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Drop me a line about anything here.

2009-04-14 08:06 (UTC)
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If you're still missing a Dreamwidth code, there's a post at offering them.

2011-04-13 02:24 (UTC)
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Hi Lea-- this is such a longshot, but if I'm not mistaken, you're the same LeaHazel from Wikipedia who started a list of superheroes created by women. Well, surprise surprise, those dudes didn't think it notable and took it down. Anyway, I recently started a Women in Comics Wiki on Wikia and started a similar list:

Anyway, if you have anything further to contribute (either to that list or the rest of the wiki), that would be cool. Take care!

Running some more Interference

2015-12-13 11:43 (UTC)
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Hello Hazel,

This is just the A/A2 of More Interference saying Hi, and chasing down links I should have found a long time ago...

This is a little too public for me to say much more, but it seems that the SKM message journal "has been deleted", so the message I tried to post there has nowhere to go.

Any other suggestions for how I might send you that message?


Re: Running some more Interference

2015-12-27 11:08 (UTC)
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Oops. That's my bad, then.
I thought you might be the original author of "Running Interference" written for an SKM prompt involving Ralof and Cassius. But it was a long trail of links and cross-references (starting from the "who wrote what" Livejournal thread, so I guess I took a wrong turning somewhere.

Not spam, but mistaken identity. Sorry to have bothered you.


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