usually find them gross/scary. Searching the string "cute snake" brings up this adorable gallery-ful of cuties, this highly successful ouroboros and a photo of a hot lady with a snake.

...I'm not procrastinating. I'm studying. Really.

Homeowners' Manual

Tuesday, 8 June 2010 20:03
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This linkspamming is becoming a habit.

I am very looking forward to this movie, because how often do you get films about pagan astronomer ladies? Even though it will likely be less fascinating than her actual life, and much more dramatized, and the trailed is just ~lolarious~.

Another lady scientist they should make a movie about: Saint Hildegard von Bingen. I first heard of her when I was reading up on the early history of geology (my dad is a geologist) and she was one of the first people in Medieval Europe to collect and catalog minerals and the like. She was also remarkable on many other levels, and it appears she had her fingers in just about every science and art that was available to her.

Out of all possible X meets Y premises, X-Men meets Little House on the Prairie wins. Especially when it looks like this.

I haven't read this review of Persuasion all the way through yet, but so far I've found it fascinating and insightful.

When you describe a book that "opens with a dispute over how much of a father's body should be eaten by each family member", it makes me want to read it.

[personal profile] shiegra wrote about vampires, heroines and sex in a way that compelled me to subscribe to her. I was compelled.

I swear I will finish that meta post sometime soon. No, I don't know why I'm suddenly fascinated by vampires, I just am.
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What I did these past two weeks:

  1. Friday two weeks ago I had my chemistry test. I have since gotten the scores back and I improved my grade by 20 points, bumping up my yearly average by 8 points. Very good news!

  2. I then switched from general chemistry frenzy to organic chemistry frenzy, especially when I realized I didn't remember half of the material. I was starting to wonder whether I would make it to Passover, since the test was on the first day of spring break, less than a week after the previous test.

  3. On Sunday I took a break from the studying frenzy, because Ada Yonath was guest speaking at the university, and I couldn't miss it. I thought she was excellent, and I was really glad I'd gone to hear her, but my cousin(-ish) who hadn't gone, heard from her friends that she was terrible. Different strokes? *shrug*

  4. The organic chemistry test was last Thursday, just over a week ago. Dr. A apparently realized how bad the timing was, since Dr. R's chemistry class in notorious, and his exams even moreso. He gave us a pretty easy test, and I think I did pretty well, although I'm certain I forgot a stage in my E2 reaction diagram. We haven't gotten grades yet, but everyone is hoping for the best.

  5. Just before Pesach, I managed to slip in my part of the Twelve Angry Men paper.

  6. I made Greek oven-roasted potatoes for the Seder. They came out very lemony and I will definitely make them again, except next time with more garlic, and in larger cubes (or slices).

  7. The Seder was excellent and typically raucous. Much fun was had by all. The grownups stayed up until 2 AM or so, I think, but I turned in relatively early to catch up on lost sleep.

  8. Wednesday and Thursday my brother and I went to Olamot, the Israeli all-purpose SFF con. Went to four panels, met [personal profile] marina and friends, got some comics and second-hand books, all around a very satisfactory experience for all.

  9. Got my spring break fluff books. Finished the first, near the end of the second, both were good but mostly not staggering. Working on catching up on my comics, which have been on the fritz delivery-wise since about November.

  10. Played an ungodly amount of TS3. Almost all of it this afternoon.

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"(a) During conjugation, the pilus pulls two bacteria together. (b) Next, a bridge (essentially a pore) forms between the two cells. A single-stranded copy of plasmid DNA is produced in the donor cell and then passes into the recipient bacterium, where the single strand, serving as a template, is converted to the double-stranded helix."

How E-coli bacteria transmit DNA from one cell to another. I wonder if they enjoy it.

(From Introduction to Genetic Analysis 9th edition, Griffiths et al.)

lol owww

Tuesday, 2 March 2010 17:48
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From Cell to Organism, lesson number three: the lecturer, whose name I can't remember, demonstrates the specificity of proteins' tertiary structure by explaining aspirin's mechanism of action.

Lecturer: Arthritis has afflicted people from time immemorial. It's an inflammation that doesn't stem from infection, and it basically affects only old people.
Me: HAHAHAHA NO! Except not out loud, you know.

Then I was like nodding along about the aspirin, and the COX-2 inhibitors, because COX-2 is a bad, bad thing.


Tuesday, 23 February 2010 08:10
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I have been convinced to stick through with Genetics A. It's an 8 AM start twice a week, including today. This better be interesting, otherwise I will be sad. :(

ETA: OMG you guys! You remember that thing about 99.8% of the genome being identical between individuals? It's not true anymore. I LOVE SCIENCE.


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