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I may have impulse-bought a pair of boots. In my defense they were on sale and they fit over my calves because they have a strip of elastic all down one side. And they are fabulous. And I haven't had a fabulous pair of black boots since my last pair (bought when I was ~22) stopped zipping on me. I hardly got to wear them.

Now I just need someone to show them off to, since I already have half a dozen pairs of cute knee socks. Hum. Anybody want to be my date for a night of boot-related vanity?


Sunday, 23 December 2012 19:22
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I'm gonna make that Glitch post, soon, it's just... today somehow took a turn for the worse at the last possible minute.
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I made a hairdresser appointment at 9:30 but it's storming out and my muscles are badly cramped from Pilates. My bed is so nice and warm. Wah. Oh shoot, I left the laundry in the machine and forgot to put it in the dryer. I guess I am getting out of bed regardless. Maybe I'll accept my bitter fate.
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I have a cough and a pounding goddamn headache and homework and a fanfic with terrible tense changes. But I ate food and watched TV and wrote. The last two days were the worst and I don't want to think. Also my grandmother is dying and I don't want to talk about it.

Party Plan

Saturday, 25 August 2012 12:58
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13:00-14:00 Write

14:00-17:00 Play DA2

17:00 Lunch

17:30-19:00 Cleaning

19:00 Wash hair

21:00 Start cooking

22:00 Everyone starts showing up

Optimism, yo.
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Tonight I invited friends over for what was supposed to be a dinner party, but I failed to reinforce the invitation enough, so only one (very close, very cool) friend showed up. We had an awesome night, she drank tea and I drank wine. I put away the food and consulted with her on pushing the dinner forward and reinviting everyone for the middle of the week.

We talked about a bunch of different things and she gave me interior design advice. The layout of my living room was all wrong and now I feel a lot better about it. I also showed her this picture of my custom Hawke and she said she "had potential" when I asked if she was hot. :D It was awesome to talk about so many things and I miss her a lot when we don't talk to each other a lot.

Really I have no excuses and I'm going to be more social for the rest of the summer.

I feel pretty good.
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This week has been weird.

I just... don't know what I'm feeling anymore. Am I panicking? Am I anxious? Am I complacent? Am I having a breakdown? Am I physically ill? Have I got my shit together? Am I turning my life around? Am I giving up too easily? Am I clinging to something obsolete and worthless? Is my life moving forward, straying or stagnating?

I wish I could take a magical certainty pill. I guess that's the attraction of games. They give you limited options so you basically always know what you should be doing.

The guy I had to talk to today just couldn't figure out why I spent forty five minutes talking about classes and exams when he asked me about my life. He also couldn't seem to grasp why I was so concerned with my financial future. I guess he was expecting something along the lines of 'This is my plan for having a penis inside of me and later also babies' or something along those lines.

School. Work. Making something of my life. Achieving something tangible. Securing my future. These are not odd goals for a woman of almost twenty eight.

Sleep Eludes

Saturday, 7 July 2012 15:12
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Sleep less than four hours a night. Take an afternoon nap. Wake up, research insomnia, stumble on an idea that makes you want to turn your disordered sleep into an urban fantasy plot.

My last bout of insomnia this bad and this persistent was almost exactly a decade ago.

(no subject)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012 17:28
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I'm wondering if the fact that my brain is a mess lately, and the fact that I feel like I'm finally making progress, might be connected to each other.


Monday, 2 July 2012 23:08
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I just want to note that tonight at the LGBT center I won my first game of Munchkin. \o/

Yesterday's test went not too great. I had to answer six questions and I think I answered five, one of them utter nonsense. Hoping for an 80 seems absurd. One awful thing about this test: we had no exercises to hand in during the semester, no quizzes, and there were no practice questions for us to solve before the exam. Not ideal conditions, to say the least. Makes it hard to gap the bridge between what you know and what the lecturer is asking.

My next exam is in a week plus, and it's a lot less pressure. After that, though, all bets are off. Three hard exams in a short time period, one of which I will almost certainly need to take twice. D: For now, though, I'm decompressing.
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What is even with me suddenly writing poetry in the middle of exam season?

