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Lately a lot of writers whose blogs or social media I follow have gotten messages from readers saying that they should "stay out of politics" and stick to writing. Every time see a message like that I think back to all the reviews I've read that have described a book as political or politically-themed. I wonder where all these authors are whose work isn't political. How do you write without writing about politics? It is the thing that structures the very reality around us. Perhaps this seems obvious to me because opting out of political thought hasn't ever been an option for me.

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Life Update

Friday, 11 November 2016 11:33
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I spent a lot of the past week or so falling apart. November began on a good note as the 1st and 2nd were writing days and the beginning of NaNo, which I was apprehensive about. It started well, though, and I'm broadly pleased with my writing and enjoying the characters, and I think I will want to stick it out to the end which is a good thing (even if I don't know what that end will be).

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Monday, 3 August 2015 14:34
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You know, I haven't used this icon in a long while. I used to blog pretty frequently about LGBTQ issues, but these days most of what I post is reblogs on Tumblr. But I made this icon after, I think, the 2007 parade, when the Jerusalem municipality for the first time hanged pride flags along major streets, in preparation for the annual pride parade. I remember my friends inviting me to join the end-tail of the parade in 2003, on a Friday afternoon when I had only just returned from the base. I remember attending, the next year, both the Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv parades, concurrently with my process of coming out of the closet as bisexual. I remember the first time since coming out that I missed the parade, and how guilty I felt. I even remember the parade two years ago, which happened to be the day I receiving the final failing grade in my incomplete BSc.

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The less said about the elections, the better. Suffice to say, Wednesday morning was rough, not just because of the inexplicable URT infection I've been nursing. I've decided the only cure is video game political assassinations. Plural, if possible.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping up with being sick. Drinking lots of orange juice and tea with honey. Sleeping a lot. Got a doctor's appointment, which will be extremely helpful because doctors can do a lot to treat (probably) viral infections. Making a conscious decision not to think about work until I have to. Also putting off thinking about contracts and deadlines and ugh.

I'm debating between making a post about Skyrim and making a post about family legends.

Election Day!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 14:54
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I voted. Now I have an excuse to use a smoochy-making icon. Heh.

I was in a really good mood this morning. I took a hot shower and got dressed, then I went out to vote, and the weather was just fucking beautiful. The sun and the wind were just perfect, I didn't even need my new scarf. I just... walked down to the shopping center, bought some stuff and some foodstuff, and sat and drank a decaff Latte in the sunlight. Then I walked home and opened all the windows.

My apartment is pretty chilly even in pleasantly warm weather. If I had good sense, I'd put my shoes back on and go outside to spend as much time in the sunshine as possible.

one day

Thursday, 25 August 2011 20:39
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one day i will get out of pilates and not feel sore and exhausted enough to catch a cab and crawl home with my tail between my legs.

and i had planned to visit the housing protest encampment in the rose garden, tonight. what was i thinking.
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My DW must be the most boring place on the planet because I'm constantly ranting about exams. Make it through this week with me and I promise I will talk about alien POW fanfic and sexy angel books (I might have molded the truth a little, all the angels are sexy but only one of them is a prostitute). Right now all I can think about is how glad I am that I thought it was Monday but it's actually Sunday, and also when I have to schedule dinner so that I can get blood drawn tomorrow.

And also whether I will have the fortitude to drop by a demonstration one evening this week.

And maybe about whether I should write some porn fic.

And ice cream.

But seriously, this is the last test of the season and it's a doozie. I actually love genetics like burning, but right now I am flipping out so hard I only just restrained myself from ranting at the heavens about how much I hate Lysine. Lysine is now my least favorite amino acid. The whole thing just sounds like a meme gone horribly wrong.

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Thursday, 24 March 2011 13:27
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A couple of hours after I made that last post, a bomb exploded in the Jerusalem central bus station.


I don't really have anything to say, I guess, I just couldn't leave my top post being about seminars or whatever.


Saturday, 20 November 2010 13:24
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Today is the twelfth annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. The LGBT Association in Israel had a march on Thursday. Apparently about 70 people attended, I don't know whether to think that's a lot or a little.

