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2014-04-04 22:10

I Fold the Laundry in Increments

It's been ages since I wrote for DW and I want to write a post. The problem is a lot has happened and also nothing has happened at all, so I'm drawing a blank on what to write.

I do work. I think I am going to do well at this job, although maybe it's soon to tell. And I fuck up at looking for an apartment, because that's the type of adulting I mess up and then get anxious about, which causes me to mess up more. And I have decided not to think about discrete mathematics until I have a little more time on my hands and a little space to breathe.

I've been exploiting my tablet and my Kobo app to glom books. I'd like to read three books a month this year, that's my stated goal. So I have given myself permission to read the books I'm reading, instead of getting stuck on "reading" books I never pick up (sorry, China Mieville).

Right now I'm reading the third October Daye book. Despite the background presence of an "adversarial" manly lust-interest who ticks me off by virtue of existing, I find I quite like it. Something about the atmosphere or the texture of the book satisfies some deeply-held need I've had for urban fantasy, in a way that's usually been thwarted before.

I'd like to write but when I get home I'm too tired for even low-rent porn.
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2014-03-19 19:46

(no subject)

I did a foolish thing. I let people convince me to put off looking for an apartment, and now I'm at the point where everything is chipping away at my energy, leaving me with not enough to do the things that help me keep my energy up. I've resorted to too many shortcuts and skipped too many important steps. I feel like I'm running out of safety buffer.
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2014-03-02 14:07

I Could Never Be Down on Kudos

You know those memes that go around periodically about posting fanfic and irrationally hoping to get instant feedback? Today I crossposted four ficlets from [community profile] fic_promptly comments to AO3. Within three hours they all had hits and kudos, and I got a gushing comment on an older fic, too. One of my favorites, in fact (even if some days I can't stand to look at it).

My apartment needs a thorough cleaning but I don't feel like doing it.

I've decided that it's time to give up on doing a blackout for [community profile] genprompt_bingo. It was a nice thought, and hypothetically feasible, but I just don't have that kind of attention span right now. I have too many projects running in parallel. Meanwhile my big bang piece has reached the interesting part and now I get to decide how intereting it's going to be.

Lots going on. Family stuff, possible job prospect. Frankly I'd rather keep blogging about fanfic and avoid thinking about it for a couple of hours.
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2013-09-08 20:02


I've been trying to test my system to see if I can find out what's causing the spontaneous reboots, before the technician comes to check it tomorrow morning. He was the one who replaced my power supply, the second this calendar year, so it better not be that again or I might get pissed. Likely it's the graphics card, which will be a depressingly expensive replacement. After a little more than two years, now it decides to quit on me?

I switched the power to one of the undamaged sockets, so at least I'm pretty sure it's not that. Those are also getting replaced tomorrow. Fun times for all. Maybe I should get my tablet and do some reading in the comfort of my own welcoming bed. *Yawn*
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2013-09-06 19:16

Sudden Blackout = Fun

My computer is giving me trouble.

A sordid tale )

As a side-note, my hate for the Dragon Age rune system is vast as an ocean.
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2013-09-01 20:19


There is an unrecognizable arthropod on my kitchen table. I don't think it's a spider, and it doesn't look like any indoors insect that I've ever seen.

It's a mystery.
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2013-08-31 12:43

Apartment/Computer Woes

So the leak in my shower faucet was fixed and now water isn't seeping into my living room wall anymore. The bookcase is pulled out to let the wall dry and once that's done it'll be repainted because gross. But the dampness must have already gotten into the new electrical socket because I'm getting those sudden computer reboots again, usually while the computer is taxed. By running calculations on behalf of BOINC for the greater good of humanity by playing too much Dragon Age.

Meanwhile I'm having explosive Dragon Age: Inquisition feelings (why a title that starts with an I? you used roman numerals before, new players will think it's the first in the series). Which is good, because fannish feels push down the anxiety about not finding a job, ever.
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2013-08-27 13:18

Success Stories

I had this massive* pile of papers that has been plaguing me for years, just sitting on my shelf or all scattered all over my coffee table and couch. This week I decided to dedicate a morning to clearing the shit out of that pile, throwing away what I don't need and filing what I do in already-organized folders. Doing this would clear a space on my bottom shelf that is 1) exactly the size of a printer and 2) right next to the socket my computer is plugged into.

