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My living space is awful now and I need to think of contingencies, which is extra difficult because it's hard for me to think in a messed up living space. Also I'm spitting mad at my landlord and also the world.

I spent hours today playing The Sims 2 and not even really enjoying it very much. Really finding it hard to attach my mind to a positive constant. It would be nice to have a smoke gene scroll on Flight Rising, is what I'm saying.

Eating is extra hard because the leak situation is centered in the kitchen corner and not exactly encouraging me to think positively of food (which I have).

on 2014-07-27 10:16 am (UTC)
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Can't help with the landlord/flat woes but if you're having trouble thinking of food positively/etc, please always feel free to come over to my place/let me come over to yours and feed you nice things.


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