Pride 2010

Thursday, 29 July 2010 23:15
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Pride was hard this year. We marched on the Knesset (the house of representatives) because of the general apathy that followed many bold declarations after last year's shooting, almost exactly a year ago. Many politicians made bold proclamations about the future of gay rights in Israel, the ministry of tourism is actively courting the pink dollar by trying to market Tel Aviv as a gay-friendly tourist destination. Words are pretty cheap, though, and homophobic and transphobic attacks are not yet included in hate crime legislation, among some 700 (!) other inequalities in Israeli law.

Jerusalem pride always has a very strong political slant, but this year was more of a demonstration than ever. There was a counter demonstration of course, but a slim showing of only ~30 radical right activists, and some passersby swore at the walkers. Most just stand by and gawk, I look at them and I can't even tell if it's malice in their eyes or if they look at us as some sort of zoo marching right before their houses. Because of the route the walk was noticeably longer this year, and it wore me down. I stopped to rest a few times but this city definitely needs more benches. Still, I am so glad I went. I missed it for work last year and it was depressing as all hell.

I will turn in and read a bit now, I'm wiped and I have to start studying again Saturday. Organic chemistry is next week and I have put off studying for far too long already. I'm aiming at an 80 or higher. Higher would be nice, I'd like a grade to be really proud of.

Go Gay

Tuesday, 27 October 2009 10:10
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Go Gay is probably the go-to news source for the Israeli queer community. Despite the name, the site makes an effort to appeal not only to both men and women, but to give attention to bi and trans issues as well. Of late, both efforts have stepped up appreciably. When I noticed I wasn't following important news closely enough because of neglectfulness, I created the feed [syndicated profile] gogay_il_feed.

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Sociologist slams Yishai's use of discrimination defense.

Honestly, I don't even know. The graft and corruption is pretty awful, and has been for a long time. And as has been mentioned in the news, Yishai also stood up for Blumenthal, who's Ashkenazi as a gefilte fish and also completely shameless. She wasn't pardoned, but she didn't serve any time, either, and Der'i did.

On the other hand, I have a knee-jerk reaction against "Shut up, you're making us look bad" and I don't think it's unjustified.

Fuck this shit, Israel is a fucking mess.
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I have been avoiding writing about this since Sunday morning, when I found out. On Saturday night, a masked gunman walked into a GLBT youth center with an automatic weapon and shot the place up. Two people died immediately, then a third later in surgery. 10-15 other people were injured. As far as I'm aware, there was no one there that I know, but it's still personal and terrifying and it could easily have been one of the dozen youth group meetings that I went to, or the many dozens that my friends have went to.

Here we are used to homophobia being confined to hate speech, virulent though it might be, but the incitement has reached an all time high, and we all know we need to do something about it, something more. Naturally, lots of people are grasping at various straws to try and believe that a man spraying a bunch of queer kids with bullets can be something other than a hate crime, but that is so absurdly unlikely I see no reason not to "jump to conclusions" in the same way that I jump to the conclusion it's raining when I'm walking outside and water starts coming down from the sky.

I don't really have anything more to say, although I feel like I could write a lot more nothing if I had the time.


Thursday, 12 February 2009 22:02
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So, the elections were on Tuesday. I kept planning to update and not doing it, mostly because I was taking advantage of my day off. So, long hot shower and BSG marathon. Not simultaneously, you pervert, get your mind out of the gutter etc. etc.

Per the results, we still don't know who the PM is going to be, and can't be completely sure what the coalition will be like. The bad news is that what passes for the left wing is greatly weakened, and the right wing parties collectively hold just over half the Knesset. The right wing, however, is far from cohesive. The other good news is that Kadima got 30 seats; fifteen years ago, a candidate who supports the two-state solution wouldn't be at the head of the largest party in the country, and possibly PM as well.

I'm not really optimistic. The system is still pretty stagnant, and the Knesset is very divided. A stable coalition is going to be difficult to put together. I don't know if even a moderate coalition would be stable enough to move things. That's where the stagnancy comes from. The only really good news is that it was pouring rain most of Tuesday (I got caught on the way back from voting) which is good for the water levels. Still a drought, though.

On a smellier note, I need to do a laundry and I'm way too lazy. Damn me and my lack of motivation.
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Here's a good exercise in perspective, from searching for Tzipi Livni on Google News today and examining the top results:

The Toronto Star declares that "Livni set to be Israel's next PM." Meanwhile, YNet News says, "But make no mistake about it: This victory does not guarantee that Livni will become prime minister."

An insider's perspective versus a stranger's.


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