Now it's 1 PM and I am paper-pile-less at last. I feel free.**

In other apartment-related news the leak in my shower that was molding up my wall is sealed. Once the wall dries up and is repainted, and the dubious electrical wiring fixed, everything will be back to business as usual. Then I can proceed to figuring out why my cabinet still smells like computer-cleaning gunk even though I took out all the sprays and things and stored them elsewhere.

* Not that huge, the bigness is the size of the psychological threat it represents.
** Don't worry, I'm sure I'll have a new one in no time.
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2013-08-26 16:30
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Israeli Problems

I really wish the yeshivah whose phone number is very similar to mine would finally put out new pamphlets.
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2013-07-29 11:19

Life Skills

I'm trying to master a new life skills that goes like, don't try to do All the Things, but on the other hand also don't flop to the floor like a deflated rubber boat and wail at the heavens. Instead, try to do some of the things.

This morning I did some things. I filled some forms, I stuffed the linen into the washing machine, I folded some clean laundry and I made some calls. Naturally the calls are the most nerve-wracking part because for some reason talking to people on the phone terrifies the living daylights out of me. Oh, and I looked up a book in the university library database.

Tomorrow I'm going to the library.

I still have medical and household chores to clear, including the mysterious development of a gross damp patch behind my book cabinets that's making me very nervous. Overall, though, at this point in the day I'm feeling remarkably put together, and I did it without chemical aids. Just notes and the like, which reminds me that I'm running out of post-its at a fascinating rate and I should get a multi-color pack next time.
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2013-06-15 17:57
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2013-03-30 21:54
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Everything Is Dragon Age

Played a billion hours of Dragon Age. Read a billion words of Dragon Age fanfic. Posted a billion anonymous kmeme prompts. Bought a new computer chair, the better to bethrone myself while slaying archdemons. Successfully conned my brother into reading my Golem of Prague/Dragon Age mashup fic. At least the prologue.

I am okay with this.
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2013-03-03 09:29

Chair Drama

My chair is making creaky sounds when I adjust my position. Yesterday it made a very alarming noise and half a broken screw fell out of lord knows where. I think I might be in for another round of Chair Drama. This is quite frustrating as I spent a fair amount of money on this chair under the hopes that it would last better than a year or two. It's not even two years old.
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2013-02-09 12:42

Today I Will Be Good: A Manifesto In Pointlessness

Today I will be good and sort through all the crap that's been lying around on every table in my house (and some chairs), finding a proper place for each item in my new cabinets.

Today I will be good and catalog all the important letters, papers and bills that I have yet to handle, placing them on my desk to be taken care of first thing Sunday morning.

Today I will be good and review and list in an orderly fashion any of my school-related activities that need to be completed in the next two weeks of semester break, assuring that they will all be done in a timely manner.

Today I will be good and cook myself a wholesome meal using fresh ingredients.

Today I will be good and continue working on one or more of the several writing projects in progress that I already have, with a special emphasis on projects that I have started posting but have not yet finished writing.


Today I will lounge in sweatpants and play videogames, and consider that an awesome accomplishment compared to lounging in pajamas and listlessly paging through Tumblr.
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2013-01-27 14:49

Bookshelves Are Bliss

I've been in this apartment over two years and I finally got my bookshelves in today. And they are exactly what I wanted. Now for the task of filling them, which may -- may! -- take longer than I anticipated. I still have all the childhood books in my parents' house (childhood in this case includes the army, el oh el) not to mention bozes that haven't been touched in a decade. Literally. Plus my grandmother left me a hundred of her favorite books which she had wanted me to read for years and years, "when you have the time." My god I was a literary disappointment to her.

Anyway in terms of both book storage and reading, I have my work cut out for me. Not to mention, I found a whole stack of comics from Dragon*Con 2011, most of which I barely cracked open. My family has a book buying problem, I think. Or actually. It may just be my brother and myself. God. I remember the days when I read the same books over and over and I feel like kicking that kid in the shin or something.
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2012-12-16 20:32

Oh So Tired

Today I am oh so tired for a million little reasons. But, soon my apartment will have new bookshelves. This, I am hoping, will provide a target for my ambition to organize all the crap that's lying around on every flat surface. All the very important crap. This is a long-term ambition. In the meantime, I need to reorganize my biweekly schedule, since I didn't know for sure what sort of homework I would have until this morning.

