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To avoid thinking about my unruly joints and confronting my doctor with a List of Questions, have a little linkspam. These are some of the links I preemptively kept open yesterday afternoon, so that I would have something to amuse myself during a three hour lecture with no internet. All in all, there were about a dozen, and one of them was a bust because it was the summary of a review and not the review itself. :(

[community profile] femslash10! I am considering signing up, but I don't know about the listed fandoms. I will scrutinize the comments and decide.

Kate Harding has Evo Psych and Icky Girls, a guest blogger's awesome takedown of one of those dubious, prejudiced and all-around embarrassing to science evolutionary psychology studies. The same dubious researcher is featured on Queerty, with a study about fag hags and self-esteem, which is frankly embarrassing in its quality.

A relationship chart of esteemed personages from IO9, which includes Queen Victoria, Mary Shelley, Mark Twain, Pablo Picasso, Leon Trotsky and, of course, Kevin Bacon.

Fuck, yeah, tattoos and biology.


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