Ordinarily I'd be thrilled to be suddenly inspired, since usually poetry for me is like pulling teeth. But, the timing is so inappropriate. I keep having gross feelings all over everything, and this is neither the time nor the place. Okay, maybe it's the place, but definitely not the time.

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I used to think I hated sentimental love songs bu hey, it turns out that part of my brain is just written in Hebrew or something. Here, have a sentimental love song:

(no subject)

Thursday, 7 June 2012 10:11
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Danger, danger, emergency palette cleanser alert.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012 09:30
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When I was in the army, I got tested for the national bone marrow registry. I got a call from them yesterday and found out I was still in it, and that I was a partial match for someone who needs a donation. I was supposed to go in this morning and get a tissue test at the medical school. You can't understand how or why I was so excited by this, I know it seems strange. But, this was somehow the best news I'd gotten in five years.

Of course it immediately occurred to me to go online and check to make sure that there's nothing preventing me from donating. How awkward would it be to make someone sick with your marrow? Of course I was on my way to class so of course I forgot, and of course I only checked this morning. I checked their website and then called the tissue lab to make sure, but psoriatic arthritis is definitely on the list. On the bright side, I learned the Hebrew name of psoriasis.

Anyway, I have plenty of chores to do this morning, so whatever.
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List of fandoms I have neglected since I became obsessed with Dragon Age Origins, eleven days ago: Homestuck, Korra, Community.

List of more important, real-lifey things I have neglected: sweet mother of noodle, I don't even want to think about it.

List of stuff I'm going to do today, or perish in the attempt: HAHAHAHAHA *weeps*

My ability to remember what I was thinking about just minutes ago when I was standing in a different room, contemplating my to-do list: basically none. Level of comfort from knowing the cognitive mechanism that stands behind this bullfuckery: 0.001%.

In order to succeed in being productive today, I'm going to purge my system of all weirdness temporarily, by writing a post about Grey Warden characterization choices.

My Grey Warden is a Brosca. )

(no subject)

Sunday, 23 October 2011 15:07
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I was planning to write today for a change but I've been having One of Those Days and so I'm going to drown myself in Sims until I'm numb to everything except pixel kids playing chess and going to art school.
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Yesterday (Sunday) after a long weekend of increasingly difficult breathing, I hauled ass to the emergency medical center. I saw a nurse and a doctor, got ventolin inhalation that made me shakey, and got a chest x-ray that showed no spots. By tonight (Monday) the inhalation has pretty much worn off, although I'm not quite as badly off as I was on Saturday, for example. Anyway, I only need to make it through tomorrow and then on Wednesday morning I get to convince an allergy doctor to prescribe me something that will let me sleep at night and function during the day.

I've been watching TV and reading Narnia fanfic and rewriting the DC universe in my head. Good times. Not that I won't be unbelievably grateful when I don't get tired just from standing, and can do things like go to the supermarket, cook a decent meal (something better than mac & cheese), go out with friends or, heaven forbid, get back on track with the Pilates. I've also (sadly) been too tired to write, which leaves me way behind on my writing goals. At least my schedule for the next semester is pretty much set, although I do have to figure out the research project oh noes.

My rib muscles hurt from coughing a bunch.
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After attending Dragon*Con I'm pretty sure TBBT is underselling the dedication of the common American nerd. Nontheless I'm watching the new season because the last one ended on a drunken sex morning after cliffhanger.

Spoilers if you care )

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Thursday, 15 September 2011 13:15
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I've been sick since I got back from Atlanta. I'd had the usual allergic post-nasal drip, and then towards the end of our stay it abruptly clouded and I woke up one night with a fever. I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics, because he was worried about me wheezing and how it could turn into bronchitis.

I thought I was feeling better but now suddenly I have chills and a violent cough.

The good news is, Lost Girl is back! :D

one day

Thursday, 25 August 2011 20:39
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one day i will get out of pilates and not feel sore and exhausted enough to catch a cab and crawl home with my tail between my legs.

and i had planned to visit the housing protest encampment in the rose garden, tonight. what was i thinking.


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