I am still playing the hell out of Long Live the Queen and when I am less sleepy/groggy I will make a long, delighted squee post with spoilers and screencaps. If there's demand I might make two posts and have one be totally spoiler-free. My "reasons to play LLTQ" post is here on Tumblr and it is mildly spoilery, not much more than the achievements panel in the game itself.
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2012-08-19 01:35
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Birthday Celebrations

Tonight I invited friends over for what was supposed to be a dinner party, but I failed to reinforce the invitation enough, so only one (very close, very cool) friend showed up. We had an awesome night, she drank tea and I drank wine. I put away the food and consulted with her on pushing the dinner forward and reinviting everyone for the middle of the week.

We talked about a bunch of different things and she gave me interior design advice. The layout of my living room was all wrong and now I feel a lot better about it. I also showed her this picture of my custom Hawke and she said she "had potential" when I asked if she was hot. :D It was awesome to talk about so many things and I miss her a lot when we don't talk to each other a lot.

Really I have no excuses and I'm going to be more social for the rest of the summer.

I feel pretty good.
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2012-05-14 09:08
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Internet Connections and Such

Last night I sank into an internet-induced haze wherein I was both captivated and bored at the same time. This morning I put in another stern call to my provider about terminating my account, they are supposed to phone me today, but then they were supposed to call me yesterday. They called while I was in class and my phone on silent and then never called back. I feel a little bad about being stern with the customer service person, since this has nothing to do with her, so I simply asked her to pass on to her boss or whoever is in charge that I will keep calling until my account is terminated.

I'd been planning to get rid of my (basically terrible) cable plan for ages, to save some money on services I don't need anymore and also get some more efficient service. Cable-based internet goes down all the time and I have found their tech support service mostly unreliable and subpar. Yes, of course I know some of the flaws are inherent (weekends...) to the service or technology, but what's the point of a competitive market if I can't at least try the alternative to see if it's any better? Plus I will be getting a router through the phone company, so maybe I'll have a landline installed. If the price seems reasonable. I cannot always rely on my cellphone, it's not prudent.

Tomorrow I have no classes. \o/
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2012-05-07 12:54

Today Started Well

The morning was good. I woke early, got out of the house on time, the blood test was relatively painless and quick, then I found a coffee shop and indulged myself in a lovely breakfast while reading the morning papers on my laptop. And all was swell in the world. Class was also nice, the subject is interesting and fun to summarize in my notes, even though it's potentially very loaded. Especially now that we're covering social and societal aspects of emotion.

Now, though, my back hurts because of a minor addition of weight to my backpack (my margin of error is so ridiculous), which just got heavier on account of forty pages of cognitive neuroscience -- incidentally, too thick a packet for my little stapler* that I carry around in my pencil case, for just such purposes. Forty plus loose pages of cognitive neuroscience rolling around in my backpack.

Now I have chores to accomplish and although they're not supposed to be especially many or difficult, I still have to figure out a way to occupy myself between now and 5:30 PM, when I see my allergologist. Good news: I'm totally going for the immunotherapy shots, even if it does take three years. I really don't feel like making a round trip home and back again, because that would mean spending a totally unnecessary hour on the lightrail, and that time would be completely wasted. Though it would allow me to lighten my load considerably. Hmm. I may not have much option.

Next I have a bunch of uncomfortable phone calls to make, and I have to take care of some utilities related paperwork that I've been putting off for at least two months. Then the doctor's appointment, and in the evening I have to convince myself to study or something. My VPN connection still doesn't work. Maybe I should just cave and acclimate to doing MATLAB in the computer lab, after class on Tuesday.

* "You're gonna need a bigger stapler," obviously.
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2011-12-05 23:48

This is the shower that I deserve.

I just took a shower, to which I am going to refer as the Shower That I Deserve. This week I finally got some fix-it work done in my bathroom which I have been deferring and putting off and not finding time for, for ages now. Now everything is done and looks exactly the way I want it, everything has a place, the water it hot, the towels are hanging. Plus I had pilates this evening and a hot shower after pilates is definitely a cause for celebration. Right now, nothing else matters, because I got the shower that I deserve.